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Ace Gordon (27)
Hometown: Naples, Florida
Occupation:Jewelry Sales & Photographer

Ace Gordon is a self-proclaimed charmer in every sense of the word. With an English accent and a shaved head, he is an absolute fan of the game and 100% confident in his manipulation skills. Born in New York but raised in London, Ace attended the prestigious Hill House School in Knightsbridge. His privileged background and world travels lead Gordon to mockingly state, "I'm probably better than you and highly more [sic] educated."

He has also run the gambit in terms of jobs and he's only 27. Over the years, he's sold cars for Porsche, been a massage therapist and cooked at an eco- resort in Hawaii. Currently, Ace splits his time between working for Cartier and running his own fashion photography studio.

One of Ace's biggest personality traits is his ability to flirt, almost without realizing it. Described as a natural salesman, Ace can cross the line between arrogant and elegant in whatever country he lives. He has actively sought to be immersed in new surroundings and experiences, be it martial arts or meditation. In fact, Gordon has lived in Hawaii, India, Thailand, and all over the U.S. studying religion, spirituality and alternatives to traditional Western Medicine.

Ace is single and currently resides in Naples, Florida. His birth date is September 3, 1980.