Elimination Interview: Angie
Posted on Oct 4, 2012 02:08pm

We asked Angie questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media. Read below to see what she said about her time in the game, and if she has any regrets about the way she played the game!

Edward D: What would change in your gameplay if you had the chance?
Angie: That is a hard question. I think maybe I would have tried to get closer with Malcolm and Denise. Plus, it all came down to that last challenge. I tried to explain why I did what I did, but I think I played well. I don't know if I would really change anything.

Missy P: Do you feel if you were on a different team you would still be there? If so, which team?
Angie: Yes. I know I would still be there. I would want to be on Tandang.

Mary J: Any ill feelings toward Malcolm? Was there more to your relationship?
Angie: I was a little hurt but I realize you have to take your emotions out of the game because it is a game that everyone is playing for a million dollars. So there are no hurt feelings now.

Joshua R: What is your biggest regret that lead to your elimination?
Angie: I should have tried to get closer with both Malcolm and Denise. I should have formed closer allies.

Michael G: Do you think your looks put a target on your back and gave you more incentive to prove your inner strengths?
Angie: Yeah - definitely at the beginning. After the first challenge happened and everything went down I think that my tribe saw that I was in the game mentally and physically and I wanted to win.

Monika P: Would you come back if given the opportunity to redeem yourself?
Angie: Absolutely - in a heartbeat.

Alexandra M: Being such a young age, coming out of post-secondary education and placed on an island with complete strangers, what's one thing that you learned about yourself that you never knew, previous to your Survivor experience?
Angie: To be honest I learned that I am stronger mentally than I thought. Even in all that rain I never broke down once.