Season 24: Episode 14 - Perception Is Not Always Reality
Posted on May 14, 2012 05:35pm

The five remaining women of Tikiano return to camp after having just voted Tarzan out at Tribal Council. The women feel good about having outlasted the men and about the friendships they've made. Kim reveals, "Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up and I'm going to play as hard as I can and that's how I plan to finish the game." Alicia is happy to have made it to the end with the women, but she does feel like she gave up a little of her power when she voted out Tarzan. Alicia says, "I'm very confident that Kim and I are going to stick together, as well as Christina and get rid of the next two girls, Chelsea and Sabrina."

TREE MAIL The next morning on day 37, Sabrina and Kim pick up tree mail and discuss how thrilled they are to still be in the game with only two days left. Sabrina would like to vote out Alicia next. Kim points out that the only person left in the game that could give them serious competition is Chelsea. Sabrina is surprised that Kim would even bring up Chelsea's name. Kim suggests that they take Christina to the end instead of Chelsea. Sabrina comments, "I would think that I'm the next likable person out here. So, if Chelsea wins immunity today, am I on the chopping block?" Sabrina decides to do her best in the immunity challenge today. Sabrina reads the tree mail to the tribe. Alicia hopes that Chelsea does not win immunity today, so she can vote her out. Alicia reveals, "For me to have any chance of winning a million dollars, she needs to go."

The final five castaways arrive on their mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of this immunity challenge. The castaways will each race across a balance beam maze. If anyone falls off, then they go back to the start. They will then traverse across a giant rope net collecting five bags of puzzle pieces. Those pieces will be used to solve a puzzle. The puzzle will give them clues to three numbers. Once they have those numbers, they will race to the top of a platform and use those numbers to solve a combination lock. The first person to get it right wins immunity with has a one in four shot at the million-dollar prize. The losers will go to Tribal Council where one of them will be voted out. The first step of the challenge is to get through a gate, which leads them to the maze. Christina and Kim get through the gate first and start working their way through the maze. The remaining four join them on the maze shortly after. Christina and Kim both fall off the maze and go back to the start, which loses them a lot of time. Alicia and Chelsea make it through the maze first and start gathering their puzzle pieces on the net. Alicia makes the mistake of untying bags of puzzle pieces, which are not hers. Sabrina makes it on the net next. Chelsea collects all five of her bags first and starts working on her puzzle just as Kim and Christina finally get to the net. Sabrina, Kim and Alicia finish collecting their bags and start working on their puzzles next. So, Christina is the last to start on her puzzle. Kim solves her puzzle first and uses the clues it gives to try numbers on the combination box. Alicia is right behind her. Kim tries all combinations of the numbers, but can't solve the combination box, so she heads back down to double check her numbers. Alicia does the same. Sabrina and Christina are still having trouble with their puzzles. Kim, Alicia and now Chelsea head to the combination box and in the end Kim's solves it first and wins immunity for the third time.

As Tikiano returns to camp after the challenge, Kim is elated to have won. Kim admits, "I have so many options and things running around in my head that I feel like my head is about to explode." She must carefully consider whom to vote out, since they could be a vote for or against her at the end. Chelsea and Kim take a walk and talk about the vote tonight. Chelsea recommends that they vote out Alicia. She knows that Kim is worried about Chelsea getting more votes than her. So, she tells Kim that she has played the game better than anyone else and that she will likely win it. Kim is touched by Chelsea's comments. Chelsea truly appreciates the support and loyalty that Kim has shown her throughout the 37 days. She is a little nervous about tonight's vote though and comments, "Hopefully she is not about to backstab me, but I don't think that's the case." Kim has narrowed it down to voting out either Alicia or Chelsea tonight. Chelsea suggests that Kim give her the hidden immunity idol tonight, since she won't need it. Kim reveals, "I just have to be so careful about how I play tonight." She doesn't want to come out with guns blazing and offend enough people to not win in the end. Kim then tells Sabrina to vote for Alicia and tells Alicia and Christina to vote for Chelsea. Alicia feels confident that Kim is telling her the truth about getting rid of Chelsea tonight. Alicia says, "Why in the hell would she want to sit next to Chelsea and Sabrina and have all those votes just split." Now that she has updated everyone on whom to vote for, Kim admits, "I really could go either way at this point."

At Tribal Council, Alicia admits that was not a lot of scrambling back at camp after the immunity challenge. Chelsea agrees but points out that she still feels paranoid about the vote. She says, "To leave now would just suck." Kim admits that it was a difficult afternoon for her, since she won immunity and has a big influence in the vote. Not only does she like the people left, but also she knows that her choice impacts the rest of the game and the jury. Kim admits that she wants to just play with her head, but her heart is getting in the way, since she has close emotional bonds with these people. Jeff gives them each a final chance to fight their case. Alicia and Sabrina feel secure and don't feel the need to comment. Christina says she trusts Kim. Chelsea tells Kim that she feels the jury will respect her more after the vote tonight. Kim agrees that the vote will influence the jury and adds, "At the end of the day, I have to make my own decision and let everyone else's voices go and remind myself of why I'm here." The tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all five votes, which are two votes for Chelsea and three votes for Alicia. So, Alicia Rosa, the 25-year-old special ed teacher, from Chicago, IL, becomes the fourteenth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the eighth person to join the jury.

Kim apologizes to Christina for lying to her about their alliance. Christina realizes now that Kim was fooling her the whole time when she thought that her and Alicia were going to be in the final three with Kim. Christina says, "Right now I do feel like I on the outs but I could still have them convinced that having me as part of the final three would be a good call." She knows that she would be less of a threat to take to the final three than the others. So, Christina isn't ready to give up yet. Kim and Chelsea agree that they would be upset if Christina wins immunity at the next challenge. Chelsea says, "I owe a ton to Kim, because I feel like tonight was all her." Kim and Chelsea know they have to pick between Sabrina and Christina to join them in the final three. Chelsea admits that it would be easier to take Christina.

The next morning, Christina checks tree mail. She admits, "Today I have to win immunity." Back at camp, Kim tells Sabrina that she does not want Christina to feel like she's going home if she doesn't win at the next challenge. Sabrina agrees. Christina brings tree mail into camp. Tree mail contains a map to find the torches of their fallen comrades. At each torch they will collect a representative nameplate of those who were voted out before them. At the end of the journey, they will burn them to pay their respects and will then proceed to their final immunity challenge. The final four make their way to the headland where they pay their respects to each of the castaways that had been voted out. After all of the representative nameplates have been collected, they offer them up at a ceremonial burning and prepare themselves for the final immunity challenge.

The final four enter the challenge and arrive on their mat. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge. Each castaway will use a long pole to maneuver a small wooden bowl through a steel channel. When they get to the top of the channel, they will place the bowl on a platform and head back for the next bowl. To make it more difficult, the entire structure sits on a spring. So, if they touch it, it will wobble and the bowls may fall off the platform, which means they would have to start all over again. The first person to stack all ten of their bowls wins final immunity and the chance to go to the final Tribal Council to plead their case to win. Kim is the first one to get a bowl through the channel and on the platform. Christina is right behind her. Chelsea takes a lot of time to place her first bowl. Kim drops her third bowl and so has to go back to the start with that one. Christina now has the opportunity to catch Kim. Chelsea is one bowl behind them as she places her second bowl. Sabrina is lagging behind the others. Christina and Kim are now tied as they place their third bowls on the platform at the same time. Chelsea drops her third bowl and has to go back. Sabrina drops her second bowl and has to go back. Christina and Kim are still dead even as they place their eighth bowls. Only two more bowls to go. Chelsea is one bowl behind. Sabrina is only on her fifth bowl. In the end, Kim pulls out another win and gets a guaranteed spot at the final Tribal Council. Kim cries as the others congratulate her on the win.

As they return to camp, Kim is so happy to have won immunity. She admits, "To go tonight knowing that it's not me, it feels awesome." Christina immediately comes up to Kim and asks her is she is going tonight. She'd rather know ahead of time then be blindsided. Kim tells her the plan is for her to go tonight. Christina is happy to have just made it to the final four and realizes that it is just a game. She reveals, "I feel like Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea have their decisions already made." Christina decides to not cause chaos on her final day and just try to have it be peaceful. Kim finds Chelsea and tells her that she broke the news to Christina even though it is hard to not take her to the end. As she gets ready for Tribal Council, Kim admits, "I think I'm starting to second guess myself." This Tribal Council will determine whom she sits with at the end and she knows that Christina would probably not get any votes. Kim reveals, "So I'm going to try to just make what I think is the best decision for myself in this game."

Kim tells Jeff Probst how calm it was back at camp after the immunity challenge. He is surprised to hear this and asks Sabrina to explain. She says, "I think everyone knew where the cards were laid out on the table and people just didn't see the need to scramble." Christina then chimes in and says that she knows that she is the one going home tonight. She explains that she did not scramble since Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea have been a tight alliance since the beginning that she didn't feel was breakable. Christina does think she is more deserving than Sabrina who did not do well in the challenges and didn't make big decisions. Sabrina defends herself by saying that she was involved in the big decisions. She also wonders whether Christina was in the game to win, since she did not fight for herself today. Kim says she also would have made a strong argument to stay in the game if she were Christina. Since Christina is not a fighter, Kim feels she might not be a bad person to take to the end. Kim adds, "You have to weigh out your options at the end and things aren't always as clear as they seem." The tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all four votes, which are one vote for Sabrina and three votes for Christina. So, Christina Cha, the 29-year-old career consultant, from Hollywood, CA, becomes the fifteenth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD and the ninth and final person to join the jury.

As the sun rises on day 39, Sabrina sits by herself and reflects on life and her success in the game. She cries as she realizes all the good things in her life including, family, friends, her experience on SURVIVOR and her job as teacher. Sabrina got laid off from her teaching job before coming on SURVIVOR and yet, she so wants to share her experience in the game with her school kids. She says, "Hopefully, they'll see that I took a chance and they'll take a chance. All they have to do it is one time." Sabrina is ready to put her game face on and plead her case in Tribal Council. She admits, "You got to go in guns blazing and kind of having no mercy and from there the game will unfold." Later, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina go to tree mail and find an abundance of food for breakfast. Chelsea is so thankful to have made the final three. She didn't dream that she would have made it that far before she started. Chelsea reveals, "Of course you want to win a million dollars, but sometimes money isn't the big prize." She appreciates the friends she has made and the memories she will have. Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina enjoy the fruit, bread, eggs and other food. Kim then opens the champagne and the three toast to their long alliance. Kim says, "May the best woman win." Kim reveals that she recently got divorced and this game has been good to boost her confidence in her decisions again. She says, "I'm excited to take this and take it back to my real life."

At the final Tribal Council, Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina give their opening statements. Chelsea explains her strategy to the jury. Although she was aligned with Kim from the beginning and was part of the decisions on whom to vote out, she admits that she played the game differently and did not make emotional connections with the members of the jury like Kim did. Kim tells the jury that she loves SURVIVOR and played it hard from the beginning. She always kept in mind the goal of getting to end and winning the million dollars to help her family. Kim apologizes for hurting people as she voted them out, but wants them to understand that she always viewed it as a game. Sabrina explains to the jury that she sought to keep balance in the game. She didn't want to be seen as a threat in the challenges, so she scaled back her performance. She also chose not to be the messenger in telling people whom to vote for or that they were going home. Sabrina then shares the