Season 24: Episode 11 - Never Say Die
Posted on Apr 26, 2012 12:00am

On night 27, the Tikiano tribe returns from Tribal Council where Leif was just voted out. With eight people left and only two of them being men, Tarzan is feeling very vulnerable. If Tarzan aligns with Troyzan, then the women will vote him out unless he wins immunity. So, Tarzan concludes, "The smartest thing to do is to go with what the girls want me to do." Alicia checks in with Kim to see how she is feeling after Tribal Council. Kim admits to feeling rattled by Troyzan who tried to get her voted out tonight, but she is happy that the women stuck together and voted Leif out instead. She reveals, "I kind of feel like tonight sealed the deal a little bit with the women's alliance." Kim feels like all the women are now committed to their alliance. She vows to stay calm and hopes that they can get rid of Troyzan next. Troyzan knows that he is really on his own now. He admits, "Right now, I need to win every single immunity, one man versus all the women. Bring it on!"

The next day Troyzan and Alicia bring tree mail back to camp. Alicia reads it to the tribe, "It's not physical exertion earning reward today. Your powers of perception will help you get away." The Tikiano tribe is excited about this reward challenge. Kat reveals, "I'm hoping whoever wins gets to go with another person on a reward and I think it's just time for me to be able to go on something." Kat asks Kim to take her on the reward if she wins. Kim agrees as long as Troyzan, Alicia and Christina are not left in camp alone.

The Tikiano tribe arrives at the challenge and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst, the host, tells them the rules of the challenge. They will each answer a series of questions about their tribe mates. He will then tally the results. For the challenge, their job is to try and guess what the group said as a whole to each question, which may differ from what they said individually. Each time they get one right; they get to chop another tribe member's rope. After three chops, their very life-like SURVIVOR doll will fall into the fire and that person has then lost their chance to go on reward. Last person left standing wins the reward of a helicopter ride to an island picnic.

After the castaways have answered the questions and Jeff has tallied the results, the challenge begins. Jeff asks them to give the consensus answer to the first question which is: Who does not deserve to still be here? The correct consensus answer is Christina. Kim, Chelsea and Troyzan chose the correct answer. Troyzan chops one of Kat's ropes. Kim chops one of Troyzan's ropes. Chelsea chops one of Tarzan's ropes. The second question is: Who would you trust with your life? The correct answer is Kim. Christina, Chelsea, and Alicia got it right. Christina chops Chelsea. Chelsea and Alicia both chop Troyzan, which puts his doll in the fire and kicks him out of the challenge. The third question is: Who most needs a wakeup call in life? The correct answer is Kat. Everybody but Kat got it right. Tarzan chops Chelsea. Sabrina and Kim chop Tarzan, which puts him out of the challenge. Christina chops Sabrina. Chelsea chops Christina. Alicia finishes the round by chopping Chelsea's last rope, which eliminates her from the challenge. The fourth question is: Who is the biggest poser? Everyone answers Troyzan except Alicia. Troyzan is the correct answer. Kim gives Sabrina her second chop. Christina gives Kim her first chop. Both Kat and Sabrina chop Alicia's rope. The fifth question is: Who does the least for their tribe? The correct answer is Sabrina. Kim, Alicia and Christina answered this question correctly. Christina and Alicia both chop Kat, which takes her out of the challenge. Kim gives Sabrina her last chop and knocks her out of the challenge. At this point, only Alicia, Christina and Kim are left in the game. The sixth question is: Who would you most like to be stranded with on an island? The correct answer is Kim. Kim and Alicia both got it right. Both Alicia and Kim chop Christina, which puts her out of the challenge. The seventh question is: Who do you hope to never see again after the game. The correct answer is Troyzan. Both Kim and Alicia answered correctly. Since Kim has two chops left on her rope and Alicia only has one, Kim wins the reward challenge. Kim chooses Alicia and then Chelsea to go with her on the reward. Kim apologizes to Kat for not choosing her and reminds her that Chelsea hasn't eaten. Troyzan takes this opportunity to stir things up by saying, "Kim, Chelsea and Alicia are the top dogs." Troyzan wants the women left behind to feel like they are on the bottom of the alliance. Kim, Chelsea and Alicia head over to the helicopter to start their reward.

Kim, Chelsea and Alicia are thrilled to start their reward with a helicopter ride, which allows them to get away from camp and see the surrounding sights. As they arrive on the remote island and prepare to eat their picnic lunch, Kim reveals, "The reward is awesome, but I can't decide if I'm enjoying it or not." Kim is worried about how the rest of her tribe is feeling back at camp. She knows that people's feeling could be hurt by what happened at the challenge and by whom she picked to go on the reward. Kim is also nervous about Troyzan trying to turn people against her back at camp. So, she plans on doing damage control when she returns to camp.

Back at the Tikiano camp, Kat, Troyzan, Sabrina, Christina and Tarzan are discussing the challenge and whom Kim picked to go with her on the reward. Kat is very upset that Kim chose Chelsea to go instead of her for the reward. She claims to be just as hungry and deserving as Chelsea. Troyzan comments, "Kat this isn't about food today. This is strategy." Troyzan is taking advantage of this opportunity to talk to Kat, Sabrina, Christina and Tarzan and hopefully put doubt and fear in their minds. Troyzan tells Kat, "You think you're in the know, when you're actually not." Kat doesn't want to believe what Troyzan is saying, so she gets angry and walks away from the group. Kat starts crying and says, "I'm pissed because I have to listen to Troyzan about like that I'm a follower and that I don't make any decisions for myself and that Kim is the lead player. I don't believe that." Sabrina comes over to Kat to comfort her and explain to her that the two of them were left behind, because Kim knew that she could trust them. Kat reveals, "My fear is that I don't want to go down as a weak player." Next, Sabrina sits down with Troyzan to try and find out more about his current plan for the game. Troyzan makes the case that Kim is just as strong a player as himself and that she is aligned with Chelsea. He tells Sabrina and Christina that if they want to take out Kim, he will vote with them. Christina sees this as a valid option. Sabrina has no intention of working with Troyzan, but she is bothered that Christina was so easily interested in his plan. Sabrina comments, "She sways like the wind. I don't trust her at all."

Kim, Chelsea and Alicia return to camp from the reward and get a chilly reception from Kat. Kim invites Kat to sit next to her and Kat refuses. Kat admits, "I was devastated and I didn't have anything to say to her." After a while, Kim can't stand the silent treatment any longer and invites Kat to take a walk with her. Kat finally agrees and they walk out of camp. Kat explains to Kim that she is upset not about missing out on the food, but because she is being perceived as a follower and not an integral part of the game, since she was not chosen to go on the reward. Kim asks Kat not to be mad and points out that it has not been an easy day for her either. She explains that it is really difficult to have to choose who goes and who stays. Kim feels today was her worst day in the game so far. She tries to explain to Kat that this is a million dollar game and it is not just about one reward. Kim reveals, "I think my choice to not choose Kat today was the first decision that I have made that was not strategic. I think I'm paying for it now."

The next day it is raining hard. The Tikiano tribe is huddled in the shelter trying to stay dry. All of a sudden Troyzan notices that a pig has wandered into camp and alerts the tribe. The women are excited to have some bacon and ham, so they run after the pig. Kim grabs a rope and Christina grabs the axe. No one is quite sure how to catch a pig, so Troyzan takes the rope and tries to lasso the pig. After hearing the women screaming, the pig starts to run faster and makes it difficult for Troyzan to catch him. Kim admits, "I have no experience with catching pigs, but the pig coming into camp is awesome for me right now. It breaks the tension and I can already feels like walls coming down." Nobody seems to be able to catch the pig, but they have a good time trying.

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklace from Troyzan, who kisses it before handing it over. Jeff then explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge. The castaways will be randomly paired up. Then they will slide down a slippery course grabbing rope rings along the way. Once they have their ring, they must land it on a hook. First person to finish moves onto the next round, while the other one drops out of the game. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in seven shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. Chelsea and Alicia compete in the first round. They each cover their bodies in coconut oil before sliding down the course. They are neck and neck as they slide down the course and start tossing the rope ring. After two attempts, Chelsea lands her rope ring on the peg and moves onto the second round. Alicia takes a seat on the bench. In the next round, Kat competes against Sabrina. Sabrina gets to her rope ring first and starts tossing it before Kat, but Kat is the first one to land her ring on the peg and therefore wins the round. In the third round, Troyzan goes against Tarzan. Troyzan gets to his rope ring first, but Tarzan proves to be the better aim. Tarzan wins the round and knocks Troyzan out of the competition. The women are delighted by Tarzan's victory and Troyzan's loss, but Troyzan is stunned. In the next round, Christina goes against Kim. Kim is the winner of this round. So, Chelsea, Kat, Tarzan and Kim go onto the second phase of the competition where they will have to gather and land two rope rings. The winner of this phase goes onto the final round. First up are Chelsea and Kat. Chelsea wins this match. Next, Kim and Tarzan compete. Kim easily wins the round. So Kim and Chelsea move onto the final round where they will have to gather and shoot three rope rings. Kim wins this final round and therefore wins individual immunity.

As Tikiano returns to camp after the challenge, Troyzan is disappointed at getting kicked out of the challenge so early. He reminds himself that he is still in the game though and that the tribe thinks he may have a hidden immunity idol. He reveals, "I'm sure they're going to split the vote. So never, never say die, not in SURVIVOR." Kim talks to Sabrina and Kat and tells them to split the votes between Christina and Troyzan, in case he does have a hidden immunity idol. She chooses Christina, since she is used to receiving votes in the past and so will not get upset about receiving votes the way others might. Kat admits, "I getting tired that everyone's telling me what to do, because no one thinks that I'm the one running the show." Kat is frustrated by this and wonders what she should do. Sabrina finds Christina and tells her they are splitting the vote, just in case Troyzan has an idol. She tells her not to be upset when she sees her name tonight at Tribal Council, because the plan is that Troyzan will get voted out and not her. Sabrina admits, "I don't want her to feel bad, because people do not forget how you make them feel." Christina then joins Kim, Alicia, Chelsea and Kat in the water as they wash off the oil from the challenge. She tells them that Sabrina filled her in on the plan and that she is okay with it. Alicia is shocked that Christina is naive enough to be okay with getting votes tonight, since that means that she will go home if Troyzan has the hidden immunity idol. Alicia admits, "If she has to go, then she has to go. It ain't my name, so I don't care." Christina checks in with Troyzan. She admits, "I don't trust the girls one-hundred percent. So, that's why I entertain the idea of Troyzan's proposal, because it makes sense." Christina tells Troyzan that she would be willing to vote for Chelsea tonight.

She also spills the beans and tells Troyzan that the women are splitting the votes tonight between him and her. This is just the information that Troyzan needs. Troyzan comments, "I need three people to just vote for Christina, then boom I can be the fourth and it can be a miracle." Kim reveals, "The plan tonight is to give Troy five votes and Christina two." She knows that splitting votes is dangerous, especially if two or more people flip and don't vote for Troyzan. Troyzan makes the rounds and tries to get the support of Tarzan and Kat. Kim is worried about what Troyzan might do tonight to save himself. She hopes that he will not be coming back to camp with them after Tribal Council.

Troyzan admits that he is in trouble tonight, since it is the women and Tarzan against him. Sabrina reveals that there have been discussions among some of the people about the pecking order of the tribe. Christina knows these discussions have taken place but admits to not always being a part of them. Chelsea says people have been talking about who will be in the top three since day one. Christina reveals, "I am one lucky girl, that's why I'm here." Alicia points out that Christina was voted as the person who does not deserve to be in the game at the last reward challenge. Christina admits that she was hurt by that, but doesn't think that people have taken the time to really get to know her. Alicia questions whether Christina has any strategy. Christina claims that she has been strategizing the whole time, but doesn't reveal her plans, since the game is all about deception. Troyzan comments, "Everyone knows that Christina is on the bottom, but they will never admit that." He is amazed that the remaining six women all believe that they will be in the final three. Kim says that she was worried when she went on the reward with Alicia and Chelsea and left everyone else back at camp with Troyzan. She kno