Season 24: Episode 5 - A Bunch of Idiots
Posted on Mar 15, 2012 12:00am

The Salani women wake up on day 12 feeling good about having survived another day. Troyzan passes by the women's shelter and Sabrina takes this opportunity to ask him whose idea it was to give up their immunity idol to Salani yesterday. Troyzan tells her that it was Colton's idea and everybody else just went along, even though they had reservations. Sabrina is glad that her tribe did not have to go to Tribal Council last night and therefore still has seven members. She admits, "The guys are much more of a mess than what we thought." The Salani women commit to staying united and strong, so they can go into the merge with numbers and vote out the men. Alicia feels the men were foolish to give away their idol yesterday. She comments, "They are so dumb. They handed us a million dollars." Salani then heads out to a challenge determined to beat the Manono men.

The Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, surprises the castaways by telling them to drop their buffs because they are switching tribes. Jeff explains that it will be a random switch. He then reveals bowls of eggs. They each pick an egg and smash it against their bodies. Those with blue liquid in their eggs are now on the new Salani tribe. Those with orange are now on the new Manono tribe. Michael, Sabrina, Kat, Jay, Chelsea and Troyzan are on the new Salani tribe, while Tarzan, Colton, Christina, Alicia, Monica, Leif and Jonas make up the new Manono tribe. Jeff gives them fresh buffs and tells them, "Men and women are no more." Jeff asks Kim, if her tribe got better or worse. She replies, "This couldn't have gone better for us." Colton chimes in, "They have all the muscle." Jeff then explains the rules of the reward challenge. For each tribe, teams of four will carry a large bucket to a water tower where they will fill it. On their way back, they will work together to plug the holes in the bucket that are leaking out all the water that was just collected. When the four arrive at the finish platform, they will dump the water into a container and head back out. First tribe to fill their container and raise their flag wins reward. The winning tribe takes back to camp peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and coffee, cream and sugar. In addition the winning tribe earns the right to continue living at the ONE WORLD beach. The losing tribe will be sent to a new beach where they must create a new world.

Monica, Jonas, Leif and Tarzan are the first group out for the new Manono tribe. They fill their bucket quickly at the water tower and head back to the trough. On the way to the trough, Monica falls twice, which costs her tribe time and loss of water in the bucket. Meanwhile, Kim, Jay, Troyzan and Michael are the first group out for the new Salani tribe. They take a little longer at the water tower, which gets them more water in their bucket. They also take more time heading back, trying to minimize the loss of water. The second group out for Manono is Monica, Colton, Alicia and Christina. The second group out for Salani is Jay, Troyzan, Michael and Kat. The tribes get back to the trough at the same time, but Manono was able to keep more water in their bucket, so they are in the lead. Jonas, Leif, Tarzan and Monica are the third group out for Manono. Tarzan is anxious to get back to the trough quickly from the water tower, but Monica wants them to collect a little more water. Tarzan gets his way and they head back quickly to beat Salani to the trough. Sabrina, Troyzan, Jay and Kat are the third group out for Salani and decide to collect as much water as they can in the bucket. Manono dumps their water in the trough, hoping that it will be enough to tip the scale and raise their flag, but they end up not having enough water to get the job done. Salani had the better strategy and had just enough water in this third round to raise their flag and win the peanut butter and jelly reward and the right to stay at their existing camp. Before Jeff dismisses the tribes back to their camps, Colton compares the tribes by saying, "Look at them and look at us. It's like Greek gods versus peasants." Jeff gives Manono a map to their new world.

The new Salani tribe makes their way back to the original ONE WORLD camp proudly carrying the food reward they just won. The women welcome the men to Salani and they all enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sabrina is so excited to be on the same tribe as Kim, Chelsea and Kat. She comments, "I can't believe four girls within the five girl alliance are on the new tribe. Priceless!"

As the new Manono tribe walks toward their new beach, Colton is not happy. He is very disappointed that Jay, Troyzan, Kim and Sabrina did not end up on his tribe. While, Christina, Leif and Monica are trying to make the best of the situation by being positive about the new beach and supplies that came with it, Colton vents, "Not only did I get on a tribe of people that I don't want to be on a tribe with. I got on a tribe of people who suck." Both Colton and Alicia feel that their new tribe will not be able to win any challenges, since the other tribe is stronger and faster than they are. The Manono tribe works together to get a shelter built. Even though Colton doesn't like his tribe mates, he knows that it is important to get them all on his side. So he goes to Alicia and Christina and assures them that he is on their side and reminds them that he has always wanted to be on the women's tribe. As Colton goes over to Monica to secure his relationship with her, he reveals, "I want everybody to trust me, so they'll give me information." Monica tells Colton that with the three women and him, they have the majority, so they are safe. Colton promises Monica that he is on the women's side and is not with the men. Monica hopes Colton is telling the truth. If Colton is lying and intends on voting out the women, then Monica admits, "I feel like I'm the strongest of the three girls, which would mean it would be me first."

Things are looking good for Salani. Michael and Chelsea catch four crabs and Troyzan catches a rooster. While the others are busy cooking the feast or cooling off in the ocean, Jay takes advantage of the time to chat with Troyzan and Kim. He recommends to Troyzan that they make an alliance without Michael. Jay wants to make a new alliance within Salani that includes men and women. He reveals, "I don't mind at all working with these women. I think I can trust them and I'm going to get to know them better." Jay asks Kim about Chelsea. Kim assures Jay and Troyzan, that Chelsea can be trusted. Jay recommends that the four of them then stick together through the merge. Kim agrees to work with Jay, Troyzan and Chelsea. She is happy to keep her options open, especially since the switch has separated her all women alliance. Kim explains, "If sticking with the girls works best for me in the long run, I'll stick with the girls. And if we get to the merge and we don't have the numbers, Troy and Jay are my alliance all the way."

While the rest of the Manono tribe is building the shelter, Colton is out playing the game. He confides in Alicia that he does not trust Christina and wants to vote her out next. Alicia disagrees with Colton and feels it is too risky to vote someone out of their alliance and reduce their numbers. He tells her that they are safer with Tarzan and Jonas than Christina and asks her not to tell Monica what they are talking about. Alicia reminds him that the women are loyal and don't make crazy moves, like the guys have done in the past. Alicia prefers to keep the women around, so she can make it to the merge to rejoin her original alliance. Alicia admits, "If we have to get rid of some girls, it will be Christina or Monica, but definitely not me." Later, Jonas confronts Colton and asks him what he was talking to Alicia about. Colton assures him that he is still loyal to the men's alliance. Jonas is amazed that Colton can get away with not helping build the shelter and instead spend his time playing the strategic game. Jonas says, "I never thought to play that game, but it's brilliant." Colton explains to Jonas that he is bonding with the women, so they think he is on their side, but he plans on voting them out first, starting with Christina. Jonas feels that Colton is running the show and just hopes that Colton is telling him the truth.

On day 14, Kim takes advantage of the fact that everyone is out of camp to search for a hidden immunity idol. Sabrina had found the men's immunity idol many days ago and gave it to Colton, but there is a women's idol somewhere in the camp, which had not been found yet. After searching around many trees on the men's side of camp, Kim finally finds the idol and hides it in her bathing suit. Kim is so happy to have found the idol and admits, "It may be one of the best feelings I've had since I got here." Kim finds Chelsea and tells her the good news. Chelsea helps to divert attention, so Kim can hide the idol in her bag. Kim reveals, "There's no one I trust more in this game than Chelsea. So if I'm going to do this with anyone, it's going to be with her." Kim asks Chelsea not to tell anyone else and recommends that they not spend all their time together, so they are not viewed as a pair. Kim also recommends that they create bonds with as many people as possible.

Over at Manono, Alicia spots a chicken in camp next to a box trap that they have set. She alerts Monica, who runs over and successfully traps the chicken under the box. As Alicia and Monica celebrate and yell the good news to the rest of the tribe, the chicken finds an escape route in the back of the box and gets away. Colton comments, "These people suck at SURVIVOR." He is pretty sure they have no chance of winning an immunity challenge against the other tribe. Colton sees Monica as more of a threat than Christina, because she has more friends on the other tribe than Christina does. So, Colton talks to Alicia and presents his plan to vote out Monica first and then Christina. While, Alicia agrees with Colton that Monica is a threat, she does not feel comfortable putting her trust in the men whom she does not know as well. Colton assures her that he is in control of things and as long as she trusts him and works with him, then she is safe. Alicia agrees, but warns Colton to not betray her. Colton reveals, "I've been getting rid of the head of the snake this entire game, Matt, Bill now Monica. So, I think it's pretty brilliant."

The new Salani and Manono tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity challenge. Three members of each tribe will race to get a ball in the water. They will then work together to shoot the ball into a basket, while the members of the other tribe try to stop them any way they can. Every time they get a ball in the basket, they score a point for the tribe. First tribe to score three points, wins immunity, and is safe from Tribal Council. The losers will go to Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be voted out of this game. The first round is with three men from each tribe. Tarzan defends the goal for Manono, while Michael defends the goal for Salani. Colton matches up against Jay. Jonas matches up against Troyzan. Jeff starts the round by throwing the ball in the water. Jay immediately pushes Colton and Jonas down on the way to the ball. He throws the ball to Michael, who is wide open and easily makes the basket on his first attempt. So Salani takes the lead. In the next round, the groups consist of two women and one man. So, Sabrina, Kat and Michael compete against Christina, Monica and Leif. As the round begins, Michael comes out from the goal and gets to the ball, before any of the women get there. He gets past Leif and makes two attempts to make a basket, before Leif catches up to him and does a good job of defending the goal. The women are now around the goal and after much wrestling and many failed shots, Michael finally gets the ball back and scores his second point for Salani. The third round is an all women's round with Kat and Christina defending the goals and match ups of Monica versus Sabrina and Chelsea versus Alicia. After a hard fought round, Monica scores a point for Manono. The score is now two to one. The fourth round consists of all men with Michael, Troyzan and Jay going up against Colton, Jonas and Tarzan. Colton gets to the ball first and holds on until he can get a shot, but he misses. Once again, Michael is eventually able to get to the ball and make a third basket for his tribe, which wins Salani immunity, therefore sending Manono to Tribal Council.

After getting back to the Manono camp, the tribe members console each other on the loss. Jonas thanks Monica for at least getting them one point in the challenge. Alicia reveals, "Today you will see an Oscar performance from Colton and I for the best blindside ever played. Monica is going home tonight." Colton spreads the word to vote out Monica to Jonas, who is happy to vote for anyone as long as he is not going home tonight. Meanwhile, Alicia gets the word to Christina to vote for Tarzan, since he was weak in today's challenge. Christina passes this message to Monica and Jonas, who plays along with the deception. Monica is surprised that the men are okay with voting out one of their own, which results in an equal number of men and women in the tribe. Monica comments, "I'm thinking that's a huge win for the women, that the men are on board to take out one of the men." Jonas doesn't trust Leif, since he had revealed their plans in the past to Bill. So, Jonas tells Leif to vote for Tarzan. Later, Colton finds Tarzan and Leif together and tells them to vote for Monica. Colton is worried about whom Tarzan is going to vote for, since he sometimes forgets the plan. As Manono walks out of camp on their way to Tribal Council, Colton hopes that the tribe will follow through with his plan. Colton vents, "It's really hard being the leader of a bunch of idiots."

While the majority of the new Manono tribe feels the Salani tribe is in better shape than they are. Monica tries to see the positive side of things and points out that her tribe is eating well and enjoying their new home. Alicia sees Monica as very competitive and capable, but also feels that she is a big threat. Monica reminds everyone that she is so competitive for the benefit of her Manono tribe. Leif compliments Monica on her hard work. Tarzan admits that since the tri