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Heather Aldret
Name: Heather Aldret
Age: 52
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Current Residence: Charleston, SC
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom

Hobbies: Exploring, painting, tennis and pickleball

3 Words to Describe You: Authentic, passionate, devoted

Pet Peeves: Loud cell phone talkers, people who choose not to hear the truth, bullies

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? With the profit I made with the sale of
my first house which I bought all by myself, I was able to pay off the remainder of my student
loans and all of my personal debt. Marrying my husband 100% debt free was the absolute best
gift to myself. I'm still raising two strong, courageous, kind daughters but I'm sure who they are
becoming is undoubtedly going to be my absolute best accomplishment.

What is something we would never know from looking at you? I had a very challenging
upbringing, have a passion for opossums and I cuss like a drunken, sunburnt sailor.

Who is your hero and why? I know many heroes. My definition of a hero is anyone who goes
against the grain and stands up for what he/she believes, in the face of ridicule, embarrassment
and at the risk of being ostracized, all while being his/her true authentic self. I strive to be one
and raise two of my own.

Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Rick Devens – he played so hard with
everything he had. Even when it was getting bad, he made his time fun! I want to make my
experience a truly fun adventure, even if only for myself. I want to belly laugh when it's so
tough. Tina Wesson – she was calculated, direct, but kind. Age and stature and her nurturing
persona played in her favor, she inspired me. I'd embody the kindness of Lisa Whelchel, but with
the savviness of Chrissy Hofbeck.

Why do you believe you can win Survivor? I'm sharp and observant, like OCD observant.
I'm surprisingly very strong and have a ridiculously high threshold for pain. I'm
resilient. I'm daring but careful. I build strong relationships. I'm likable and entertaining. I listen and learn.
I will be the person who remembers where everyone is from and what they love on their pizza.
I'll know their stories – the kids, pets, etc. I may not like them all, but I have the ability to
convince them all that I do! I'll make people smile when they need to. I hope to make all feel
included and important.