Season 24: Episode 8 - Just Annihilate Them
Posted on Apr 5, 2012 12:00am

It's day 21 at the Tikiano camp. Troyzan and Jay are taking a walk though the jungle and discussing last night's Tribal Council. Troyzan is disappointed that Jonas got voted out last night, because he has considered him a friend, since the beginning of the game. He wishes that Jonas had made it to the Salani tribe with Jay and him when the switch occurred and then he would have been safe from the vote. Jay suggests they vote out a girl next. Troyzan agrees. Jay reveals, "I'm really scared at this point about the girls being together, because they could very easily hook up and they could do damage." Jay doesn't want the girls voting out all the guys.

Later that morning, Troyzan and Jay check tree mail and are excited to find a bottle of 7UP and a message. They bring the tree mail back to camp and share it with the rest of the tribe. The message reads: Your game may be going downhill quickly and must surely have your heart racing. Win the crisp, clean taste of victory today and be refreshed from the stress you're facing. Everyone hopes that they will win this reward challenge and be able to enjoy 7UP. Sabrina comments, "I'm excited. For me, this is like a necessity."

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the reward challenge. The merged tribe will be divided into two tribes for this challenge. One member of each tribe will race down a giant water slide and head out into the water, where they will grab a huge puzzle crate and bring it back. Then the next person goes. As more tribe members come down the slide, they'll work together to bring the puzzle crates back. Once all seven crates are up on the platform, then they will use those crates to solve a puzzle. First tribe to get it right wins a reward. The reward is a trip to the 7UP oasis, which includes a barbeque of burgers, steaks and hot dogs along with pies and unlimited 7UP to drink. Jeff then opens up one bottle of ice-cold 7UP for the whole group to share before the challenge. Two tribes are the result of a schoolyard pick. The green tribe is made up of Jay, Troyzan, Chelsea, Alicia and Kat. The yellow tribe consists of Leif, Michael, Kim, Christina and Sabrina. Tarzan was not picked, so he sits out of this challenge.

Jay and Michael are the first ones down the giant slide and out in the water to each get a puzzle crate for their tribes. They each bring their crate back to their platform in the same amount of time. Both tribes continue to stay neck and neck until the final crate needs to be retrieved. By this time, the yellow tribe takes a little longer to unclip their crate and bring it back to the platform. So, the green tribe has a slight head start in building their puzzle. Troyzan directs his green tribe in building the puzzle. Once the yellow tribe, returns with their final crate they start work on their puzzle, but are disorganized until Christina starts directing them. Each tribe makes good progress, but the yellow tribe solves it first. So, Leif, Michael, Kim, Christina and Sabrina win the afternoon barbeque at the 7UP oasis.

Leif, Michael, Kim, Christina and Sabrina arrive at the 7UP oasis and are elated to find an abundance of meats, salads, desserts, snacks and of course, 7UP waiting for them. Leif celebrates by doing a front flip dive into the swimming pool at the oasis. Christina and Kim start cooking the hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks on the grill. When the cooking is all done, the group sits down to enjoy their feast and Sabrina leads them in a prayer of thanks. Kim appreciates the energy and brainpower that this reward feast provides. She explains, "Just to be able to think though my options and sit up and have my mind work feels awesome." While the rest of the group stays at the table and continues eating, Kim and Sabrina lay out by the pool. Kim and Sabrina take advantage of their time away from the group to talk strategy. Both agree that they would like the final three to be the two of them and Chelsea. Kim proposes that they get rid of Michael next, which would result in six girls versus four guys left in the game. The girls would then have a clear majority over the guys and be able to easily vote them all out. Kim plans to tell Troyzan that Michael is plotting against him, in order to get Troyzan's support for voting Michael out. Sabrina agrees with the plan. Kim admits, "If we can get a united front and come together, we could start sending these guys home."

Back at the Tikiano camp, Jay, Troyzan, Chelsea, Alicia, Kat and Tarzan are trying to make themselves not feel so bad for having lost the reward. Troyzan points out that steak would be hard for their bodies to digest after having such a small amount of food for the past twenty-one days. Chelsea asks the group, "Should we talk about, who's next to go?" Troyzan suggests they vote out Christina and Jay agrees. Kat encourages everyone to vote for Michael instead, since he is a much bigger threat in challenges. Jay vents, "I don't trust these girls. They want to send Mike home." He vows to talk with his Salani alliance and encourage them to vote Christina out next. The rest of the Tikiano tribe then returns from their reward. They are nice enough to return with a cooler full of 7UP to share with their tribe mates that didn't go on the reward. Troyzan is glad that everyone is back together. He was worried about what everyone was talking about while they were apart. Troyzan reveals, "I have to make sure that Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea want to stick with the Salani group to the very end."

The next morning, Tikiano awakens to bad weather. The winds are strong, the clouds are dark and the sea is rough. Michael comments, "Last night it was raining and windy and the wall got blown off our shelter. Everything is wet. It's just a big train wreck." Leif asks Tarzan not to take any more bamboo from the wall of the shelter to use for firewood. Tarzan assures him that the bamboo he took was not part of the wall. Troyzan and Chelsea doubt what Tarzan says about the bamboo. So, Chelsea questions Tarzan on his actions and he does not appreciate it. Tarzan admits, "If I believe I've been unfairly maligned, I can't just take it. I have to say something." So, Tarzan takes Chelsea aside and asks her if she has had a bad experience with a plastic surgeon in the past and therefore she does not like him. Chelsea assures him that is not the case. She vents, "I can't believe he is talking about my boob job. He just, he's crazy." Chelsea would love to vote Tarzan out next, but she knows that he is not a threat. So, Chelsea will tolerate him a little bit longer.

On the way to tree mail, Kim follows through with her plan that she shared with Sabrina at the reward. She warns Troyzan that Michael is telling others that Troyzan will likely win and therefore needs to be voted out. She suggests to Troyzan that they vote Michael out next in order to protect themselves. Troyzan is upset to hear what Michael is saying about him and agrees that he should be the next to go. Troyzan vents, "Mike, I've been worried about since day one and if Mike wants to fricken vote me out, he's got another thing coming." Kim reads the tree mail to the tribe, which tells them of the upcoming immunity challenge.

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklace from Troyzan. He then explains the rules of the individual immunity challenge. Each castaway will race across a ladder bridge while maneuvering bags of puzzle pieces along a twisting rope. The first four to reach the finish line move on to the final round. where they will use those puzzle pieces to solve a very complicated SURVIVOR puzzle. First one to get it right wins immunity and is safe from tonight's vote and is guaranteed a one in ten shot at the million dollars. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. Jay makes it across his ladder bridge first with all of his bags of puzzle pieces. Kim and Troyzan make it across their bridges next. Leaving only one spot left. Alicia earns the coveted spot by getting across her bridge with her puzzle bags next. So, Jay, Kim, Troyzan and Alicia go onto the next round to solve the oddly shaped puzzles, while the others sit this out and have no chance of winning. The puzzle portion of the challenge begins with all participants untying their bags and revealing sixty pieces need to solve the puzzle. The pieces have a variety of angles, but will result in a flat puzzle. Kim and Alicia make the fastest progress on their puzzles, while Jay is the slowest and falls behind. Alicia gets to her final piece, but it does not fit in the remaining spot, so she has to rework her puzzle. The same thing happens to Kim. So, Troyzan and Jay still have a chance. Kim and Jay are both down to their last pieces, but Kim's does not fit and Jay's does. So, Jay's slow and steady method wins him individual immunity.

Back at the Tikiano camp, the tribe congratulates Jay for winning the challenge. Jay reveals, "I definitely think that since we knocked Jonas off last time, you know I think it's just a safe vote to knock out a girl." Therefore Jay plans on voting off Christina from the Manono tribe. Kim checks in with Troyzan and confirms that he is still voting for Michael. Kim admits, "Right now, I'm straddling two alliances. I have an all women's alliance and I have my Salani alliance with Troy, Jay and Mike, but now I feel like it's time for the girls to take over this game." Kim knows that Troyzan will vote for Michael, because he thinks that he is out for him. Kim is worried that Jay will mess things up though, if he finds out they are voting out Michael and suspects that the girls are trying to control the game. Over in the shelter, Chelsea asks Jay if he would consider getting rid of Michael in front of Alicia and Christina. Jay is not happy that Chelsea said anything in front of Christina and Alicia who are not in their alliance. Jay tells Chelsea that he is afraid that if they get rid of Michael now, then he will be next to go because he is a guy. Jay is also worried though, that if he doesn't vote with the women, then he also become a target. Later, Chelsea finds Kim and Sabrina and tells them what happened in the shelter. So now they know that Jay is truly worried about an all girl alliance. Kim is not happy that Chelsea asked Jay directly to vote for Michael. Kim wants Troyzan and Jay to feel like the Salani alliance is strong and not suspect that the girls are trying to get the majority numbers. Kim admits, "Now it's kind of become a huge mess and I'm not exactly sure how this is about to go down." Next, Kim finds out that Jay and Michael are taking a walk together, so she tracks them down. Just before Jay reveals his fears to Michael, Kim tells them that she and the others in Salani will just vote for Christina tonight to make everyone feel safe. This makes Jay feel better, so he ends his conversation with Michael and goes about the task of gathering firewood. Michael knows that Jay is worried about the vote tonight, but he feels safe with the people in his alliance. Kim goes back and meets with Sabrina and Kat. She tells them that they have to decide whether they are going to make a big move and vote out Michael tonight or play it safe and vote out Christina instead. Kim reveals, "I'm torn over what to do, because it's a huge move to take out the guys in our alliance." She knows that if they stick with the girls alliance and vote out Michael, that Jay will know what is going on and things will not be the same again.

Jeff starts off Tribal Council by asking who is genuinely concerned that they are going home tonight. Nobody from Tikiano raises their hands. Tarzan explains, "It means someone has been very good at deceiving." Chelsea feels that many people have more than one alliance. Alicia points out that this Tribal Council and the next will reveal who's loyal to their alliance and which alliance comes out on top. Tarzan tells Jeff that he is being played tonight, because no one can honestly answer his questions without revealing their strategy. Jeff points out that someone else is being played tonight, since they are going home and they don't know it. Michael admits that there are at least two alliances, but that he feels his alliance is strong and so he is safe tonight. The tribe then votes. Jeff reveals the first nine votes, which are two votes for Christina, two votes for Tarzan and five votes for Michael. So, Michael Jefferson, the 30-year-old banker, from Seattle, WA, becomes the eight person to voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the second person to join the jury.