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Max Dawson

Name (Age): Max Dawson, Ph.D., 37
Tribe Designation: White Collar (Masaya)
Current Residence: Topanga, Calif.
Occupation: Media Consultant
Personal Claim to Fame: I taught a college class on Survivor at Northwestern University.
Inspiration in Life: My father, who has survived Vietnam, heart disease, cancer, botched surgeries, MRSA and more than 40 years of living with my mom and grandmother.
Hobbies: Going to the beach, swinging kettlebells and collecting vinyl records.
Pet Peeves: Waiting
3 Words to Describe You: Outspoken, brilliant and bearded.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1. A black cat. No matter how rough things get, petting a black cat always makes me feel better. 2. A bunch of kale. Kale is the food of the gods. 3. A tin of beard wax. Just because I'm starving on an island doesn't mean I can't look fresh.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Jonathan Penner. We are both opinionated, outspoken, truth-telling Jews who make our livings with our words. Like him, I love Survivor and all that it stands for. I believe that the game deserves to be honored by the individuals who are fortunate enough to play it.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: First and foremost, I am playing to win. That said, I'm also strongly motivated by the prospect of hearing Probst say, “All the fixins.”
Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I’ll survive because of my laser-like focus, confidence, conviction and level-headedness. Oh, and did I mention that I taught a college class on Survivor?
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I am a natural salesperson, and the product I am best at selling is myself. I’ve aced every interview I’ve been in, received every job I’ve applied for and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of research to major corporations. In recent years, I have consciously worked to hone my abilities to read, understand and influence others, learning and refining new techniques that I’ve employed to great effect in my career and personal life. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will enjoy an equal level of success in Survivor.