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Lucy Huang

Name: Lucy Huang
Age: 42
Current residence: Diamond Bar, CA
Occupation: Dietician
Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X)

Three words to describe you: Stubborn, hardworking, and controlling.

Hobbies: Lifting weights, cooking with my kids, and watching food shows to find new restaurants.

Pet peeves: Lazy people, people with no common sense, and whiners.

What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer?
I grew up a latchkey kid with very little parental supervision. My parents both worked so my siblings and I had a lot more responsibilities and were expected to fend for ourselves. We were extremely obedient because we knew our parents worked very hard and we did not want to disappoint them.

Trophies were earned—not given—just for participating in sports. This is the case for most Gen-Xers, which is why we are more independent and results-oriented. We hate being micromanaged and expect people to have "common sense." We don't compliment every little thing; we only give praise when well deserved.

Personal claim to fame:
Creating a business that provides over 200 jobs for over 10 years.

Inspiration in life:
My mother for her ability to hold our family together, even though she had numerous responsibilities and hardships to overcome. At a young age, she had to grow up fast and brought us from Taiwan to Brazil then America to live the life we have now. [She also managed to ] overcome financial hardships, cultural and language differences while remaining loving and caring.

If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?
Picture of my family because I will miss them; a book to kill time; and a journal to document my experiences.

Survivor contestant you're most like:
Jeremy Collins (San Juan del Sur, Cambodia) because I would be a strong player in all aspects of the game and, at the same time, my actions would gain the respect of other players.

Reason for being on Survivor:
Primary is to win. Secondary is to compete.

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?
With my life experiences, I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally "trained" for this competition, and my strategic moves will be respected by the Jury.