Season 24: Episode 13 - It's Human Nature
Posted on May 10, 2012 12:00am

On night 33, the Tikiano tribe is around the fire talking about Kat just being voted out at Tribal Council. Tarzan reveals, "If I were the girls, I would have voted me out before Kat." Now that the ladies are voting out their own before Tarzan, he has a plan for making it to the final three. Tarzan takes Kim aside and confirms with her that she will take him to the final four. Kim assures him that she is fine with that. Tarzan recommends that Alicia, Christina, Kim and himself be the final four. He assures Kim that when he joins the jury, he will talk them into giving her the million dollars. Kim is worried that Alicia might not want to go the end with her. Tarzan assures her that Alicia is loyal to her, unlike Chelsea who is her biggest threat. Kim admits, "As crazy as Tarzan is, it what I know to be true, but if I have to send Chelsea home, that will be my worst night here." Next, Alicia joins Tarzan and Kim. Kim fills her in on what they have been discussing and heads back to camp. Left to themselves, Alicia tells Tarzan that she is worried that Kim will beat her in the end. Tarzan assures her that he will fight her case when he gets to the jury and reminds her that the jury feels betrayed by Kim. Tarzan says, "Even if I make it to three and I lose, it won't be a terrible thing. I just won't buy shocks for my car."

The next morning, Chelsea is in the shelter listening to the others discuss what to have for breakfast. Chelsea comments, "Right now I feel like the game is three versus three. Sabrina, Kim and I and Alicia, Christina and Tarzan." Chelsea knows that Alicia, Christina and Tarzan feel that Kim is in their alliance, which is ideal for her since she knows that Kim is really on her side. Later, Christina and Chelsea go to get tree mail. On the way, Chelsea promises to take Christina on the next reward if she wins it, since they are both so hungry. Christina is delighted. Chelsea reveals, "I'm trying to reel Christina in a little bit. I know that Christina is Alicia's puppet." So, Chelsea tells Christina that she knows that Alicia wants to take her and Tarzan to the end. She cautions Christina about taking Tarzan to the end, since it is likely that the male dominated jury will give the last remaining man the million dollar prize. Chelsea explains, "If I can get Christina to see that Tarzan can't go to the final three, then maybe she'll fall in with Kim and I." Chelsea asks Christina to keep their conversation between the two of them and not tell Alicia. Christina promises to do so. A little later, Christina breaks her promise and tells Alicia, Tarzan and Kim exactly what Chelsea confided in her. Kim is worried that Chelsea might have revealed too much and blown Kim's cover. She explains, "I have been playing both sides. Alicia, Tarzan and Christina all think that I make a foursome for them and then Chelsea and Sabrina think I am their third." Kim finds Chelsea and tells her that Christina spilled the beans on their conversation. Chelsea is mad, but Kim tells her not to say anything. Kim confirms it's them against us. Kim is happy to be playing both sides, but she also knows that it is very dangerous. If either side finds out what she is doing, then she will lose their trust and be voted out next.

The Tikiano tribe arrives at the challenge and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the challenge. Each person will race to release a disk by spinning around it. This will make them dizzy. They will then take the disk to the next station where they do it again. Once they have collected all three disks, they will be used to form a decoder. They will then use the decoder to reveal the three numbers they need to solve a combination box. First person to get it right and raise their flag wins reward. The reward is to go on a yacht, where they eat a three course meal, shower, get fresh clothes and sleep overnight on a bed. They will return to camp in the morning. Sabrina and Kim get their three disks to the decoder before the others. Alicia, Chelsea, Tarzan and Christina are not far behind. So they are all now at the decoder, trying to spin the three disks until the numbers on them line up. Chelsea is the first one to line up three numbers and runs to the combination box to give them a try. Her first attempt is unsuccessful, so she puts her numbers in a different order to see if that works. Meanwhile, Alicia has her decoder solved and heads to the combination box. Chelsea fails at her second attempt at the combination box, so she works on the changing the order of the numbers again. Alicia's first attempt at the combination is also unsuccessful, therefore giving Chelsea a little more time. Meanwhile, Kim and Christina run to their combination boxes to try out their numbers. Chelsea's third attempt at the combination box is successful and so she wins the yacht reward. Jeff allows Chelsea to choose one person to go with her. She wants to be fair about her choices, so she picks Sabrina who has not been on a reward recently. Chelsea then gets to choose a second person, so she picks Kim. Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim then head out to their reward, while Alicia, Tarzan and Christina head back to camp.

When Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim arrive on the yacht, they are given a tour. They are delighted to see their new clothes, comfortable bed and fully equipped bathroom. Chelsea reveals, "I've never once been on a sailboat. Not only a sailboat, but this has got to be one of the nicest sailboats ever." Chelsea takes a shower first, while Kim and Sabrina enjoy champagne on the deck. Chelsea enjoys feeling human again after getting clean and enjoying some champagne. She feels pretty confident that she knows what's going on back at camp. So, Chelsea admits, "I can come out here and relax and just know that the three of us are going to work it out and we're going to try to make it to the end together." While Sabrina is taking a shower, Kim and Chelsea enjoy each other's company and feel pretty confident that they will make it to the end together. Kim appreciates just feeling normal and getting to eat. She comments, "I feel like my head is so much clearer today than it was yesterday. So, the reward was huge for me."

Back at the Tikiano camp, Alicia and Christina are upset with Chelsea for picking Kim over them to go on the reward. They don't see how this was the "fair" choice that Chelsea claimed it to be, since Kim has been on the most rewards of anybody and Chelsea has promised Christina to take her. Alicia encourages Tarzan and Christina to vote for Chelsea at the next Tribal Council and to not let anyone sway their decision. If Kim does not want to vote Chelsea out, then they will know that she is not loyal to them. Alicia reveals, "Kim and I trust each other, but I'm not going to pass it by her that she's not thinking of, you know, other things, other options." Alicia feels that it would be stupid if Kim took Chelsea and Sabrina to the final three, but if those three stick together, then the vote will be tied at the next Tribal Council. With a tie vote, the players would have to draw rocks to determine their fate. Alicia is willing to do this, if Kim sides with Chelsea over Alicia. Tarzan gives his opinion that Kim and Chelsea are more dangerous to them, than he is at the end. So once again, Tarzan encourages them to take him versus Kim to the final three. Alicia sees the logic in Tarzan's argument and admits, "I'm actually leaning towards taking Tarzan to top three with Christina and I." She decides to wait and see what Kim has to say when she gets back from the reward.

Chelsea, Sabrina and Kim are enjoying their three-course dinner on the yacht. They all are so happy to be enjoying the meal versus being back at camp feeling miserable. Kim tells Sabrina and Chelsea that it is either going to be them or us that controls the next vote. She feels pretty confident that Alicia, Christina and Tarzan believe that she is on their side. Sabrina comments, "Kim has this amazing ability to just look at you, almost look through you and say, "˜Yeah, I'm with you.' and it's believable." Kim admits that she is scaring herself in how easy it is for her to lie and have people believe her. After having the chance to talk on the cruise, Kim is feeling better about going to the end with Sabrina and Chelsea. Kim admits, "I just trying to figure out any way possible that we can somehow win this next vote with three votes."

The next morning, Chelsea, Sabina and Kim return to camp and find an argument in progress. Alicia and Christina are upset with Tarzan for cooking the coconut his way and using his dirty buff to strain the water. Chelsea was so happy to be away from this type of bickering when she was on the yacht and is so disappointed that it is happening again. Later, Kim and Alicia talk on the beach. Alicia tells Kim that Tarzan was warning her and Christina that Kim may turn against their alliance. Kim tells Alicia that Tarzan is just trying to discredit Kim, so that he can go to the final three with her and Christina. As Kim and Alicia compare notes on their conversations with Tarzan, they realize that he is promising them both the same things. Kim and Alicia are now worried that he has been playing them the whole time. Kim comments, "I think the only reason that Alicia would be willing to give up Tarzan, who has appeared to be one of her minions, is if she's convinced that he not a minion after all." Kim knows that Alicia will not tolerate Tarzan trying to outsmart her. She then shares more Tarzan conversations with Alicia and they agree that Tarzan could be trying to get rid of the two of them. Alicia comments, "Tarzan wants to take Kim out and then secure his spot with Christina and Sabrina and then take me out and make me look like the fool. Hell no!" Christina then joins Kim and Alicia on the beach and shares her conversations with Tarzan, which confirm Alicia's suspicions about Tarzan. Alicia declares, "If Chelsea wins immunity we're taking Tarzan out. If Chelsea doesn't win immunity, then Chelsea goes home." Alicia vows not to let anyone take her power away.

The Tikiano tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst takes back the individual immunity necklace from Kim. He then explains the rules of this individual immunity challenge. The castaways will use large fishhooks to pick up bags of puzzle pieces. They will then use the pieces to complete a puzzle in the shape of a fish skeleton. To make it a little tougher, they will do all this with one hand tied behind their back. The first person to complete their puzzle wins immunity and is guaranteed a one in five shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. At the start of the challenge, they each have to hook three fishhooks and then they have to hook their first puzzle bag with the fishhooks. Everyone gets his or her bag to the puzzle in about the same time. They then work to untie their bag and use the pieces inside to complete the lowest portion of the fish skeleton all with the one free hand. Kim and Alicia finish the first portion of the puzzle before the others and head back to get their second bag. Chelsea is close behind them. Alicia hooks her second bag first, but Kim unties her second bag the fastest after she gets it back to the puzzle. So, Kim and Alicia are staying neck and neck in the challenge. Tarzan does a good job at making up time by hooking his second bag quickly. Kim finishes her second section of the puzzle before Alicia and heads back for her third and final bag of puzzle pieces. Alicia then finishes her second puzzle section and heads back to retrieve her third bag. Kim is having trouble with her hooks, which allows Alicia to make up lost time and get her third bag back to the puzzle well before Kim. Meanwhile, Tarzan, Christina and Sabrina have finished their second section of the puzzle and are now heading back to get their final bags. Chelsea is still working on her second section of the puzzle. Alicia hooks her third bag while Kim is still struggling with her bag. Alicia is back in the lead as she gets to work on the final section of her puzzle. Christina and Tarzan bring their third bags over to the puzzle, before Kim finally hooks her third bag and starts working on the final piece of the puzzle. Kim works quickly to try and catch Alicia, but in the end Alicia completes the puzzle first and wins immunity. Alicia cries tears of joy as Jeff puts the immunity necklace around her neck.

The members of Tikiano congratulate Alicia on her win at the immunity challenge when they get back to camp. Alicia admits, "Today is all about me and I have the choice of keeping Chelsea around or Tarzan." Alicia considers Tarzan and Christina to be under her control, so she does not really want to get rid of Tarzan and lose power. At the same time, she is beginning to worry that Tarzan is no longer on her side and may backstab her. Later, Kim talks to Sabrina and tells her that she was able to convince Alicia that Tarzan is trying to take her out of the game. Sabrina is impressed that Kim was able to do this and hopes that Alicia will follow through and vote out Tarzan. Kim talks to Chelsea next and tells her that she did her best to convince Alicia and Christina to vote for Tarzan instead of Chelsea. Kim admits that she is worried that Alicia and Tarzan are bluffing and are really going to vote her out tonight. Kim reveals, "If Alicia doesn't vote out Tarzan, I will probably vote with Christina, Alicia and Tarzan to take Chelsea out." Kim is not willing to use her idol and risk her position to fight for Chelsea tonight. If she does this, then they will likely vote her out next and she will not make it to the final four. Back at camp, Chelsea tells Sabrina that she will be very upset if someone like Christina lasts longer in the game than she does. Sabrina realizes that it is a big vote tonight. She hopes that Kim really did influence Alicia into voting for Tarzan and that Alicia doesn't change her mind at the last minute. Meanwhile, Tarzan takes a walk with Alicia and tells her that he feels like she is not going to take him to the final three. Alicia swears to him that they are going to vote out Chelsea tonight. Tarzan says, "We hope to God that all the girls don't jump on me tonight, but actually knock out Chelsea." Tarzan knows that Alicia may end up trusting Kim more than she trusts him. Tarzan dresses up for Tribal Council in Kat's pink tank top and wears her panties like a buff around his head. The ladies are once again shocked by Tarzan's crazy behavior.