Winner's Interview: Kim
Posted on May 16, 2012 11:59am

We asked Kim questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via Twitter and Facebook! See what she had to say about her time in the game here.

Sonya H.: KIM, what are some of the things you are planning to use the money for?
Kim - I have two bridesmaid boutiques that I could put a little money in to. I have some bills to pay and I'm looking to have a little fun and travel.

Ralph W.: Congratulations, Kim! Well earned. Were you surprised that Chelsea did not receive any votes at the final vote?
Kim: Yes initially. During the gameplay I thought she was my biggest competition

Patrick C.: Kim: Were you ever considering of betraying Chelsea and Sab and joining Alicia and Christina instead to the final 3? and if so do you think you would have still won? and also do you think Chelsea and Sab would respect that move and still give you their jury votes?
Kim: Sure, I always was willing to do what it took to win. In the end I realized these 2 would be my best move. Don't know if I still would have won. I think Chelsea would have but I don't think Sabrina would have but I don't know for sure.

Sherrie M.: Kimberly, is the immunity idol you never used going to be a keepsake?
Kim: No, I gave to Troy following the game.

Jeff P.: My question is for Kim, were you surprised at how easily everyone fell in line with you? How worried were you that the jury was going to vote out of spite and not give you the prize? And lastly, since you already have a million, are you going to donate the 100k?
Kim: Yes, I was surprised. I was extremely surprised. I am still deciding what I want to do with the money.