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Born and raised in Granite City, Ill., Janet Koth has lived her entire life in the St. Louis area. In 1979, she graduated from the Jewish Hospital School of Nursing, also in St. Louis. A registered nurse and former sales representative, Koth now divides her time between family, motivational presentations and tasks as an independent travel consultant. She is also planning to become certified in the field of hypnosis.

Koth's favorite hobbies are drama, writing, camping and hiking. She describes herself as energetic, creative and a risk-taker. If she could hold any political office, she'd like to be President of the United States because of her determination to be in control and to influence people. She is most proud of the fact that she and her husband, Kurt, were among the first American families to successfully adopt from a Russian orphanage. If she wins the $1 million, she'll treat her family and parents to an extravagant Hawaiian vacation.

Koth currently resides in Manchester, Mo., with her husband and two girls, Kate and Natalie, along with three Siamese cats. Her birth date is November 18, 1955.