Season 24: Episode 4 - Bum Puzzled
Posted on Mar 8, 2012 12:00am


On night 8, the Manono tribe arrives back from their first Tribal Council, where they voted out Matt. Michael was in an alliance with Matt, so he is not happy with Colton, Tarzan, and Leif because they voted for Matt. Michael vents, "These guys don't know what they are doing. Most of those guys are weak and they just want to keep the weak guys around." Michael feels that if all the strong guys get voted out, then the Manono tribe will continue to lose their challenges. After most of the tribe has settled in the shelter for the night, Tarzan takes Troyzan aside to discuss things. They both agree that things went well at Tribal Council. Tarzan admits, "It was good for us that we had to go to Tribal Council, because I truly felt that the five of us were solid." Tarzan lists the five as Troyzan, Colton, Leif, Jonas and himself. Tarzan proposes that the vote out Bill next, since he is the biggest threat to steal someone from their alliance with his brains and charm. Troyzan agrees and they make plans to talk it over with their alliance tomorrow.

The next morning Monica and Chelsea are busy preparing breakfast for the Salani tribe, which consists of snails and rice. Monica is proud of her tribe for winning the last two challenges and being able to provide food for themselves. Jonas and Troyzan come into the Salani camp where Jonas tells the women that he is from Hawaii and knows how to use a net to catch fish. He offers to use their net and share half of the fish he catches with them. Chelsea finds it humorous that the men are now coming to the women requesting to use their rewards, instead of the women asking the men for things. Chelsea admits, "It's just crazy how much the roles have reversed in nine days." Chelsea speaks up for her tribe and tells Jonas and Troyzan that she doesn't want to be mean, but they can't be feeding and helping their enemies. Jonas reminds the women that things would be easier for both tribes if they could use the net, but either way he doesn't care and the men are doing fine. Kim feels Jonas is being condescending and rude. Before heading back to Manono, Jonas tells the ladies to think it over and let him know, if they change their mind. Troyzan is amazed that Salani did not accept their offer. He says, "I don't know if their emotions are turning wacky or what, but their just emotional creatures and they just can't seem to think straight."

REWARD CHALLENGE: COCONUT CONNECTION The Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. The castaways will take turns using a slingshot to fire coconuts at a massive wall of targets. The majority of each target must be knocked out in order for it to count. First tribe to knock out five targets in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins reward. The winning tribe will have a choice between one of three rewards. The first reward is comfort in the form of pillows, blankets and a mattress. The second reward is a tarp. The third reward choice is luxury in the form of donuts, coffee, cream and sugar. The men have one extra player, so they decide to sit out Bill for the challenge.

Colton and Monica both hit a target on their respective tribe walls, but they only get a piece of their target, so neither scores a point. In the next round, Tarzan hits a target and knocks it down, while Sabrina only knicks one of her targets. So, Manono scores one point, while Salani still has none. Next, Kat scores a point but Troyzan doesn't. So the score is tied at one each. Michael connects for the men, but Alicia doesn't score a point. So the men take the lead with two points. The next person to score a point is Monica, so the score is once again tied with two points for each tribe. Sabrina, Jay, Alicia, Kim are the next ones to score for their tribes. Not only have the women hit more targets, but now they have four targets in the same row, therefore leaving only one more to hit to win the challenge. Jonas hits another target for the men, which results in three targets in a row and only two more to hit to get the required five. Monica brings home the win for the Salani tribe by hitting their fifth and final target in a single row. The women are so excited to have won their third straight challenge and choose the tarp for their reward. The men are very disappointed to have lost. Tarzan assures Jeff that the women were just lucky this time.


The Salani women give a cheer as they return to camp with another win over the men and with a valuable tarp. Sabrina noticed how much the Manono men were disappointed to lose. She comments, "When we hit that last one, you could just tell it just sucked all the air out of them and I didn't care." Sabrina was especially bothered by Tarzan claiming that the women just had luck on their side.

LEIF SPILLS THE BEANS Meanwhile, over at the Manono camp. Troyzan, Jonas and Tarzan try to make their team feel better about the loss by claiming that it didn't put the women ahead of the men, since they already had a tarp and they have now won the same number of challenges. Jonas further points out that the important thing is that the men still have one more tribe member than the women. Bill is a little more worried than the others. He admits, "We got our butts kicked. These women aren't slouches. So we need to stop thinking about them as just some chicks over there." Later, Leif and Bill sit together on the beach and agree that the focus should be to win immunity challenges and to find the hidden immunity idol. Leif tells Bill that he is so glad that Bill is still here, so they can talk these things over. He then admits to Bill that Colton was planning on voting him out at the last Tribal Council. This is shocking news to Bill. Leif realizes that he just exposed the plan and asks Bill not to tell anyone. Leif also assures Bill that the alliance feels better about him know. Bill admits, "This changes everything. Now I know that the gloves are off and it's anybody's game." Bill and Leif pledge to let each other know if they find an idol. Later, Michael tells Colton that he saw Leif talking to Bill on the beach. Colton gets upset and asks Michael to call Leif over. Michael has felt vulnerable ever since Matt was voted out. Therefore, he wanted to take Colton's attention away from himself and put it on Leif. Michael explains, "I see Leif as working all sides here. So I brought Leif into the mix just to add one more cushion in front of me." As Leif approaches Colton, Colton asks him if he told Bill that he was going next. Leif is surprised at the question and stumbles with his response. After repeated questioning, he does admit to Colton that he revealed their plan to Bill. Colton responds, "You just pretty much sealed your fate." Colton is very upset with Leif. He now sees both Bill and Leif as wishy-washy and playing both sides. Leif feels awful and admits, "Today, I put the biggest ultimate foot in my mouth and right now everybody has really lost trust in me." Leif knows he is in danger and hopes he can rebuild his tribe's trust in him.

The next morning, Salani gets tree mail for an immunity challenge. The tree mail comes in the form of a puzzle. Salani puts it together and reads the following message: "When pairs of minds work together being well balanced is an important part. You can't out run a vote against you, so today you'll just have to be smart." They guess that they are going to be working in teams of two. Kat immediately admits that she is not good at puzzles and therefore needs a partner who is. Alicia tells her not to worry, since she will be her partner again. Kat responds, "You are not good at puzzles. Not that good, are you?" Alicia is offended by Kat's lack of confidence in her puzzle solving abilities and snaps back at Kat. Sabrina steps in between them to calm the situation down. Sabrina does not want conflict right before her tribe needs to come together to win the challenge. Sabrina vents, "Alicia is like a fire cracker. That is just stuff we don't need right now."

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: PUZZLE RELAY The Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, takes back the immunity idol from the women and explains the rules of the immunity challenge. The castaways will be paired up and tied together. When Jeff says, "go", each pair will race across teeter-totters to get to a puzzle. The pair will then solve the puzzle and bring back a key, and then the next pair goes. Once you've solved the remaining puzzles and collected all three keys, one person will use those keys to open three locks. The first tribe to open their three locks and raise their tribe flag wins immunity and avoids Tribal Council. The losers will go to Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be voted out of this game. The Manono tribe elects to sit out Jonas from this challenge, since they have one more tribe member than the Salani tribe. Chelsea and Alicia are the first pair out for the women. Tarzan and Colton are the first pair out for the men. Both pairs make it over the teeter-totter and to their first puzzle quickly. Very quickly Colton and Tarzan solve their puzzle. Tarzan starts to head back when Colton reminds him that they need to collect the first key. They then head back to the start. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Alicia are struggling with their puzzle. Jay and Michael are the second pair out for the men. They make it over the teeter-totter and run to a pyramid puzzle. They quickly put it together, collect their key and head back. Chelsea and Alicia are still working on the first puzzle, which Jeff reminds them is the easiest puzzle of the three. The Salani tribe is getting very nervous. Troyzan and Bill head out to solve the final puzzle for the Manono tribe. Kim sees that Chelsea and Alica are panicking, so she encourages Chelsea to copy the men's puzzle since it has already been solved. So Chelsea and Alicia walk over to the men's puzzle and study it. The Manono tribe is not happy about this. Tarzan yells, "Cheater!" Chelsea and Alicia finally solve the puzzle and run back with the first key. Meanwhile, Troyzan and Bill have made good progress on their last puzzle, which is a slide puzzle. Kim and Sabrina are the second pair out for Salani. They start to solve the pyramid puzzle while looking over at the men's completed puzzle to help them. Troyzan and Bill finish the slide puzzle and head back with the third and final key. Leif uses the three keys to start opening the locks. The women are still working on their pyramid puzzle and struggling once again. Leif quickly opens the three locks and raises the Manono flag. The men are so happy to have won the challenge so easily over the women. Jeff gives the men the immunity idol and describes the challenge as a blowout. Jeff asks Alicia what happened. She responds, "It's embarrassing" and then starts to laugh. Meanwhile the rest of her tribe looks miserable. As Salani walks away from the challenge, Christina vents, "Alicia's attitude after the challenge was repulsive." Christina does realize though that it makes Alicia look bad to her tribe and maybe helps her to stay around for a few more days.

The Manono men congratulate each other as they return to camp after the big win at the immunity challenge. Bill is especially happy. He reveals, "It may have saved my butt, because I'm on the outs with the tribe, but now were not going to Tribal."

Over at the Salani camp, Sabrina calls the tribe together to discuss their poor performance in the challenge. Chelsea admits that the puzzle was harder than it looked. Alicia explains that they really did try and asks the tribe to remember how much better they had done in past challenges. Sabrina is upset about the loss. She wants her tribe to take each challenge seriously and give everything they have to try and win it. Sabrina vents, "Alicia laughing about the loss, that right there pissed me off. That's like salt in the wound today." Sabrina then pulls Kim aside and tells her that Alicia should go next, based on her poor performance in challenges and because she stirs up trouble around camp. Kim points out that Christina is not doing any better in challenges, although she is helpful around camp. Before the challenge, Kim was sure that Christina was the next person to be voted out. Now, Kim reveals, "Sabrina is trying to shake things up and that makes me a little nervous."

Meanwhile, over at Manono, Colton is relaxing in the shelter when Bill comes up to him and asks if they can talk. Bill would like to clear the air between them, since he knows that Colton was targeting him for the last vote. Colton just wants to be left alone and does not want to talk to Bill. Bill really wants find out why Colton doesn't like him, so he sits down next to him and keeps talking. Colton gets frustrated and tells him that he is wishy washy and that he is going home next, so it doesn't matter what he says. Bill vents, "Nothing gets me more frustrated, then when somebody does not want to talk." Bill pursues the conversation, which infuriates Colton, so he gets up and tries to leave camp, but Bill won't let him. Colton vents, "I hate him. I want his head on a platter. I want him gone." Next Colton goes to Tarzan and Jonas and tells them how Bill attacked him. Colton tells them that he wishes they could trade with the women and go to Tribal Council instead. Jonas replies, "That would be interesting." Colton is amazed that Jonas would even consider doing that and he then gets excited about the idea and tries to talk Troyzan and Jonas into the idea of giving up the idol and going to Tribal Council tonight. Jonas was not really serious about going to Tribal, he just thought it was an interesting idea, but now he doesn't want to tell Colton that they shouldn't, since that puts a target on his back. Next, Colton proposes the idea to Jay and Michael. Jay does not like the idea and says, "I think that is a hasty decision." Meanwhile, Troyzan finds Tarzan in the water and tells him what's going on back at camp because of what Leif revealed. Tarzan agrees with Colton wanting to go to Tribal and heads in to talk it over. Tarzan explains, "When a group of men get together and they make a pact, you betray them, that's a breach of faith." On Tarzan's way back to camp, he passes the women's camp and tells them that they are thinking about letting them stay tonight and having Manono go to Tribal Council instead. The women are shocked, but hope that the men decide to go through with their plan. Kat comments, "Have they really lost their mind."