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"Boston" Rob Mariano
Age: 43
Previous seasons of Survivor: Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island (winner)

What specific accomplishments do you think ultimately earned you the moniker of "Idol" when it comes to Survivor?
I've played Survivor four times over the course of nearly two decades. I have seen the evolution of the game and I am proficient in the three main aspects of the game: the social component, the physical component, and the strategic/psychological component. I wouldn't necessarily call myself an idol—I didn't come up with that idea—but I definitely know what I'm doing!

What do you think you can teach the new castaways to help them become Sole Survivor?
I understand the basics: everything from how to start a fire, build a shelter, and catch fish. And the more complex, social dynamics of the game—and of course, different strategic approaches.

How will being a mentor present a different challenge for you than actually competing in the game?
I think the hardest thing about being a mentor for myself is not being able to actually compete. I am competitive by nature, so to stand on the sidelines and watch the game being played is going to be difficult.

Given that you're not playing Survivor in the traditional sense, what element of the game are looking forward to NOT having to endure?
The fact that they can't vote me off will give me time to really enjoy the survival aspect of the game (camp life). My background is in construction so I plan to concentrate on building the ultimate shelter. The best one Survivor has ever seen!