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Jenna currently attends classes at New Hampshire Technical Institute. Previous occupations include work as an insurance claims analyst, daycare worker and waitress.

Jenna describes herself as energetic, competent and athletic. Her favorite sports are football and track & field - she'll add basketball to this list only if she's playing. Her favorite television show is "Ally McBeal" and her favorite feature film is "Austin Powers." Her musical tastes run the gamut of teen pop to hard rock to rap.

A perfect day for Jenna begins with an early hike up Mt. Cardigan before going for a swim. She would then take her daughters to the playground, followed by a raucous game of paintball with six of her close friends. At night, she'd go dancing.

Jenna currently resides in Franklin, New Hampshire with her twin daughters, Sadie and Sabrina. Her birth date is July 16, 1977.