Season 24: Episode 7 - The Beauty in a Merge
Posted on Mar 29, 2012 12:00am

The newly merged tribe returns from Tribal Council to their original beach on night 17. They are pleasantly surprised to find trays of fruit, cheese and crackers along with bottles of champagne waiting for them. Troyzan admits, "This really feels like SURVIVOR to me now." He is pleased to have made it to the merge and is ready to compete with the other eleven remaining castaways. Michael pops the cork on the champagne and the new tribe enjoys their feast. Alicia wishes that Colton were still in the game and that Christina had gone home instead. She does feel that Colton betrayed her though, because he did not give her the hidden immunity idol before he left. Alicia considers going back to the women's alliance and therefore ending the latest alliance she made with the guys on Manono. She admits, "The backstabbing is going to begin."

The next morning, Troyzan suggests that they name their new tribe Tikiano. He tells them it stands for year of god. They agree to the name and start making coffee and cooking breakfast. Tarzan is excited to have some coffee for the first time in 18 days, but Jay tells him that only the people who won the coffee can have any. Jay is not happy about having so many people in camp, especially the ones that he does not like. He vents, "It's like, ahh here we are again, one big "happy" family all together." Jay's plan is to stick with his Salani tribe mates to pick off the Manono members first. Meanwhile, Tarzan hopes that the men's alliance will come back together now that they are merged. He pulls Michael aside to make sure he is still part of the men's alliance. Tarzan tells Michael that the six men and Alicia have the majority and can control the game. Michael tells Tarzan he will rejoin the men's alliance. Michael reveals, "I don't trust any of those guys and I don't like any of those guys. So I told Tarzan I'm in but I'm not in with Tarzan."

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. The merged tribe will be randomly divided into two tribes for this challenge. One member of each tribe will race through a series of obstacles and dig up a bag of puzzle pieces and race back. Then the next person goes. Once all four bags have been collected, the two remaining tribe members will use those bags to solve a puzzle. First tribe to get it right wins a reward of pizza and cold beer plus a secret note to be read at the reward. After a random drawing, the first tribe for this challenge is the orange tribe comprised of Jay, Alicia, Sabrina, Chelsea, Troyzan and Christina. The second tribe or blue tribe for this challenge is Leif, Kat, Michael, Kim, Tarzan and Jonas.

Jay and Leif are the first two out for their tribes. They each dig a hole in the sand to get under a fence. Jay gets under the fence first and continues on to the next obstacle. Leif takes more time to dig his hole and then gets stuck and has to dig a bigger hole. This costs his blue tribe a lot of time. Meanwhile, Jay easily gets past the second obstacle and retrieves the first bag of puzzle pieces for the orange tribe. Leif finally gets under the fence and heads to the next obstacle, while Chelsea heads out for the orange tribe to get the second bag of puzzle pieces. Leif brings back the first bag of puzzle pieces for his blue tribe, just before Chelsea returns the second bag for her orange tribe. So, the blue tribe is behind by one bag. Kim heads out next for the blue tribe, while Alicia heads out for the orange tribe. Kim has to take time to make the hole to get under the first obstacle bigger, but Alicia doesn't. So the blue tribe gets further behind. Alicia successfully brings back the third bag for the orange tribe, so Sabrina heads out to get the fourth and final bag. When Kim brings back the second bag for the blue tribe, Kat heads out and is able to bring back the third bag before Sabrina gets back. So the blue tribe is closing the lead of the orange tribe. Michael is the fourth person out for the blue tribe and flies through the course. He catches up to Sabrina and brings the final bag in for the blue tribe. So, the tribes are now even as they start on their sea turtle puzzles. Tarzan and Jonas work on the puzzle for the blue tribe, while Troyzan and Christina work on the puzzle for the orange tribe. Both teams make equal progress on the puzzle, which makes it a very close race up until the final three pieces. Troyzan and Christina finish their puzzle first, which wins the pizza, beer and secret note for their orange tribe. Kat cries over her tribe's loss.

Jay, Sabrina, Troyzan, Alicia, Christina and Chelsea enjoy a pizza feast on the beach and toast to their success with ice-cold beer. They are so happy to be eating and drinking something other than rice and water. Alicia reads the secret note to the group. It says: Immunity is the only way to guarantee your safety in this game. As part of your reward for winning today's challenge, only you six will know that there is yet another idol hidden back at camp. Chelsea immediately recommends that they keep this information to themselves, so they will have a better chance of finding it. They all agree to this. Chelsea reveals, "My biggest concern if for someone on the Manono tribe to find the idol, going into the next vote and messing up our numbers, because we can't have a Salani go home."

Meanwhile at the Tikiano camp, Leif wishes that he had won the pizza and beer reward after working so hard in the challenge. Jonas talks with Michael and recommends that they discuss future plans. Michael tells Jonas that Tarzan had already filled him in on the plan to put the men's alliance back together and add Alicia to the group. Jonas is furious that Tarzan spilled their plans to Michael, whom Jonas feels is not completely trustworthy. Jonas vents, "He's a loose cannon and he just does whatever the hell he wants. We can't have that." Next, Jonas confronts Tarzan. He scolds him for revealing their plan to Michael without approving it with the others. Tarzan reminds Jonas that they need Michael to vote with them to have the numbers they need. Jonas points out that Michael could reveal their plan to the other alliance and mess things up. Jonas tells Tarzan, "You tell him right before the vote. Not two days before." Tarzan gets upset with Jonas telling him what to do. As he tries to explain himself, Jonas yells at Tarzan for interrupting him. Tarzan gets fed up with it all and tells Jonas that he does not like him and that he will drop out of their alliance. Tarzan vents, "I do not like that guy anymore. When I say something, I mean it from my heart and I don't go back on it."

The next morning, Troyzan gets up before the rest of his tribe and decides to look for the hidden immunity idol. He looks around many odd shaped trees around the camp. Finally, he finds it in the trunk of one of the trees just above eye level. Troyzan is excited and says, "The early bird gets the idol and gets the power." He knows that the idol can take him further in the game, if he uses it wisely.

The new Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the tribal immunity idol and reveals the new individual immunity idol to the castaways. He explains the rules of the first individual immunity challenge. Each castaway will be perched on a small log, while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. At regular intervals, they will add more balls, which makes the challenge more difficult. If at any point a ball drops or they fall off the perch, then they are out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from the vote at Tribal Council. The challenge begins when all twelve castaways place the first ball on their wooden disk. Tarzan is the first person out of the challenge because he falls off his perch. Everyone else continues to the second round, where they add a second ball to their disk. Christina, Michael, Kim and Chelsea all cannot make it through this second round, as one or more of their balls roll off their disk. So, seven people make it to the final round trying to balance three balls while standing on their perch. Alicia is out first as she falls off her perch. Jay, Jonas, Sabrina, and Leif are next out of the challenge, which leaves only Kat and Troyzan left in the game. Troyzan is able to keep his concentration and outlasts Kat in the challenge, therefore winning him the first individual immunity. Troyzan is so excited to receive the immunity necklace from Jeff, because he is such a long time SURVIVOR fan. Jeff reminds the other eleven castaways that one of them will be going home tonight after twenty days in the game.

Back at camp, the Tikiano tribe congratulates Troyzan on his win at the immunity challenge. Troyzan is so happy to have won the immunity necklace, found the hidden immunity idol and have a strong alliance at this point in the game. He vows to go along with what the Salani members decide to do. Jay and Chelsea leave camp to discuss the vote. They agree to vote off the Manono members first. Jay suggests that they vote for Jonas at this Tribal Council. Chelsea comments, "If we keep it Salani versus Manono, we should take out Manono's strongest people first." Chelsea and Jay run into Kim and Sabrina as they are gathering wood and get their support on voting out Jonas first. Chelsea likes Jonas and appreciates his cooking, but knows that he is the strongest one of the Manono tribe. Meanwhile, Alicia checks in with Kim to find out whom they are voting for tonight. Kim tells Alicia that Jonas is the one. Kim reveals, "To get a guy out and particularly one of the new Manono tribe members, it leaves the girls in the majority, it leaves my old Salani tribe in the majority and it gives me two really great options moving forward." Next, Troyzan checks in with Kim and finds out that she is voting for Jonas tonight because she sees him as smart and capable. Troyzan comments, "We're just going to let this guy go? I mean he feeds us. He provides for us. Why, why now?" Troyzan decides to let Jonas know that he is in danger of being voted out tonight. Jonas does not understand why he would be targeted before someone like Michael, who is much more threatening in challenges. Immediately, Jonas takes action to protect himself. He starts by apologizing to Tarzan for yelling at him, when he revealed their plan to Michael. Tarzan is touched by Jonas' apology and he accepts it. Tarzan reveals, "Since he's done that, I respect him even more. So, we're back together again." Tarzan then has a meeting with Jonas, Troyzan and Leif and asks them all to vote for Kat. Jonas explains, "We figured Kat, she doesn't pull her weight a whole lot. She kind of annoys a lot of people. So, that's my only hope at this point." Later, the Tikiano tribe is taking turns doing their laundry by boiling it. Tarzan brings his underwear over to get washed and assures Sabrina that the brown stain on it is not poop. Chelsea is next in line to clean her clothes, so she puts them in a fresh pot of boiling water. Tarzan drops his dirty underwear in the pot with her clothes. Chelsea is disgusted and furious at Tarzan. Tarzan tries to assure her that the boiling water will kill any germs. Chelsea pulls her clothes out of the water and walks out of camp. Chelsea vents, "If it were up to me, Tarzan would go home." She doesn't like Tarzan's laziness and attitude. So, Chelsea pleads with Kim, Jay and Michael to vote for Tarzan versus Jonas. Jay understands how Chelsea feels, but is worried about changing their plan now.

Sabrina admits that the game has become a lot more chaotic since the merge with everyone scrambling to protect themselves. Jonas agrees and points out that people are targeting him tonight because he is a provider for the tribe. He proposes that his alliance vote for Michael instead, since he is much more of a physical threat than Jonas in immunity challenges. Tarzan is upset that Jonas has gone against the plan of the men's alliance and calls him on it. Jonas comes back at Tarzan and tells him that they do not have enough votes to successfully execute his plan and vote out Kat tonight, so that is why he is changing the plan to vote out Michael. Kat gets nervous and asks, "What did I do?" Tarzan reassures Kat and tells her that Jonas is lying. Tarzan then proposes that they vote Jonas out instead, because he is sick of Jonas undermining him. Chelsea defends Jonas and states that more people have had issues with Tarzan than Jonas. Tarzan admits that he is not as likable as Jonas, because he is uncomfortable being outside of an operating room where people respect him and listen to him. Kim points out that likeable people like Jonas are more of a threat in the end, than annoying people like Tarzan. Chelsea admits that it is more pleasant keeping Jonas around who cooks and provides for them, than Tarzan who does not help out at all. Tarzan says, "If they want to vote me off, that's fine. I'm voting for Jonas tonight, because of what he did." The tribe then votes. Jeff reveals the first nine votes, which are two votes for Michael and seven for Jonas. So, Jonas Otsuji, the 37-year-old sushi chef, from Lehi, UT, becomes the seventh person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the first person to join the jury.