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Tommy Sheehan
Age: 26
Hometown: Bayville, New York
Current residence: Long Beach, New York
Occupation: 4th Grade Teacher

Hobbies: Surfing, sports (basketball, volleyball, football), and asking questions to my magic eight ball.

Pet peeves: I hate bullies who think they are better than everyone else and talk down to others. I also cannot stand grumpy and serious people. Lighten up, life is amazing, let me see that smile. LOL.

Three words to describe you: Outgoing, competitive, and goofy.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am proud of all the children's lives I have changed teaching. Also, I have a really killer Disney coffee mug collection.

Who or what is your inspiration in life?
My parents. My dad has always instilled the Sheehan motto in my head "Get it done." There are no excuses, just get the job done, whatever it is. He is also the life of the party and lives each day like it is his last. My mom inspires me to care for others. She is the most caring individual I know and I hope to one day have half the heart she does.

What's one thing we wouldn't know from seeing a photo of you?
I have the biggest heart. I love people and would do anything to help them, especially kids.

Which Survivor contestant are you most like?
I would say if you combined David Wright's strategy, Davie's social game, and a pinch of Amanda Kimmel's likeability. These three players were fans of the game, played hard, and did everything they could do with the hands they were dealt.

What's your primary motivation for being on Survivor?
I am on the show to do something most people dream about. I am there to win the game and get the million dollars. Those are my only motivations. If I happen to make people smile and help them escape whatever hardships are going on in their lives for an hour a week, that is a huge plus too.

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?
I am physical and can win challenges, but that won't win Survivor. What wins Survivor is the time spent opening up and connecting to people. When you have real connections with people they will keep you around longer. Also, I am there to win the game. I see myself finding idols, making moves and leading blindsides.