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Michaela Bradshaw

Age: 25
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Previously played on: Season 33: Millennials Vs. Gen X, Finished 14th

How have you changed since the last time you played?
Since Millennials Vs. Gen X, I've found it a lot easier to take action in the face of fear. After surviving loneliness, starvation, physical exhaustion, and exposure to the elements, I just can't allow silly things like “what-if" scenarios to have control over me.

Also, I find that my reaction is to laugh at ridiculous things as opposed to becoming upset or angry. Whether it’s an annoying person, an unexpected delay, or a letdown of some sort, I just don't have the energy to be upset at anything that can't win me $1 million.

What skills do you bring to Survivor that will make you a useful member of the group and what skills have you been learning since you last played?
I bring intelligence and realness to this game. In a game filled with paranoid people who thrive on deception, those qualities are a breath of fresh air to some.

Since Millennials Vs. Gen X, I've been learning how to hide what I'm thinking and what I'm capable of to some degree. I found out first hand that in a game for $1 million, no one wants to play with someone they think they can't beat.

What are you most proud of from the last time?
I'm most proud of the fact that I broke a lot of stereotypes. I was the woman who carried my tribe. I was the black girl who could swim and wasn't afraid to get her hair wet. I was the emotional one who could still make a logical decision. I was the "athlete" who was actually intelligent and articulate. I didn't fit in a box, and I liked that about myself.

What, if anything, do you most regret?
I regret not understanding the importance of perception. What's real doesn't matter in this game. What people think and how they feel is what matters. My mistake in Millennials Vs. Gen X was not paying close enough attention to how others felt.

How will you play differently this time?
I will play differently by monitoring how I am perceived. Instead of bucking the system, I'm going to "play the game."