Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The ultimate match-up of SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA -- FANS VS. FAVORITES starts with a bang when the most infamous player in Survivor history, Jonny 'Fairplay' Dalton, the 33 year-old from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS, convinces his tribe to snuff his torch. Despite the opportunity to control the tribe as the swing vote between two alliances, Fairplay announces that his head is no longer in the game and he wants to go home to be with his seven months pregnant girlfriend. Unsure whether Fairplay is up to his old tricks, his bewildered tribe plays it safe and votes him out nine to one. Fairplay leaves behind his final words: "No regrets at all. Last time I was the biggest bad guy ever and this time I'm a responsible adult that people liked, some even loved. What's going on in the world?"
 TWO CANOES Two traditional Micronesian war canoes plow through the open ocean. The first contains ten Americans from all walks of life. Their only common bond is that they are all Survivor's ultimate Fans. In the second canoe sit ten of the most popular contestants in Survivor's history, the Favorites. These two groups have no idea they'll be competing against each other. The tribe of Fans consists of: Alexis, Chet, Erik, Joel, Jason, Kathy, Mikey, Mary, Natalie, and Tracy. For the Favorites: Jonny Fairplay from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS, Amy and Eliza from SURVIVOR: VANAUATU, Cirie from SURVIVOR: PANAMA -- EXILE ISLAND, Jonathan, Ozzy, and Parvati from SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS, Yau-Man from SURVIVOR: FIJI, and Amanda and James from SURVIVOR: CHINA.
 FANS VS. FAVORITES The Fans touch down on a beach where Jeff Probst reveals they'll be pitted against ten of their favorite Survivors ever. The shocked Fans erupt into cheers as Jeff introduces the Favorites one-by-one. Upon seeing the unbeatable Ozzy from SURIVOR: COOK ISLANDS, Erik Reichenbach, the 22-year-old Ice Cream Scooper from Hell, Michigan, describes the feeling of playing against one of his heroes: "I know a lot about Ozzy simply in terms of competitions. He just came in and he owned almost all of the challenges, but I myself am a track and cross-country runner and I think I have what it takes to compete at that level." Joel Anderson, the mammoth-sized, 32-year-old firefighter from Phoenix, Arizona, sizes up his competition: "When I saw James coming around the corner I got excited because he is, up until this season, the biggest and strongest that has ever played the game. I think I can take him."Last but not least, Jonny Fairplay, the double-dealer from SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS, is greeted with howling and booing from the Fans as he takes his place with the Favorites. From the Fans, Tracy Hughes-Wolf, the 43 year-old Residential Builder from Fredericksburg, Virginia, expresses her disgust: "I wanted to throw up when I saw Jonny Fairplay. He's a pig. I would love just one moment to kick him hard in the shins." Jeff directs the Survivors to their new tribal canoes anchored across the lagoon and tosses the tribes their buffs. The Fans become the orange tribe, Airai, and the Favorites are the Malakal tribe in purple. Then, Jeff surprises the tribes with a twist. Hidden on the island across the lagoon are two Individual Immunity Idols, one for each tribe. The first person from each tribe to find the tribe's Idol is safe at the first visit to Tribal Council. Jeff tells them, "You can go anytime you want." After a moment of stunned silence, the two tribes sprint into the water.

After fighting against the strong current, the Survivors hit shore, scattering across the island and into the brush. Jonny Fairplay at first grabs the Idol belonging to the Fans. He quickly realizes his mistake, drops the Idol on the ground, and dashes for the Favorite's Idol. He makes a dive for it with Yau-Man close on his heels. Smashing Fairplay's head into the canoe, Yau Man comes up with the idol. "All these idols seem to like me," exclaims Yau Man, the 55 year-old from SURVIVOR: FIJI. "I hope that there will be other idols along the way this season and they will all like me." When Kathy Sleckman, the 45 year-old Golf Course Vendor from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, wanders over, Yau Man directs her to the Airai Individual Immunity Idol. She picks it up, and gains herself Immunity.
 FANS, MEET KATHY Arriving at their new home on the Airai camp, the Fans immediately set about the task of building a shelter. The outspoken Kathy quickly sets herself apart from her tribe when curiosity gets the best of her and she openly questions Chet about his sexual preference. "I hope you can be my first gay man friend," she says excitedly to Chet, "Because I've never had a gay man friend!" Kathy continues to make matters more awkward as she asks Tracy about her breast implants. Jason Siska, the 22 year-old Gymnastics Coach from Barrington, Illinois, laments, "The second the crazy lady found the Immunity Idol, I think everyone was a little worried because we all kinda felt as a consensus that [Kathy] was going to be the first one to go."
 DARK HORSE The Airai tribe receives their first Treemail and excitedly plots how best to take on the Favorites. They grow determined to capitalize on their underdog status as Mikey B., the aspiring writer from Los Angeles, vows to win. "I think the Favorites are chuckling at us right now, saying that we're going to be a piece of cake. They're not looking at us as competitors, but that's good. Underdogs? We'll take that role."
 REWARD/IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: REINVENTING THE WHEEL Fans and Favorites arrive at their first challenge, and Jeff Probst explains the rules to the warring tribes. Both teams will race to assemble four puzzle wheels and attach them to a cart, in which two of their tribe mates will ride. Pushing the cart through a series of obstacles to a finish platform, the tribes will then disassemble the puzzle wheels and use them to complete a turnstile. Finally, they'll wind the turnstile to raise a fire-wok, igniting their tribal cauldron. The first tribe to light their cauldron wins Immunity and fire in the form of flint.

The Fans take a surprising early lead as the Favorites fumble with their puzzle wheels. Joel, from the Fans tribe, single-handedly pulls his tribe's cart through the course, as Jason and Erik clear him a path. The Favorites finally put their wheels together and get their cart moving, only to crash into a tree, sending Eliza, one of the passengers, flying. The Fans reach the platform first, removing their puzzle wheels from their cart, and hurry to reassemble the puzzle pieces to their turnstile. Scrambling to catch up, the Favorites reach the platform and rush to assemble their turnstile, but it's too late. The Fans whoop and holler in elation as they wind their turnstile to raise the fire-wok and ignite their tribal cauldron, winning flint and the first Tribal Immunity in SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA -- FANS VS FAVORITES.
 FOUL PLAY? Returning home, the Favorites are astonished at the loss. Facing Tribal Council, the foursome of Eliza, Ami, Yau Man, and Jonathan targets their votes towards Parvati to break up one of the two couples. Meanwhile, Parvati's alliance of herself, James, Amanda, and Ozzy target the shifty Eliza. Fairplay is left in the middle with both sides eating out of the palm of his hand. "Right now I could go either way and totally change the game in two different directions." But, moments before Tribal Council, Fairplay sends his tribe into a tailspin when he confesses that his game is finished and he wants go home to his pregnant girlfriend. As the Favorites head to Tribal Council, no one knows whether to believe him or not. "All I know is tonight's Tribal Council is going to be crazy," says the skeptical Ami, "because if I know Jonny Fairplay, he's going to pull something out of his hat that none of us are going to expect."
 TRIBAL COUNCIL During a tense tribal council, Jonny Fairplay comes under scrutiny for his alleged desire to leave the game. Some of the tribe believes him; others think it might be a trick. But in the end, the tribe grants Fairplay his wish and they vote him out of the game, nine votes to one. On his way out, Fairplay hugs Jeff Probst and bids his tribe farewell. With his astonishing exit, Jonny Fairplay earns himself the distinction of being the first person voted out of SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA -- FANS VS. FAVORITES.