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As the Favorites wrestled with Tribal Council for the second time, the tribe was split evenly into two alliances of four, with Cirie sitting squarely in the middle. Having previously given her allegiance to Jonathan, Yau-Man, Eliza, and Ami, Cirie decided she had a better shot with her new friends, Amanda and Parvati, in their alliance of couples with Ozzy and Jamesa. It was Yau-Man who paid the price for Cirie's betrayal. He was voted out of the game by 6 of the 9 votes. Departing the game early, Yau-Man Chan, the 56 year-old computer engineer from SURVIVOR: FIJI, leaves his final words: "No hard feelings, I had a great time. I was a very big target coming into this by virtue of me doing so well in Fiji. I consider myself lucky. Many people want to get on Survivor once, well, I've been on twice. I wish I would have been in there longer. That's the way this game is. It's a very cruel game, but that's the way it goes."
 The Wrong Move The Fans return to the Airai camp after a surprising Tribal Council, where Mary was blindsided and voted out. Mikey, the 35 year-old aspiring writer from Los Angeles, had no idea that Mary was going to be voted out. He speculates: "I can only assume the big guy, Joel, stuck a knife in my back already. Interesting." Unsettled, Mikey confronts Joel and chews him out for sending Mary home too soon and going back on their deal to vote out Chet. Joel, not wanting Mikey to have control of the tribe, shrugs off Mikey's warnings. "I would really like to see the look on [Mikey's] face," threatens Joel, "when the baseball bat comes swinging up the side of him and wakes him up to the reality that he doesn't have this tribe in his pocket."
 The Fifth In the dead of night, Malakal's alliance of couples, Ozzy, Amanda, Parvati, and James, invite Eliza to the beach for a bonfire. The foursome works Eliza, trying to get her to join them in targeting Yau-Man and Cirie as the two weakest players on the Favorites tribe. Eliza, however, doesn't buy it. "I listened to them," she says, "but I don't trust them." Promptly reporting back to her original alliance, Eliza, Jonathan, Yau-Man and Ami consult Cirie. Cirie informs them she's still tight with them but admits that the couples have been working her over, too. Sitting in this dangerous swing vote position between two alliances, Cirie says, "I'm still trying to decide which side is better for me."Preparing For Battle The Tribes receive Treemail consisting of a Survivor Comfort Catalogue and war paint. Learning there is to be an "aggressive meeting" between the Fans and Favorites, both Tribes are instructed to select three reward items from the catalogue, which they will acquire if they win the Reward Challenge. At Malakal, the Favorites debate which three items to choose. They apply war paint and begin chanting as the anticipation of battle draws nearer. Eliza exclaims, "We are going to kick some ass today!" At Airai, as the Fans pour over the catalog, Mikey declares to the Fans, "We're going to war!" The Fans paint frightening skeletal masks on each other and practice wrestling moves. As Joel's territorial instincts kick in, he equates the upcoming challenge to that of a home invasion: "If somebody comes and invades my home, I’m gonna kill 'em."
 Reward Challenge: Beach Bash The tribes step onto their mats, decked out in painted war masks, and Jeff Probst informs them, "Today is going to be a battle." He explains the rules. Both tribes start at opposite sides of a watery playing field in their opponent's end zone. On "Go," the two tribes will charge across the lagoon to their own end zone on the opposite side, carrying three heavy canvas bags. The tribe's goal is to get their three bags, plus two bags from the enemy tribe, into their respective end zones. To make things interesting, tribes can steal bags from their opponent's end zones even after the opponent has scored. First Tribe to get any five bags in their end zone at once wins Reward. The Favorites, having chosen three items from the Survivor Catalogue, will be playing for a shelter kit, a lighting kit, and a survival kit, while the Fans selected to play for a fishing kit, a shelter kit, and a kitchen set.

The game is on as the tribes charge across the lagoon, instantly colliding into each other. Things get physical quickly as the Fans' Joel tackles Favorites’ Amanda and Yau-Man at the same time. Erik drags Eliza by her own bag into the Fans' end zone to give them an early lead of 3-2. But, when Erik throws Amanda over his head, it sends James into a fit and he charges Erik head-on. In a full-on melee of tangled bodies, Alexis manages to steal a Favorites’ bag and reach her tribe’s end zone, putting the Fans up 4-2. The Fans only need one more bag for the win, but the Favorites make a huge comeback. James and Amanda both steal bags from the Fans' end zones in quick succession, flipping the score and putting the Favorites in the lead 4-2. Jonathan makes a break for it, stealing a bag from a pile of Fans and races across the lagoon, diving into the Favorites' end zone, scoring the fifth and final point for the Favorites. The victorious Favorites take home the shelter kit containing tarp and ropes, a lighting kit containing a lamp and fire supplies, and a survival kit containing tools. In addition, the Favorites send Kathy, once again, to Exile Island, and Ami eagerly volunteers to go from their own tribe.
 Who's Playing Whom? The Favorites return to camp, where they recount the brutal challenge. Cirie splinters off from the group and watches them closely, trying to decide where to place her loyalties. "Because I am in the middle right now," muses Cirie, "I have to look at every option or every scenario that could possibly happen." Amanda and Parvati take Cirie out fishing on the boat where Cirie admits to them that she is uncomfortable and slightly threatened by their close relationships with Ozzy and James. The girls quickly placate her. Parvati tells Cirie that she has made no promises to James, admitting, "I know if I go up against him in the final three I'll lose, no matter what." Cirie presents an offer: Cirie's allegiance to the 'couples' alliance in exchange for Amanda and Parvati's word to go to the Final Three with her. The two girls happily give their word, effectively bringing in Cirie as the fifth member of their couples' alliance. Going one step further, they also agree to Cirie's plan to vote out Yau-Man. Back on the beach, Eliza and Jonathan watch as Amanda and Parvati pounce on Cirie, and Eliza nervously states, "I hope [Cirie] doesn't fall for their garbage."Playing Dumb On Exile Island, Ami tries to track down the clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol, but runs into a roadblock: Kathy. Having already searched and found four clues with Cirie, Kathy is reluctant to crisscross the archipelago of Exile Island for the second time. Slowly trailing behind Ami, Kathy becomes more of a hindrance than a help. "I'm just exhausted," complains Kathy as she and Ami get 'stumped' at the second clue. "I [don't want] to go island hopping again." As clouds darken the horizon, Ami is forced to call off the search and the exiled Survivors hunker down to wait out the storm.
 The Storm As night falls at Airai, the Fans feel the full force of the storm. Huddled together in their shelter, the tribe bemoans their fate as the steady downpour leaks through their thin roof of palm fronds. Mikey groans, "We almost had the tarp!" At Malakal, in their dry cave, the Favorites snuggle up under their newly-won tarp, using it as a blanket. Eliza giggles to her tribe, "We're totally covered, oh my God, this is so great!" Back at Airai the storm gets worse, and the Fans shiver in their shelter, surrendering to the miserable, sleepless night. Jason crawls under a cliff overhang, his own personal shelter, and while being dripped on, expresses his jealousy of the Favorites: "I'm sure the other tribe is doing really well, staying dry, and probably laughing about us right now having to endure this wicked storm."
 A Battered Tribe The Airai Fans wake to a ruined beach, their shelter a mess after the barrage of wind and rain. "Last night was probably the worst night I've had since we've been here," complains Joel. "We feel like we got beat up twice yesterday. Once by the other tribe and once by nature." Alexis shivers in Chet's arms, unable to get warm or dry. Knowing that her tribe must soon face an Immunity Challenge, Alexis, the 25 year-old motivational speaker from Beverly Hills, is deeply worried: "I think that people are pretty demoralized right now. We cannot lose today."
 Immunity Challenge: Nut Bucket Airai and Malakal arrive at the Immunity Challenge, where Kathy and Ami, returning from Exile Island, rejoin their respective tribes. Jeff Probst explains the rules. Each tribe will choose two men and two women to hold a rope tethered to a giant hanging net basket. Members of the opposing tribe will attempt to shoot coconuts into the net. The more coconuts a tribe successfully throws into the other tribe's net, the heavier that net becomes. The tribe that holds their net up the longest wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council. James, Jonathan, Cirie, and Parvati hold the net for the Favorites; Joel, Erik, Tracy, and Natalie hold the net for the Fans; all other tribe members alternate taking shots at the nets. First Jason, then Alexis sink coconuts for the Fans as the Favorite’s Jonathan heckles them every step, trying to distract the Fans. The Favorites finally start sinking their own coconuts, but the Fans are on a roll, making basket after basket. As Joel, Erik, Tracy and Natalie hold tight, Jonathan continues to try to throw off the Fans with serious trash talking. But as the Favorites’ net fills up, getting heavier, Jonathan is forced to concentrate his efforts to help his tribe keep the net from touching the ground. James, Jonathan, Cirie and Parvati wrestle with their almost-full net as Chet tosses in one more coconut that does the Favorites in. The Favorites' rope slips from their grasps and their heaping basket of coconuts falls to the ground. The ecstatic Fans win Immunity, sending the Favorites to Tribal Council for the second time.
 The Swing At Malakal, with Tribal Council looming, Jonathan targets Parvati, whom he sees as the supposed leader of the couple's alliance. Amanda and Parvati instruct their flames, Ozzy and James, to vote out Yau-Man in order to get Cirie's allegiance, but the two boys aren't too happy about this plan. Ozzy confronts Cirie, arguing that they still need Yau-Man for his skill in challenges. Ozzy wants to vote out Eliza instead. Cirie argues, "I cannot stay here and see him find another idol and not be able to go [home]." Ozzy finally relents as Ami, Eliza, and Jonathan unexpectedly walk up on the conversation. Jonathan takes note of Cirie's involvement with the couples and confronts her in the cave, making a desperate plea for her to stay strong with his alliance. Tension and voices rise, but Cirie doesn’t budge. As Jonathan gets worked up, the defensive Cirie warns him, "Being like that is not going to get my vote, seriously." He implores her, "I thought we were solid, and they’ve come up and they’ve said things to you that has put doubt into your mind. But I have not done anything to you to put that doubt in your mind.” Getting nowhere with Cirie, Jonathan turns to Ozzy. The men agree that voting out Yau-Man would be bad for the tribe.

The couples' alliance confers and Ozzy begs Cirie to vote out Eliza instead of Yau-Man. Cirie refuses to budge, baffling James: "[Cirie] went from the swing vote to the one who's deciding what's going on for the whole group; that can't happen," vents James. "It feels like I'm in China again messing with a bunch of dumbasses." Jonathan observes the couple's indecision and prays their votes will remain split through Tribal Council. He asks his alliance to stay focused on voting out Parvati. "Our four votes may actually win the day," says Jonathan. "That's what I’m hoping for. Fingers crossed."
 Tribal Council At Tribal Council, Jonathan attacks Cirie for flipping on their original alliance. He accuses her of making a decision to take out someone threatening to her instead of voting to keep the tribe strong. Defending herself, Cirie exclaims, "Jonathan, I came into your alliance as the fifth person. I don't trust you point blank, period. I don't have mind control over anybody here, ya'll vote how ever you want to vote." In the end, the couples’ alliance gives in, following Cirie's lead and voting Yau-Man out of the game and sparing Eliza. With six of the nine votes cast against him, Yau-Man Chan becomes the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA -- FANS VS FAVORITES.