CBS Stars' Favorite Moments

Stella Maeve's Favorite Moments
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Not Morgan Freeman
The pilot episode where Chi McBride opens the door for Theo to get in and says, "Who you think I am Morgan Freeman, open your own damn door." That wasn't written In the script at all, he completely ad-libbed. It was super creative, and cute, and anytime someone sees that scene, they laugh."
Silly Clark
"Episode 4 "Role Models" the very last scene between Theo James, Bonnie Somerville, and I. We all had the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. Theo off camera for our reactions (Bonnie and I) was stripped down to his underwear and dancing. It was brilliant."
Palpable Chemistry
"Episode 8 "Scapegoat" Bonnie and I have a really great scene In the police station where her character McKenzie is showing Agnes she's checked out Julian Rutherford and he seems like a legit guy, than Agnes reveals a little of her and Clark's family history. It's such a natural but effective scene, the chemistry our two characters have is fantastic, and It translates beautifully on film."