Season 24: Episode 12 - It's Gonna Be Chaos
Posted on May 3, 2012 12:00am

On night 30, the Tikiano tribe discusses Troyzan just being voted out at Tribal Council. Chelsea is amazed that Troyzan is finally gone. Kat is not sure why Troyzan told her "Do it." before leaving. Kim admits, "It's really good that Troy is gone. I like physically feel relieved." Alicia then points out that Christina almost went home by getting only one vote less than Troyzan. Alicia comments, "Tribal tonight just showed how stupid Christina is." She feels that Christina did not answer Jeff's questions well, but Sabrina definitely did. Alicia is worried because Sabrina is a good talker and could end up swaying the jury to vote for her. She targets Sabrina next to be voted out of the game. Alicia realizes that people underestimate her own position in the tribe. She reveals, "Little do they know, I'm at the top controlling everything. I'm the most powerful player in this game."

The next morning, Alicia and Sabrina go get tree mail. They are shocked and elated to find a box with the Sprint name and logo on the top. When they reveal it to the rest of the Tikiano, they open the box and begin playing video messages from their loved ones on the enclosed Sprint EVO 3D phone. The first message is from Sabrina's brother Tony. He informs her that he is on the island and that she is missed back home. Knowing that her brother is on the island, Sabrina admits, "Hopefully I will be able to see him and spend time with him today." The next video message is from Alicia's sister Leticia telling how much she loves her and is so proud of her. Chelsea cries and says, "I love my dad." when she sees the video message from her father Ken. The next greeting is from Sung, who is Christina's dad. Christina is shocked that he made it to the island and reveals, "My dad just got a kidney transplant last year. He only has about five to ten years to live." Kim's sister, Beth, is on the next video and she offers words of love and encouragement to Kim. Kat is surprised and touched to hear kind words from her cousin Robby. Kat reveals, "I got to see my cousin who is my best friend and the most important person in my whole life." Tarzan is especially touched to see his wife Terri's message. He admits, "To see my wife on the Sprint phone reminds me of what a treasure she is in my life." Sabrina plans on taking Tarzan on the reward if she wins because she can see how much he really needs to see his wife. She hopes the other members of Tikiano are thinking the same thing. Sabrina says, "It's kind of like I'm playing for me and Tarzan today."

The Tikiano tribe arrives at the challenge and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst, the host, takes back the Sprint EVO 3D phone from Alicia that they got in tree mail. He then tells Tikiano that their relatives are here at the challenge and brings them out one by one, so they can greet their loved ones in person. Kim's sister Beth is the first one out. Kim admits, "She's my best friend in the whole world." Christina reveals that her dad, Sung has had a kidney transplant, which usually only lasts five to ten years, so she is so moved to have her dad make the journey and see her in person. Chelsea breaks down and cries when she sees her dad Ken. Jeff comments on how Chelsea looks so different now that she has brought her guard down by showing her emotions. Chelsea admits, "I know I've been like a hard ass on the show, but this is my soft spot." As Sabrina hugs her brother Tony, she says, "This is priceless." Alicia greets her sister Leticia with tears. Leticia admits that her family does not show emotion very much and can be very sarcastic. Kat goes nuts when her cousin Robby comes out. Kat admits, "He is the most important person in my life and he's here on this island with me." Before his wife even shows her face, Tarzan drops to his knees. He sees his wife as his soul mate and says, "We have a quantum entanglement." While the castaways are standing next to their loved ones, Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Each of the SURVIVOR's will be attached to a rope that is woven through a series of obstacles. They will race to untangle the rope and make it to the finish line first. The winner gets to take their loved one to a beautiful spot where they will get to enjoy fish, chicken and beef kabobs. Jeff then reveals a twist that their loved ones will be attached to them, so they will be going through the challenge together.

Kim and Beth, Kat and Robby, Chelsea and Ken, and Christina and Sung prove to the fastest on the course. Tarzan and his wife Terri and Sabrina and her brother Tony quickly fall behind the others. Alicia and Leticia are trying to catch up to the front-runners. Chelsea and her dad Sung are now falling behind. So, Kat and Robby, Kim and Beth and Chelsea and Ken are leading the others and fighting to get to the finish line first. In a very close race, Kat and Robby make it to the finish first, just before Kim and Beth. Kat is so happy to have finally won an individual challenge. Jeff tells Kat to pick one other person to join her and her cousin on the reward with their loved one. Kat picks Kim. Jeff allows her to pick one more person. Kat chooses Alicia. Kat explains, "I have been wanting to hang out with these two girls for a very long time." Jeff gives Kat, Kim and Alicia the EVO 3D from Sprint to take with them and their loved ones on the, so they can record some memories of the reward. The rest of the tribe reluctantly says goodbye to their loved ones. Kim comments, "I felt like that was a really selfish decision for Kat not to have taken Tarzan and Christina. I don't know how angry they are going to be."

As Kat, Kim and Alicia arrive at the reward with their loved ones, they are greeted by a woman who tells them that their lunch is ready. They pick out their food and sit down to nicely set table. Kat boasts, "I feel like I've won the best reward." She gets to eat and spend time with Kim and Alicia and their loved ones. She knows that the others back at camp may be upset with her, but she is not going to let that ruin her reward. As they are enjoying their lunch, Alicia tells the loved ones that she and Kim and Kat have been planning to go to the end together from day one. Kat admits, "This is the one time we were able to finally talk about our final three." After lunch, Kim sits out on the beach with her sister Beth. She tells Beth that Kat and Alicia may be the best ones to take to the end, because they will likely get less jury votes than her. Kim knows that Alicia and Kat want to vote off Sabrina, whom she has had a final three alliance with for a long time. Kim admits, "At the end of the day, if I don't think I can win against Sabrina, that would be stupid to take her to the final three with me." Before leaving the reward, Kim, Alicia, Kat and their loved ones take photos with the Sprint EVO 3D.

Back at the Tikiano camp, Sabrina is mad at Kat for not taking Tarzan and Christina to go on the reward with her. Sabrina feels Tarzan should have gone because he has been missing his wife so much. She also feels Christina should have gone to give her more time with her ailing father. Sabrina vents, "Kat is just a bratty twenty-two year old who doesn't deserve to go to the end." Sabrina tells Chelsea, Tarzan and Christina that she would like Kat to be voted out next. Tarzan points out that Kat is not slated to go next. Chelsea proposes that the four of them get together with Kim and vote Kat out. Tarzan questions whether Kat is really that big of a threat, since she is not the biggest strategist. Chelsea feels Kat is dangerous because of her social game. Chelsea says, "I don't think anyone wants to go to the end with Kat because last Tribal, Troy whispered in her ear ‘You can do it.' So that's making us all a little nervous." Chelsea plans to talk with Kim when she gets back about voting out Kat.

The next morning, Chelsea and Kim talk on the beach. Chelsea tells Kim that the people that did not go on the reward were mad at Kat and would like her voted out next. Kim reveals to Chelsea that Alicia and Kat want Sabrina out next. Kim points out that they are lucky that nobody is gunning for the two of them right now. She also points out that Sabrina is one of the smartest and therefore should go next. Kim admits, "We've decided that Sabrina is going home for sure. I do think she has a good shot at getting a lot of jury votes, just because she's pretty persuasive." Kim hopes that she wins immunity at the next challenge and not Sabrina, so things can go as planned.

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklace from Kim. He then explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge. The castaways will be standing on a ledge over the water while holding onto a handle behind their backs. The handle is attached to a winch. Every time Jeff cranks the winch, the castaways will be lowered closer to the water. When the strain becomes too much to hold on any longer, they will fall in the water and be out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in six shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. At the start of the challenge, once everyone is in their positions, Jeff cranks the winch and lowers the castaways for the first time putting them closer to the water, which make it harder to hold on. After ten minutes, Sabrina is first out of the challenge when she lets go of her handle. Tarzan is out moments later. So, five women remain in the challenge. Jeff lets out a little more rope with the winch and that is enough for Alicia to drop out. Chelsea's fingers start slipping and she is next out of the challenge leaving only Kat, Kim and Christina fighting to win immunity. Christina is the next one down. Therefore Kim and Kat are the only ones left in the challenge. After one hour hanging on, Jeff lets out more rope making it more difficult for Kim and Kat. Kat says, "I just want to win this one. Kim wins all of them." Kat pleads with Kim to let her win as she struggles to stay on. Kim does not respond. Kat can't hold on any longer, so she falls into the water. So, Kim wins her second individual immunity challenge. Kat is upset about losing and doesn't want to give Kim a high five. As they walk out of the challenge, Chelsea admits, "I think Kat, with just her selfishness throughout this whole game, she should be next."

Back at camp, Tikiano is gathered around the shelter. Sabrina praises Kim and Kat for staying in the immunity challenge for so long. Kat is upset at losing to Kim. She says, "Don't get me wrong, like I love her more than anything in the world, but I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to beat her in challenges." Alicia talks to Kat and confirms that she is voting for Sabrina tonight. Kat is looking forward to blindsiding Sabrina and staying in control of who gets voted out. Before the challenge, Alicia was also looking forward to getting rid of Sabrina. At the immunity challenge though, Alicia realized that Sabrina is not a threat, because she was the first one out of the challenge. So, now Alicia is more worried about competing against Kat, who almost won the challenge. She admits, "That's somebody that I do not want to go up against, if that's how she's going to play these challenges." Next, Alicia talks to Kim about voting out Kat instead of Sabrina. Kim's initial response is "No." Alicia explains that Kat is a threat in challenges like Troyzan was. Sabrina then walks up to the two of them. Alicia tells her that Kat is going next and Sabrina agrees. Kim knows that Kat has not backstabbed anyone on the jury, so she is a threat to get votes at the end. On the other hand, Kim reveals, "I think Sabrina is a bigger threat. She's smart enough to sway the jury and totally screw me over in the end." Kim talks to Chelsea next and tells her that Alicia now wants Kat to go. Chelsea is surprised to hear this. She says, "Alicia and I are thinking on the same page that Kat needs to go. She's selfish and doesn't deserve to be in the final three." Chelsea knows that Kim would rather vote for Sabrina, but Chelsea appreciates the fact that Sabrina has been with them since the beginning. Chelsea vows to vote with Kim for whomever they decide should go. Kim struggles with the decision. She too appreciates Sabrina's loyalty, but she knows that Kat sees her as a big sister. Kim admits, "To me this is a game changing decision. I'm about to make a choice and it's going to be a blindside either way." Kim reminds herself that this is a game and that you can't keep everyone happy.

Kat admits that it was tough for her to decide whom to take on the reward with her, especially since loved ones were involved. She says, "It was very frustrating and it does hurt my feelings. Jeff questions why it hurt her feelings. She explains that she did not want to see her tribe mate's faces be mad and disappointed. Kat admits that she was not thinking strategically when she chose Kim and Alicia to go with her. She just picked the two people she wanted to have fun with. Sabrina agrees that her choices were not strategic and when she grows up, she may regret not taking Tarzan and Christina instead. Chelsea chimes in that Kat often uses her young age of 22 as an excuse for her actions, but Chelsea feels that she is not that young to know better. The topic changes to the immunity challenge. Alicia comments that she was surprised that Sabrina was the first person out and that Kat was there until the end. It was the opposite of what she expected. Alicia and Sabrina point out the Kat acted childish after the challenge, when she refused to give Kim a high five. Kat is not happy about being the center of attention. Sabrina admits that things are getting tense around camp, now that the end is near. She says, "I appreciate honesty. To me that's when people get respect." Kim agrees that honesty is an endearing quality, so an honest person is hard to beat at the end. Sabrina points out that people will base their vote in the end on what characteristics are important to them. She then reveals that she will not vote for someone that made her mad, even if they played the best game. Kat says that she would not get mad at something like a blind side, and looks forward to executing one. The tribe then votes. Jeff reveals five of the six votes, which are one vote for Sabrina and four votes for Kat. So, Kat Edorsson, the 22-year-timeshare rep, from Orlando, FL, becomes the twelfth person to voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the sixth person to