Season 24: Episode 3 - One World is Out The Window
Posted on Mar 1, 2012 12:00am


The Salani tribe gets ready for bed on night five after just getting back from Tribal Council, where they voted Nina out of the game. Alicia gives Kat a hug and comforts her, since she was beat up at Tribal Council. Chelsea reveals, "All eyes are on Kat right now. We're just starting to look at the weaker players, even if they are in our alliance." Chelsea hopes that positive things will happen next and boost her tribe's morale. Colton and Jonas come over to the Salani camp and tell Kim and Chelsea that a bad storm is coming and invite the Salani tribe to come to their Manono camp and weather out the storm under the tarp. The women decline the generous invitation and opt to battle the storm on their own. During the night, the cold wind and rain arrives. The women are miserable as the rain comes right through their roof. They huddle together to give each other warmth and support.

The next morning, the women of Salani are tired, cold and hungry. Chelsea explains, "We stayed up the entire night, froze, soaking wet and we haven't had fire because it rained and put it out, so now we haven't eaten." The weather is still cloudy and damp. Chelsea sees Troyzan, Tarzan and Colton walking by their camp and asks them if they have fire. Troyzan feels bad that the women had such a rough night and so allows them to go over to the Manono fire to get warm. Kim is happy that the women stayed strong and survived the storm without the men last night. Although now she admits, "Going over there this morning, I have no shame. I've never been so miserable." The women go over to the men's camp and huddle by the fire. Michael, Bill. Jonas and Matt are surprised to see the "enemy" tribe take over their fire and shelter. The women feel uncomfortable having to rely on the men for fire, but they are desperate to get warm. Matt vents, "There's barely room for nine guys in that shelter and there's no extra room and that means for the girls those days are done."

The Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. One at a time, tribe members will square off in a memory test. Jeff will show them a series of items in a specific order. When they have memorized them, they will pull a lever to drop the curtain and race to recreate the same series in the same order. First person to get it right scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to five wins reward. The reward is a complete fishing supply kit and a canoe with paddles. The Manono tribe has two extra players, so they opt to sit out Tarzan and Leif. In the first round, Sabrina takes on Matt. Jeff lifts the curtain and reveals the following items: skull, rock, bottle, bag, shell, and shell. Neither one took much time to look at the items before pulling the lever and running over to re-create what they saw. Matt assembles his group of items first and runs back to his mat. Sabrina is close behind. Matt ends up with an incorrect set of items, while Sabrina gets it right. So Sabrina scores the first point. In the second round, Colton takes on Monica. Monica wins the round. So, the women now lead by two. In the third round, Jay and Alicia compete. Alicia wins the round, much to the men's dismay. In the forth round, Jeff adds two more items, therefore increasing the total to eight items to match. Troyzan competes against Kat. Troyzan tries to fluster Kat, by immediately pulling the lever and closing the curtain, therefore allowing her no time to memorize the items. After putting together what they think are the eight items they briefly saw, neither Troyzan nor Kat are correct, so they take another look. After six more times of looking at the items and then racing back to recreate them, Kat finally wins the round. She extends the lead for the women to four nothing. The women need only one more point to win the challenge and shut out the men. In the next round, Bill goes up against Christina. Christina gets back to her mat first and has the correct items, so she wins that round and the women win the reward. The Salani tribe happily collects their fishing reward as the Manono tribe quietly processes their defeat.

The Salani tribe returns from the challenge and is excited to find their new canoe floating in the water near their beach. Kat comments, "We won our first challenge. It was absolutely amazing and definitely what we need to pick up the tribe." The women cannot celebrate for long though, since another rainstorm starts and they need to concentrate on weather proofing their shelter and starting a fire. Monica and Kat work hard to start a fire. It proves difficult though, since everything is damp. So they go over to the Manono camp and ask if they can have one of their embers. Jay replies, "Can we take out the canoe sometime?" Monica and Kat tell him that they can't make that call without the whole tribe agreeing to it. The guys are frustrated by their response and remind the women that they let them get warm by their fire earlier that day. The guys reluctantly give Monica and Kat an ember. Even though Colton is friendly with the Salani tribe, he agrees that they should not get something for nothing. Colton explains, "I'm a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I do not believe in handouts." Meanwhile, back at the Salani camp, Chelsea is not only freezing, but her hands are water logged from being wet for so long. So, Chelsea and Alicia head over to the Manono camp to get warm around their fire. They interrupt a rant by Jonas telling the men that this is a game not a life or death situation and that they should no longer help the women. Chelsea and Alicia assure the men that they aren't going to ask for anything, they just want to get warm. Jonas vents, "The girls are beyond a mess. They are like zombies, you know like shivering and I'm like let them tough it out." Jay tells Chelsea and Alicia that the men are going to use their boat some time when they are not using it. Alicia says, "I don't know." The men do not like Alicia's response and remind her that they have given then embers and that they are standing in front of their fire right now. Bill vents, "When you want fire, when you want shelter, you use your womanly charms to take care of those situations, but when we ask for a boat you say no. One world is out the window." Tarzan tells Alicia and Chelsea to go back to their tribe and tell them the men want to use the boat and don't come back until they have an answer. So Chelsea and Alicia go back to Salani and tell them want the men said. Monica says that was not the deal made. Chelsea is so cold and miserable that she starts to cry. She tells the others that she would give the men all the fishing gear and the boat, if she could just get warm and get some sleep. Kat says, "We're girls. We're just not meant to be beaten down this well."

By day eight, the sunshine has returned and the Salani tribe is feeling better. Chelsea, Monica and Kim decide to take the canoe out and try to catch fish. Monica catches the first fish. It is tiny, but they celebrate the catch. Chelsea and Kim also catch one fish each. Chelsea reveals, "It's a little surprising how things are kind of turning around. It feels awesome." The Salani tribe cheers as Monica, Chelsea and Kim bring in their three fish to camp. Troyzan even stops by and is impressed that they caught three fish. He admits, "I think that the girls are feeling more confident. You know they got their feet under them and it's going to change the way we feel, the guys feel. You know, we need to win again."

The Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, takes back the immunity idol from the men and explains the rules of the immunity challenge. Each tribe elects one person to be their caller. The other six tribe members will be blindfolded into pairs. Using only verbal commands, the caller will lead the pairs through a series of obstacles. Each pair will make their way to a different water tower, where they will pull the rope and release a bag of puzzle pieces. Once a tribe has all five bags of puzzle pieces, the caller will then use those pieces to solve the puzzle. First tribe to get it right, wins immunity and avoids Tribal Council. The losers will go to Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be voted out of this game. The Manono tribe elects to sit out Colton and Jay from this challenge, since they have two more tribe members than the Salani tribe. Bill is the caller for the Manono tribe, while Sabrina is the caller for the Salani tribe. Each caller directs three pairs of the tribe members towards three different towers. Mike and Matt are the first pair to find their water tower and collect their puzzle pieces. Monica and Christina have the furthest distance to go to their tower and run into many obstacles along the way. Jonas and Leif are the second pair from the Manono tribe to get their puzzle pieces. Meanwhile Kim and Chelsea fall down and have to get back up to search for their puzzle piece under the direction of Sabrina. Troyzan and Tarzan are the third Manono pair to reach their water tower, but have some difficulty locating the rope they are supposed to pull. They finally find it and bring home the third bag of puzzle pieces for the men. The women are falling way behind. Finally, Alicia and Kat locate a water tower and release their first bag of puzzle pieces for the women. Next, Matt and Mike bring in the fourth bag of puzzle pieces for the men. Kim and Chelsea find the second bag of puzzle pieces for the women. So now the women are only two behind the men. Matt and Mike quickly find the last bag of puzzle pieces for the men, so now Bill can start solving their puzzle. The women have to gather their final puzzle bags quickly to stay in the game. Alicia and Kat bring home the third bag. Monica and Christina are having the hardest time finding their water tower. Kim and Chelsea quickly locate and bring back the fourth bag. Leaving only one more bag to retrieve for the women. Meanwhile, Bill has opened all the puzzle bags and is starting to work on the Manono puzzle. Finally, Monica and Christina get the women's fifth and final puzzle bag and bring it back. Sabrina has a lot of time to make up as she starts working on the puzzle. Bill has placed four of his pieces before Sabrina places the first piece in her puzzle. Sabrina works quickly to try and catch up. Bill makes steady progress, but Sabrina proves to be faster than Bill and is able to catch up to Bill. There are only four pieces left to place for each of them. The women work together well and are able to come from behind and finish the puzzle before Bill and the Manono tribe does. The men are shocked and disappointed to have lost the challenge and have to go to Tribal Council tonight. The women celebrate their first immunity challenge win. Matt reveals, "Now that we lost this challenge, I'm looking forward to doing this. I mean I've spent eight days out here kind of creating some power and I want to use it."

The Salani women celebrate as they get back to camp from their challenge win. The Manono men walk by the women on their way into camp. Only Troyzan and Leif congratulate the women. Chelsea knows that the men were not anticipating their loss. She says, "Now they're probably just all running around like chickens with their heads cut off not knowing what to do."

Manono returns to their camp after losing the challenge. As many are praising Bill for doing a good job in the challenge, Colton reveals, "I'm so excited to vote someone out. I dislike so many of these people." Colton feels Bill blew the challenge for them, since they had such a big lead before he started working on the puzzle. He also dislikes Bill's actions and attempts at humor around camp. Colton vents, "I want him gone, yesterday!" Next Colton meets with Troyzan, Leif, Tarzan and Jonas to discuss the vote. As they pledge to vote together, Tarzan reminds them that Bill is also part of their alliance. Colton disagrees and tells him that Bill will be the first to go, because he can't be trusted. Tarzan suggests that Matt be voted out first instead, because he sees him as a greater danger. Colton argues that Bill is a greater risk because he is playing with both alliances. Troyzan knows he is in the alliance with the greater number of people, so whomever they decide to vote for, will be gone tonight. Troyzan admits, "Really, the one who's making the biggest suggestions is Colton." Jay walks up to their meeting and asks what they are chatting about. Colton assures him that they are not voting him out tonight and tells him he is with the wrong alliance. Tarzan asks Jay whether he would like to switch alliances and join them. Jay admits, "If they have the numbers and I'm not a part of that, that just puts a target on my back," So Jay decides to vote with this majority alliance. Tarzan tells Jay that they are currently targeting Bill, although he still prefers to vote out Matt first. Matt then walks up to the group, at which point they all get quite. Matt realizes that they aren't going to talk with him around, but he feels like he accomplished his goal of letting them know he was watching them, so he leaves the group. Later, Matt pulls Troyzan aside and tells him that he sees him as one of the roosters or leaders in camp not one of the chickens or followers. Matt encourages Troyzan to join with him and the other roosters, who are Michael and Jay to make sure that the chickens don't take things over. Matt explains, "The guys that are really in power around here are going to vote for Colton. When we get back to camp, everyone is going to realize that the average joes are not running the camp." Matt shakes Troyzan's hand and hopes that he is on board with his plan. This will ensure that Matt is running things around camp. Troyzan tells Matt that he agrees with him, but really has no plans of supporting his plan. Troyzan admits, "It ain't Survivor, unless you're lying." Later, Troyzan meets with Colton and Jay and tells them about the conversation he had with Matt and how power hungry he is. Colton would prefer to vote out Bill first, but he now realizes how dangerous it is to keep Matt around. As Manono walks out to Tribal Council, Colton reveals, "Either one makes me perfectly happy. Honestly, out of this tribe of nine, if I could get rid of like five people, it would be heaven."

Manono lights their torches at the fire in their first Tribal Council. Right from the start, Michael admits that there are many alliances in the one tribe. Tarzan says, "As far as I'm concerned, we have an alliance of five and I trust