Season 24: Episode 9 - Go Out With A Bang
Posted on Apr 12, 2012 12:00am

As the Tikiano camp is waking up on day 23, Tarzan warns Troyzan that their days are likely numbered. Since Michael was voted out the night before, Tarzan points out that there are two more women than men in the tribe. He feels that the women are just going to continue to vote out the men, since the men's alliance has fallen apart. Troyzan is actually happy that Michael is gone, since he feels Michael was plotting against him. He admits, "It is six girls and they could very well say, ‘Listen let's get rid of Troy and Jay because they've won the last two immunities' " Troyzan reminds Tarzan that there is a hidden immunity idol out there, which would help them take control of the game and vote out Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina or Kat. Tarzan is doubtful that the women can be stopped and hopes instead that the men can continue to win the immunity challenges. Although Troyzan is a little nervous about the women, he reveals, "I still have a hidden immunity idol, which I'm banking on if I see something fishy going on with Kim and Chelsea."

The entire Tikiano tribe goes to get tree mail. Here they find instructions and equipment for a do-it-yourself challenge that they will play at camp. Tarzan explains, "It was basically a game that involved a numbering system of pegs that went from one to five points. The way you achieve points is to throw a bolas hoping to get the highest numbers if it wrapped around one of the pegs." The reward is a boat ride to a secluded island where there will be a barbeque feast. The castaways draw rocks to separate themselves into two teams. Troyzan, Jay, Alicia, Kat and Tarzan make up the red team. Kim, Sabrina, Leif, Christina and Chelsea make up the black team. Troyzan acts as host for the challenge. Jay goes first for the red team and does not score. Kim goes first for the black team and also does not score. Kat goes next for the red tribe and wraps her bola around a peg for two points. No one else scores until Tarzan takes his turn and scores five points. Christina finally puts the black team on the board, but only scores one point. So the red team is in the lead with six points to the black teams' one point. Sabrina is the last person to go for the black team, but does not score. So, the red team of Troyzan, Jay, Alicia, Kat and Tarzan win the boat trip and barbeque reward. Tarzan is so happy to have won his first reward.

On the boat ride over to their private island, Troyzan, Jay, Alicia, Kat and Tarzan celebrate their win by drinking rum in coconuts. When they arrive at the island, everyone except Tarzan lies on the beach and drinks rum. Tarzan watches the locals prepare the barbeque feast, which includes fish and crabs. He admits, "I'm salivating right now as I'm standing here because I haven't had any protein for twenty-three days." When the rest of the team joins Tarzan to watch the cooking, Kat stays behind with Jay. Jay tells her that he didn't want Michael to be voted out before Christina or Alicia, because now the women outnumber the men. Jay reveals, "I wanted to make sure she's on the same page with me, because at this point it's hard to trust anybody." Jay encourages Kat to stick with the plan and vote Manono out before they get rid of the Salani members. Kat assures him that she will. Later, as the red team is enjoying their feast, Jay admits, "There's definitely going to be some blindsides coming up. I just hope it's not me."

The next morning Kim and Chelsea talk about voting out Michael. They are both glad that the women have the numbers over the men. Kim plans to continue her low-key leadership style to stay out of danger. She admits, "I do think at the end of the game, if I can sit there with the three, I do think that the people on the jury will know that I was making most of these decisions." Kat and Alicia join Kim and Chelsea on the beach and discuss the next vote. Kim suggests they get rid of Troyzan or Jay next, depending on which one does not win immunity. Kat and Alicia agree, but Chelsea feels uncomfortable about it. Chelsea explains, "I've looked Troy and Jay in the eyes and said, ‘You can trust me 100%.'" She hates to go back on her word and vote them out. Kim reminds Chelsea that both Jay and Troyzan have the ability to win immunity challenges, so as soon as they lose one, they must be voted out. Alicia is frustrated with Chelsea and reminds her to play with her brain and not her heart. Kat is also worried about Chelsea's reservations and goes and tells Sabrina what Chelsea said. Sabrina is very concerned about Chelsea, because the women cannot afford to have any cracks in their alliance. Sabrina vents, "Going to the end requires some big girl decisions. You got to put on your big girl panties and make a big girl decision."

Jay and Troyzan take some time to talk away from the others. Jay stresses the importance of staying with their original plan to kick off the Manono tribe to Troyzan. Troyzan agrees to vote for Christina or Alicia next. Jay comments, "Alicia needs to go before Christina. Alicia is more two sided working with the guys and girls, so to me she is more of a threat." Jay tells Troyzan that he looks forward to being with him in the final four. Troyzan knows that they each have a good chance of winning the immunity challenges. In reality, Jay feels that it would be dangerous to go to the end with Troyzan because he is so well liked. Jay reveals, "Kim and Chelsea, you know those are my final two girls that I'm trying to work with. So you have to trust them a little bit, but at the same time you have to keep them just as close as the enemy around here."

Later, Jay talks to Kat, since he knows that she is friends with Alicia, whom he wants to vote out next. Jay tells Kat that he and Troyzan have made sacrifices by voting out Jonas and Michael, so it is now time for her to make a sacrifice and vote out Alicia. Kat calls Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina over to confirm the plan. Jay tells them the plan is to vote out Alicia next and asks for their commitment to do so. Kim promises him that they will. Chelsea doesn't say a word to Jay. She knows that the women are really planning on voting out him or Troyzan. So, Chelsea admits, "I just hate to be that deceitful. I don't know. I don't know if I can do this."

The next morning, Kim talks to Alicia while they are washing dishes in the ocean. She reveals the women's plan to Alicia and tells her not to be worried when Troyzan and Jay vote for her, because one of them will be voted out instead. Kim admits, "I feels like it's time for the guys to know where the women stand." Troyzan notices Kim talking to Alicia and gets worried. He knows, "If the girls were smart, they got six of them. You know, it wouldn't be that hard just to knock off me or Jay." Later when Jay and Troyzan go get tree mail, Troyzan shares his doubts with Jay. Jay assures Troyzan that Alicia is going next. Jay reads tree mail to the tribe, which announces an immunity challenge. Troyzan reveals, "I feel like I really have to win."

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklace from Jay. He then explains the rules of this classic individual immunity challenge. Each castaway will stand barefoot on a small wooden perch. Their hand will be tethered to a bucket. When their arm drops, the bucket will drop water on them and they are out of the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in nine shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. To make it more difficult, Jeff will tempt them with food items. If they accept the food items, then they will lose their shot at immunity. Seconds after the challenge begins, Troyzan loses his balance and is the first one out of the game. Jeff brings out the first food item next. Before Jeff reveals what it is, Christina loses concentration and is out of the game. She didn't even have time to claim the food before she was out. Jeff reveals the food prize to be two cookies and a glass of milk. Sabrina claims it and is out of the challenge. Before the next food item is even brought out, Alicia says she wants it. Jay says, "If you take that food, I'm going to vote you out. " Jeff then brings out four cupcakes and a glass of milk. Kim and Kat opt out of the challenge to claim these. Alicia tells Chelsea she will do her a favor and take the next food item, so Chelsea can stay and outlast Jay to win the challenge. Chelsea calls Alicia's bluff and tells her that she just wants the food. Alicia does take the next food item before it is even revealed as a bowl of candy. As they arrive at the forty-five minute mark, Troyzan, Leif, Jay and Chelsea are still in the challenge. Troyzan loses his balance and is out of the challenge, much to the women's delight and his disappointment. Jeff then brings out chicken wings and beer. Without hesitation, Jay drops out of the challenge leaving only Leif and Chelsea in the challenge. Chelsea encourages Leif to step down by saying, "If you step down, it makes you less of a threat." Next Jeff brings out the ultimate food reward of three burgers, chips and beer. Chelsea doesn't even want to look at it. Leif ask Chelsea if she was telling the truth, when she encouraged him to step down. She assures him that she was, so Leif opts out of the challenge for the burgers. As the last person standing, Chelsea wins individual immunity. Leif is then nice enough to give Chelsea one of his burgers.

As the tribe returns from the challenge, they congratulate Chelsea on her win. Kim is pleased with the results of the immunity challenge. She explains, "I got to eat cupcakes and have milk and not put myself out there as a huge threat, which I was kind of starting to feel a little nervous about." Chelsea is proud to have won the challenge, but still feels guilty to vote for Troyzan or Jay. She reveals, "To turn that quick on them, I hate to be that person, but I love money. " Chelsea realizes that Troyzan is a big threat, because he wants to win the game so badly, as shown in his not stepping down from the challenge today. Next, Kim talks to Chelsea and reveals the plan to split votes for Troyzan and Jay, just in case Troyzan has an idol. Kim explains, "Christina, Alicia and Tarzan will vote for Jay and Leif, myself, Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat will vote for Troyzan." Jay joins Kim and Chelsea to ask for reassurance that everyone is staying with the plan to vote out Alicia. Kim promises Jay that they are. She then leaves Jay and spreads the word to the others to split their votes between Troyzan and Jay. Later, Troyzan comes up to Kim to make sure he is not going to be voted off tonight. Kim repeatedly tells him not to worry. This actually makes Troyzan more paranoid. Troyzan explains, "If she wanted to get me out, she'd want to be extra sure that I felt like I was safe." So, Troyzan digs up his hidden immunity idol and puts it in his pocket. He then finds Jay and shows him the idol and tells him that he is going to play it tonight. Troyzan asks Jay if he will vote with him for Kim tonight. Jay is surprised to find out that Troyzan has the idol and tells him that he has not heard anyone talk about voting him out. Troyzan reveals that he is going to try and get Tarzan and Christina to vote for Kim too. Jay assures Troyzan that he is safe and says that he is sticking with his vote for Alicia tonight. Jay says, "Troy wants me to vote for Kim. I'm not voting Kim out because that's my final three." Troyzan next talks to Tarzan and Christina to encourage them to vote for Kim. Meanwhile, Jay finds Kim and tells her that Troyzan has an idol and is gunning for her tonight. He recommends that they vote Alicia tonight, but flush out Troyzan's idol and get him next time. Kim is very nervous to hear that Troyzan has an idol and he is coming after her. She explains, "I don't have time before Tribal Council comes to get to everyone. So, hopefully we have enough people on board that do enough of the right thing, so that the right person will go home tonight."

Jeff points out that two men have gone home in the last two Tribal Councils. He asks Troyzan, if this means that is it men against women again. Troyzan thought it was coincidence at first, but now suspects that it is men versus women again. Tarzan explains, "The girls are a lot smarter than the boys." Jay admits that there was a lot of scrambling today back at camp resulting in him not feeling too safe. Kim, Jay and Troyzan all admit to feeling uneasy tonight about the vote. Kim confirms that they were a lot of paranoid people at camp after the immunity challenge. Troyzan admits to learning a lot about who was supporting who based on people's reactions in the immunity challenge. He saw people root against him, when he thought they were in his alliance. When the subject of the hidden immunity idols comes up, Alicia points out the Troyzan is wearing shorts with pockets that he does not normally wear. The tribe then votes. Before Jeff reads the votes, Troyzan plays his hidden immunity idol. Jeff then reveals the first nine votes, which are two votes for Troyzan, two votes for Alicia, one vote for Kim and four votes for Jay. So, Jay Byars, the 25-year-old model, from Gaffney, SC, becomes the ninth person to voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the third person to join the jury.