Season 24: Episode 10 - I'm No Dummy
Posted on Apr 19, 2012 12:00am

On night 25, the Tikiano tribe returns from Tribal Council where Jay was just voted out. Troyzan is not happy that Jay is gone and feels like he will be voted out next. Troyzan thought Christina was on his side, so he asks her if she ever was. As she tries to explain why she didn't vote with him, Alicia says, "Don't attack her." Troyzan doesn't appreciate Alicia interrupting his conversation and loudly insists that he is just asking a question. Alicia vents, "Troy is definitely digging himself in a bigger hole. He's attacking everybody else and then trying to cop an attitude with me." Troyzan admits that he is angry about being outside of the women's power alliance. He plans on winning the remaining immunity challenges, so he will be protected from their vote. Troyzan reveals, "This is no team anymore. I'm no team player. This is just Troyzan versus everybody else."

The next morning, Troyzan tells Chelsea that there are at least three or four people in the tribe that should be voted out before him. Chelsea tries to explain to him that it is not personal and just part of the game. Troyzan plans on fighting his way to the end and not just taking it calmly like the women in his tribe are asking him to do. Troyzan explains, "I have the right to be angry." Chelsea recommends that Troyzan "take it like a man", the way that Jonas did when he was voted out. Troyzan feels that this is typical behavior by women, where they use men and then toss you out. Next, Troyzan and Tarzan bring tree mail into camp. Each castaway gets an envelope containing $500 and is invited to an auction. While everyone else is looking forward to buying food, Troyzan hopes to buy something, which will help him get further in the game.

The Tikiano tribe arrives at the challenge and takes a seat on the bleachers. Jeff Probst, the host, explains that the bidding is in increments of $20 and that they cannot pool their money or share their items. The first item up for bid is three huge donuts accompanied by a cup of iced coffee. Kim and Chelsea each bid for the item. Chelsea ends up getting it for $160. The next item is a plate of chips and guacamole with a margarita. Alicia, Kat and Sabrina all bid for it. Sabrina wins the auction with a bid of $400. Next, Leif buys a protein shake for $100. Kim buys a SURVIVOR shower with shampoo, soap and toothbrush for just $40. Kat buys a BLT sandwich with chips and ice tea for $180. Kim bids $240 and wins a bowl of peanut butter and chocolate, while still taking a shower. Next, Jeff brings out letters from loved ones. Alicia immediately bids the maximum amount of $500 to get her letters. She opens the first letter, which is from her dad and reads it out loud. This brings tears to everyone's eyes, as they think about their own loved ones. Since Alicia set the price at $500, Jeff offers letters to everyone at the same price. So, Tarzan buys his letters, even though he was hoping to save the $500 to get new shocks for his car at home. The next item Jeff offers is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Troyzan starts the bid at $300. Chelsea, Kat and Sabrina encourage Christina to bid for the item, since she still has all her money. So Christina bids $360. They continue to outbid each other, until Troyzan bids $420 and Christina lets him have it. Troyzan is so happy to get something, which will likely help him win the immunity challenge. As Troyzan goes up to pay for his item, he slams his fist down on the table in front of Jeff. He explains to Jeff that it is now the tribe versus him, as shown by everyone encouraging Christina to outbid him. The last item was sold to Kat for $160. It was a cake that she had to share with the tribe and they had only sixty seconds to consume it. So, the auction ends with the Tikiano tribe stuffing their faces with cake.

Troyzan opens the immunity challenge advantage that he purchased at the auction when he gets back to camp. It tells him that he gets to skip the first stage of the next immunity challenge increasing his odds of winning from 1 in 9 to 1 in 4. Troyzan is happy to have this advantage, since he feels that he has to win the next challenge to stay in the game. He comments, "You cannot mess with Troyzan." Since Troyzan used his hidden immunity idol at the last Tribal Council, he decides to look for a new one in front of everybody. He explains, "You put fear in people's hearts and you can scramble them a little bit." As Troyzan searches around all the trees in camp for another idol, the women watch him closely. Kim recommends that they all search for the idol, since eight people have a better chance of finding it than just one does. Chelsea feels Troyzan's recent behavior and the fact that he is a threat in the game have made him their next target. She comments, "Right now, Troy is going to put more heart in this game, than most of the people here." Meanwhile, Troyzan continues searching for the hidden immunity idol. He notices that Kim is looking at him, so he pretends to put something in his pant's pocket. Troyzan reveals, "I want them to think that I got it." The women do notice that Troyzan is acting cocky and may have found an idol. Kim is worried that Troyzan may win immunity and also have the hidden immunity idol. She knows that Troyzan is very capable and smart. Kim vents, "Hopefully we can get rid of him, before he does something too crazy that sends me home."

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklace from Chelsea. He then explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge, which consists of challenges they have done before. In the first round, they will race to untangle knotted ropes. The first four to finish will move onto the next round, where they will race up a stack of crates and then bounce a coconut off a trampoline attempting to knock out their targets. The first two will move onto the final round where they will use a slingshot to fire coconuts at a wall of targets. The first person to knock out three targets in a row wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in eight shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. Jeff has Troyzan read the advantage that he purchased at the auction out loud to let his tribe mates know that he automatically advances to the second round. In the first round, everyone except Troyzan competes to untie the rope and free the ring at the top. Tarzan, Kim and Christina finish this first round before the others and move onto the second round with Troyzan. In the second round, Tarzan and Troyzan knock out their three targets with coconuts before the others, therefore advancing them to the final round. As he moves on to the final round, Tarzan says, "This is my island. You can't beat me." In a very close final round, Troyzan pulls it out and wins individual immunity. As he goes over to Jeff to get his immunity necklace, he tells the tribe, "Don't F with me." The rest of the Tikiano tribe does not appreciate Troyzan's attitude. He does not apologize, but tells them it is his competitive nature.

After Tikiano gets back to camp from the challenge, Tarzan gives Troyzan some advice. He says, "If you win be noble. It looks bad." Troyzan explains that he is feeling frustrated because everyone is against him and he is highly competitive. Troyzan is so happy to have won the immunity challenge. He knows he is now safe, but the rest of Tikiano has to scramble and be paranoid. He comments, "This is like their worst case scenario." Chelsea and Kim talk about the vote. They don't want to vote out a girl. Chelsea explains, "I think if we were to take a girl out right now, it would do nothing but create chaos and paranoia and that's the last think we need right now. So they know that they have to vote out Leif or Tarzan. Meanwhile, Leif and Tarzan are in the water washing paint off Leif's face that he had put there before the challenge. Leif asks Tarzan if he is the next one to get voted out. Tarzan tells him that nobody is talking to him about it. Tarzan wishes that he had beat Troyzan today in the challenge, so that he would be safe from the vote. Troyzan then starts work on his plan. He wants to get Alicia, Christina, Tarzan and Leif to join with him to vote out Kim. Troyzan plans on telling them, "You are on the bottom. So like, if you're smart, come along with me and we'd have five votes and we'd vote out Kim." He then shares his strategy with Leif, Tarzan, Alicia and Christina and encourages them to vote with him tonight, so that they can take control of the game and vote out Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat. They all listen to his plan. Alicia admits, "Troy is on to something." She realizes that if Troyzan continues to win all the individual immunity challenges, then she wants to be on his side versus against him, so that he will take her to the end with him. As Tikiano walks out to Tribal Council, Troyzan hopes that he has talked the others into following his plan.

Troyzan tries to explain his recent aggressive behavior towards the women by saying, "That's just my competitive juices coming out and that's just the way that I play." Sabrina agrees that he a great competitor, but is disturbed by Troyzan's recent actions and attitude. She then cautions Troyzan that in order to win, "You have to be somewhat likable." Troyzan does not appreciate Sabrina telling him what to do. The rest of the Tikiano tribe, the jury members and Jeff just sit back and listen to Sabrina and Troyzan go back on forth on this subject. Troyzan once again lays out his idea to have Tarzan, Leif, Christina, Alicia and himself join together tonight to take control of the game and vote out Kim. He points out that this would bring down the power alliance of Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat. Christina admits that Troyzan has an interesting proposition, but is not sure if he can be trusted. Alicia is not sure if now is the right time to make such a big move and switch alliances. The tribe then votes. Jeff then reveals all nine votes, which are two votes for Kim, three votes for Tarzan and four votes for Leif. So, Leif Manson, the 27-year-old phlebotomist, from San Diego, CA, becomes the tenth person to voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the fourth person to join the jury.