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Debbie Wanner

Age: 51
Hometown: Reading, PA
Previously played on: Season 32: Brains Vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty, Finished 9th

How have you changed since the last time you played?
For all the magic and mystery in playing Survivor, I'm more patently aware of how people can see and hear the exact same event/conversation and have widely different opinions/reactions/interpretations of said event.

I'm making a concerted effort to view situations through other people's minds and eyes.

What skills do you bring to Survivor that will make you a useful member of the group and what skills have you been learning since you last played?
I'm a worker around camp and was—and will—be a contributor; do what you can to make camp as hospitable as it can be, given the savagery of the environment and the fierce competition. When it comes to voting someone out at Tribal, I want to keep in mind just one thing: any name but mine will do just fine.

What are you most proud of from the last time?
For all its strange alchemy and upheavals of emotion, energy, and stomach, I enjoyed it all with exuberance and an ability to laugh and forgive myself and others.

What, if anything, do you most regret?
Not making more of an effort to reach out to Scot and Jason. Everyone and anyone can be an ally, if only for one vote.

How will you play differently this time?
Attempt to reach out to as many people as possible while still maintaining sincerity and decency. I know we are just playing a game, but attachments happen, and feelings really do get bruised.

If I'm going to lie, I hope not to be too much of a wanker about it. Keep the lines of communication open to all and try not to let slights, injustices, real or imagined, get to me.

Perhaps gain 10 lbs, as well; foraging for food often uses more energy than we got from finally eating it. Survivor is EXHAUSTING, mentally and physically, I'd like to keep a mental picture of many rescued animals, safe and happy, to remind me of why I'm playing again.