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Alison Raybould

Age: 28
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas
Current residence: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Occupation: Physician

Hobbies: Getting to the bottom of bottomless breadsticks at Olive Garden. Working out in any capacity—typically swimming, circuit training, running or hiking. Playing medical "would you rather" with friends.

Pet peeves: A sense of entitlement, when someone eats the last bite of a meal after I have been carefully constructing the perfect final bite, and slow drivers in the left hand lane.
Three words to describe you: Hero, healer, and hustler.
What's your personal claim to fame?
Got fifth place in my grade school spelling bee.
Who or what is your inspiration in life?
My parents taught me about work ethic, industry, and perseverance. They made so many sacrifices so that my siblings and I would have every opportunity possible. They pushed me to be the best version of myself. They also demonstrated daily how to lead a purposeful life guided by integrity and morality. 

If you could have three things on the island what would they be and why? 
To quote Dwight K. Schrute, "Physician's desk reference. Hollowed out. Inside, waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars and a NASA blanket." The reason seems obvious here. Also, face wash. I appreciate a good skincare regimen. And a Costco pack of Orbitz bubblemint gum for that minty fresh taste. 
Which Survivor contestant are you most like?
Andrea Boehlke, a fellow Midwesterner, who is tough in challenges, hardworking around camp, strategic, and a fierce competitor.

What's your reason for being on Survivor?
I want to win a million dollars so that I may thank my parents for the endless opportunities that they have given me through the years. I also feel like I have lived an extraordinary life, but I am looking for new, unparalleled adventure. I have been on this well-defined path for ten years, pursuing medicine, and now is the perfect opportunity for me to deviate from the expected and do something totally unpredictable. 
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? 
The stakes are higher for me than most as I am acutely aware of what I am giving up (in stepping away from my patients and my program for two months), so I will not be afraid to make big moves. I will fight until the very end, and then when sitting across from the jury at the final Tribal Council, they will all commend the brilliant, strategic game I played.