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Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, Osten Taylor now lives in the South End of Boston. He is currently employed as an equity trade manager with an investment management company. He previously worked as a salesman, construction worker and waiter. Taylor attended the Thompson School of Applied Science where he received an Associates Degree in Business Management and went on to study resource economics at the University of New Hampshire. His favorite hobbies are boozing with the fellas from UNH & The Braintree Boyz in Bean-Town, fitness training and golfing. He describes himself as outspoken, personable and focused. He is most proud of having worked on Wall Street, which was a childhood goal. His favorite sport is basketball. His father is his hero because he was able to put himself through college and graduate school, graduating Magna Cum Laude, while supporting two kids. He feels he's ready for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his mental stability, patience, wisdom, resourcefulness and God's blessing. His birth date is December 10, 1975.