Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After sustaining an injury at a previous Reward Challenge, Jonathan Penner, the 46 year-old writer/producer from Los Angeles, was medically pulled from the game when the open wound above his knee became infected, risking his life. The Survivor Medical Team's only course of action was to undergo immediate surgery on the infected area, and a tearful and heartbroken Jonathan became the sixth person to exit the game. Jonathan's parting words: "Couldn't have tried any better. Couldn't have fought any harder. It was fun while it lasted."

Set to face Tribal Council for the second time in a row, an exhausted and ailing Chet asked his tribe to take him out of the game, complaining of an infected wound in his heel. At first, the tribe agreed to grant his wish and send him home. However, Tracy and Erik needed Chet's vote one more time. Tracy had convinced Ami, a Favorite, to vote with them to make a solid four, and so they begged Chet to say in the game long enough to help take out their biggest threat, Ozzy. But at Tribal Council, Chet opted not to vote with his cohorts, and he was sent home five votes to two. Chet, the 49 year-old pageant coach from Ford City, Pennsylvania, leaves behind his final words: "I decided at the end not to go with Tracy and Erik's plan to blindside Ozzy. I just felt that that's something they can take care of after I'm gone. I'm very proud of the way I played the game. I may be going out now, but I lasted a lot longer than some people thought I would. I am so honored to be part of the Survivor family forever. It has been a great experience and thank you again."
 Never Saw It Coming The Malakal tribe returns from Tribal Council where the Favorites had orchestrated a vote to take out a major physical threat, the Fans' Joel. Erik feels on the outs at Malakal as the only member not included in the plan to oust Joel. Sitting around the campfire, Erik blurts out, "I was shocked by that vote..." But the tribe ignores him as they get ready for bed. A shaken Erik finds himself alone by the fire, realizing he has to step up his game. "Those guys are tough as nails," declares Erik. "You cannot trust the Favorites at all."
 Tracy's New Friend As morning dawns at Malakal, Tracy regrets the previous night's outcome. "It was so hard to vote off Joel. [The Favorites] had four, and [the Fans] had four. We should have gained control against the Favorites." Hoping to rectify her mistake, Tracy plants a seed in Erik's head that the Favorites will continue to target the Fans, starting with him. "That pisses me off," Erik moans. Tracy explains that with their two votes plus Chet's making three, they'll only need to pull in one of the Favorites to have the numbers advantage and a fighting chance. Erik agrees. With three votes locked in, Tracy looks for the crack in the Favorites' alliance. She sets her sights on Ami and takes her for a walk along the beach. Ami plays right into Tracy's hands, candidly admitting she's on the bottom rung with the Favorites. "I was never a part of the original alliance between James, Parvati, Cirie, Amanda, and Ozzy, so I'm also in a very vulnerable situation," says Ami. "Maybe I need to play the game a little differently."A Leg Up As Airai wakes up and begins their day, Jonathan works on the fire, being sure to stay off his wounded knee. James watches Jonathan limp around camp and is concerned about his health. "Hopefully he'll be all right because losing Jonathan would be a big blow to the team," says James. "I'd be stuck over here with a bunch of girls, losing my mind." Despite the wound, Jonathan maintains his good spirits, telling Eliza how excited he is about the tribe switch-up. Eliza agrees, exclaiming, "I was given new life by this switch-up." Eliza goes so far as to say that Fans vs. Favorites is over in her mind. "“I think once we earn the Fans' trust," Eliza plots, "Jonathan and I are gonna try to work with them and definitely get rid of Parvati and James before there’s any type of merge." A fired up Jonathan tells Eliza, "The game is about to get on. It’s all good."
 Reward Challenge: Build It Up, Break It Down Airai and Malakal step onto their mats, and Jeff Probst explains the rules. Both tribes will swim across a lagoon to a floating platform to collect several bundles of planks, sticks, and rope. They’ll race back to shore where two 15 foot-long bamboo-cage tunnels await them. Tribes will have ten minutes to use their gathered materials to build a blockade in the opposing tribe’s tunnel. When time’s up, the tribes will then race to tear down the blockade the other tribe built in their own tunnel. The first tribe to get all their members through their barricaded tunnel and onto their tribe mat wins Reward. Two native Micronesian Fishermen will visit the winning tribe’s camp and teach the Survivors how to live off the land. In addition, the winning tribe will choose a member from both tribes to go to Exile Island.

On "Go," both tribes race across the lagoon heading for their bundles of materials. Ozzy reaches the floating platform first for Malakal with Airai's Jason close behind. They disperse their materials amongst their tribemates, swimming the bundles of sticks, planks, and rope back to shore. Malakal hits the beach first and begins building their blockade in Airai’s tunnel. Upon Airai's return to the beach, the tribe crams sticks and planks into the framework of the Malakal tunnel, trying to find the best way to obstruct the passage. Jonathan limps around on his leg trying to help Airai as best he can, crisscrossing sticks and ramming planks to form complicated walls in Malakal’s tunnel until Jeff calls, "Switch!" The tribes scramble to their tunnels, racing to tear down each other’s blockades. Ripping at the rope with their fingers and teeth, tearing away planks, Malakal takes an early lead as they crawl up and over the maze of sticks and planks, into the middle of their tunnel. Airai, still at the start of their tunnel dismantling the blockade, realizes that Malakal spent all of their time and supplies building at the front end of the bamboo tunnel leaving the rest of the blockade thin. The Airai tribe squeezes through the last of their tunnel, dragging Jonathan and Kathy out of the cage and onto their mat, winning Reward. Airai sends Chet and Jason to Exile Island, and Malakal goes home empty handed. But before Airai can head back to camp for their reward, Jeff announces that the Survivor Medical Team needs to examine Jonathan’s knee.Jonathan's Last Stand Tucked away in the trees beside the challenge course, a worried Airai tribe and Jeff Probst watch as a doctor from the Survivor Medical Team examines Jonathan's wound. Inspecting the large area of infection, she tells him, "This is going to need intravenous antibiotics, probably needs surgical wash-out. It's not going to be a quick fix." Jonathan refuses to accept this diagnosis and exclaims, "I'm not quitting!" But the doctor lays out the very dire set of circumstances. "An infection that goes into your blood stream is potentially fatal," she cautions. Jonathan chokes up, the severity of the situation finally hitting him. Jeff Probst asks for clarification, and the doctor spells it out very clearly for both Jonathan and the emotional Airai tribe. She warns, "I can only recommend for the sake of his leg and his life that he leave the game now.

He needs hospital treatment. It's not going to get better, it will just get worse." Jonathan bows his head and finally gives in, bursting into tears, "Okay, let's go. Go to the hospital." One-by-one, he hugs his teary Airai tribe good-bye. "I'm sad to see him go," sobs Kathy. "He was like the pillar of strength around camp." Jonathan waves goodbye to Jeff and his tribe and climbs aboard the medical boat. As the boat speeds away, Jonathan puts on a brave face and declares, "Couldn't have tried any better. Couldn’t have fought any harder. It was fun while it lasted."
 Survivor School The Airai tribe returns to camp, shocked by Jonathan's sudden removal. James especially misses Jonathan's presence now that he’s on a tribe with five women and begins to feel vulnerable. "I'm with a bunch of girls, and I'm not that persuasive in the verbal manner to woo people on my side and they are," complains James. "If I make it to the merge, it’s all good. But the chances of me making it… this is not in my favor right now!"

Two Micronesian fishermen paddle a small canoe up to the Airai beach and disembark with armfuls of vegetables, fruits, spices, liquor, tools, and fishing equipment. Airai happily greets them, excited to learn from the skilled locals. The fishermen show Airai how to set traps for the coconut crabs and to fish with a simple hook and line. Pulling in fish after fish, Parvati proves to be a quick study. "I think this is one of the best rewards we’ve gotten," gushes Parvati. "We can actually continually use this knowledge and come out here and fish in the morning. It’s going to be amazing for us."
 Ami and Tracy Make A Plan Ami listens in as Amanda, Ozzy, and Cirie bash the Fans on Malakal for their poor performance in the challenge. Cirie scoffs, "You know what's getting on my nerves? Not only do you have to play the game, but you have to teach [the Fans] the game, too." Ami grows annoyed by what she calls the constant "fan-bashing". She leaves the group of Favorites for some peace and quite and runs into Tracy. Feeling sorry for the Fans, Ami suggests to Tracy that they should stick together and help each other out. Tracy’s interests are piqued and she tests the waters with Ami asking, "How tight are you and Cirie?" Ami admits she doesn't trust Cirie. Tracy goes in for the kill and proposes to Ami if she will vote for Cirie, then Chet, Erik and herself would too. Knowing that she's on the outs with the Favorites, Ami takes this into consideration: "I'm really conflicted right now. The thing is I just don't trust Cirie. I just don't. She screwed me over once when she voted out Yau-Man and I feel it coming again." When Tracy sweetens the deal by pledging her undying trust and loyalty, Ami goes all in and tells both Tracy and Erik, "Hey, I'm giving all my trust to you. Take care of me." Meanwhile, Ozzy relaxes with the Favorites, lounging on the beach and enjoying a coconut. He wonders about Jason's progress at Exile Island and mischievously speculates, "I really want Jason to find the fake [Idol] because from what I've heard he might be naïve enough to believe that it’s the real one and use it in some manner that might end up getting him voted off."
 A Stick On Exile Island, Chet complains to Jason that he's not feeling well because of an infection on his heel. "The other day in one of the challenges I got a piece of coral sort of wedged up into my foot and it really hurts like really bad," moans Chet, opting to rest instead of searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. While Chet recuperates on the beach, Jason takes the opportunity to search for the Idol alone. He canvasses Exile's tiny islands quickly, moving from one clue to the next. The fourth clue leads him to the rock under which Ozzy stashed the fake Idol and Jason unearths it with a resounding, "There we go, baby!" He settles down on a rocky perch and unwraps the fake Idol. Jason studies the small, whittled stick with a crude face carved in it. Slowly a sly smile spreads across his face. "Well, I guess this is the Hidden Immunity Idol," gloats Jason. "This means Ozzy doesn't have it, I have it. So this is really good for me." He pumps his fist in the air and exclaims, "Sweet!"
 Late Night Feast Just after sundown, the Fishermen and Airai tribe check the crab traps they had set. They find two crabs munching on the coconut-baited traps and take them back to their fire for crab and fish stew. With the wine and spices giving the stew a flavorful kick, the tribe is ecstatic about their grand dinner. "I think we had twenty-five different types of fish tonight on top of all the incredible seasonings that [the fishermen] brought with them," exclaims Alexis. "They’re just showing us how to do it."
 Immunity Challenge: United We Stand Arriving at the Immunity Challenge, the Malakal tribe as well as Jason and Chet returning from Exile Island, are stunned to see Jonathan missing from Airai. Jeff Probst explains Jonathan’s departure. "He's doing fine," assures Jeff. "We are now even. Seven-seven again. The game continues." Jeff explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. Tribes will transport two tribemates from one tower to the next, in waist-deep water, using giant stepping poles that the rest of the tribe must support. The tribe members making the crossing will effectively leapfrog from one pole to the other across the lagoon to the second platform. Once both tribemates are transported, the entire tribe must then climb atop a third and final tower and squeeze onto a tiny wooden platform. The first tribe with all seven members on or above the top platform wins Immunity.

The tribes race to get hold of their stepping poles as Eliza and Parvati climb the first tower to do the crossing for Airai. Ami and Tracy prepare to cross for Malakal. While Tracy climbs aboard the Malakal stepping pole and begins her journey across the lagoon, Airai comes up with a completely different strategy of how to get Eliza across. Once she is perched on the stepping pole, James literally carries her across the water as the remaining Airai lend what support they can in keeping the pole upright and steady. Within minutes Airai deposits Eliza safely on the second tower and head back for Parvati. Meanwhile Malakal falls farther and father behind slowly using both poles to transport the teetering Tracy. Incorporating the same strategy to transport Parvati, Airai drops her once, but recovers, and still manages to lap the struggling Malakal, to deposit Parvati on the second platform. Malakal, far behind now, finally gets Tracy across the lagoon and returns to the first tower to get Ami as Airai climbs onto the third and final tower. Hanging onto James as an anchor they shuffle to accommodate all seven bodies on the tower’s small platform. With the last of the tribe above the tower’s top platform, Airai wins Immunity and their fourth straight victory, sending Malakal to Tribal Council for the second time in a row.
 Chet the X-Factor Malakal returns to their camp facing yet another Tribal Council, and Chet begs his tribe to vote him out so he can take care of his infected foot. They gasp as he holds up his heel, showing them the infection that’s brewing. He pleads, "I gotta go tonight. That’s it, I can't. I have no choice. Please, just help me out, okay?" Ozzy hugs him good-bye, but out of ear