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James “JT” Thomas Jr.

Age: 31
Hometown: Mobile, AL
Previously played on:
Season 18: Tocantins, Winner
Season 20: Heroes Vs. Villains, Finished 10th

How have you changed since the last time you played?
I’ve definitely been humbled. I have become a little more patient and I don’t think I’m quite as gullible.

What skills do you bring to Survivor that will make you a useful member of the group and what skills have you been learning since you last played?
I think I bring many skills to the table. I will always play with all my heart, which has allowed me to overcome many obstacles in my life.

I plan to build a very strong team and lead them to the merge. From there, I’ll have to play with the hand I'm dealt to the best of my ability.

What are you most proud of from the last time?
My ability to understand that I would have to make a big move to win the game and my guts to act on it.

What, if anything, do you most regret?
I most regret the moment I climbed down from the pole in the Immunity Challenge that led to my dismissal. I knew it would be hard to win, so I let myself climb down. If I hadn’t climbed down, I could have held onto the pole for a lot longer.

I let myself take the easy way out, which is hardly ever the best decision. Hunger and conditions clouded my judgment without me recognizing it.

How will you play differently this time?
I will be more careful about picking my allies. More importantly, I will play a more aggressive Idol-tracking game, and a more determined and fierce challenge game.