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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

During the Survivor Auction, Natalie sent Jason to Exile Island. There, he uncovered the real Hidden Immunity Idol. Jason was convinced Natalie had sent him to Exile Island as part of a plan to find the Idol and work together. But Natalie was deep into an alliance with Cirie, Parvati, and Alexis, dead-set on voting off the guys one by one, starting with Jason. Upon his return from Exile, Natalie worked her magic on Jason. He confided in her that he found the Idol and she tried to convince him not to use it at Tribal Council, promising him James would be the one going home. In truth, the girls planned to split their votes between James and Jason so that no matter what, one of the men would be voted out.

At Tribal Council, Jason trusted his new alliance with Natalie and decided not to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. He was quickly voted out of the game four votes to three, with a single outlying vote going to Parvati. Jason Siska, the 23-year-old gymnastics coach from Fox River Grove, Illinois, left behind his final words: "I was definitely played today by Natalie and the rest of the girls. They did the same thing in voting out Ozzy. I should have been a little more wary of what they were telling me. What they did tonight will definitely come back to haunt them as I'm sitting up there on the jury. I just wish I would have been a little smarter and played the Hidden Immunity Idol when I had the chance."

THE FALLOUT Tucked away on a trail near the Dabu camp, Amanda and James console each other, discussing their shaky place in the tribe after being blindsided by the Ozzy vote. Stunned at Parvati and Cirie's betrayal, Amanda tells James, "It's just not our game." James, awed by the blindside, shakes his head and says, "It's a good move by everybody." But Amanda is angry and ready to fight, declaring, "Game on. Bring it on, like, let's do this."

FIRST CUT IS DEEPEST Around the campfire, Cirie points to James' finger and asks him, "Is that meat on your finger hanging off like that?" James nods, telling her he's applied coconut oil to help heal the deep gash on his ring finger. Cirie disapproves of James' carelessness, "We cannot assume, oh, this little cut looks okay, so what,' mocks Cirie. She strongly believes no one is invincible against the elements.

LOVE GONE WRONG Parvati arrives at the cave and beckons James to come have a talk with her. Knowing he's angry about Ozzy being voted off, she exclaims, "I need to do some serious damage control today! James and Amanda are pissed at me, furious for voting Oz out." She and James move away from the group as James demands, "What is your plan, who are you taking with you?" Parvati admits she plans on taking all girls to the Final Three, but apologizes for going behind his back and voting out Ozzy. She tells him, "I just wanted to say sorry because I couldn't tell you." James denies her the satisfaction and quips, "Sorry is not what you mean. Ha-Ha is what you mean." James tells her it's going to be awkward between them now and she shouldn't try to feed him a "bunch of bull." He continues to give her a piece of his mind telling her she's selfish and he concludes of her blindside, "That's what kind of person she is, that's what we're dealing with, and I just can't stand it."

MORE DAMAGE CONTROL Parvati tracks down Amanda and apologizes for going behind her back and blindsiding Ozzy. Amanda demands to know what her plan is, asking, "It's definitely the girls together, right?" Parvati agrees, "I'm thinking final five girls." Amanda, though, only pretends to be placated, angry that Parvati has Cirie, Alexis, and Natalie "wrapped around her finger." Cirie converges on the twosome, telling Amanda, "We totally trust you." Amanda asks them, "So is it still us three to the end?" Cirie and Parvati agree, giving Amanda a big hug. But Amanda doesn't trust them after she was blindsided and admits, "It would be stupid of me to buy what they're telling me right now."

REWARD CHALLENGE: SURVIVOR AUCTION Jeff Probst welcomes the Dabu tribe to their Reward Challenge and issues them all wallets containing $500 U.S. to bid on items in the Survivor Auction. He brings out the first item, covered, and the blind bidding immediately leaps up to $120, sold to Cirie: a hotdog and fries with all the fixings. On the next covered item, Erik outbids Alexis winning the covered item for $80. Before he can collect his prize, Jeff gives him the opportunity to exchange it for a second item. Erik takes a chance, switching items, and luckily exchanges octopus for a huge tray of nachos. Natalie takes the next item for $240 but turns her back on it when Jeff reveals a bowl of fruit bat soup. James volunteers to eat the soup, to the disgust of the tribe. He chows down on the bats, telling Jeff, "You gotta take the skin off first, that's the secret." Jeff plops a glass of milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the table. The bidding, mainly between Amanda and Parvati, immediately shoots up to $280 and Amanda comes away with the sandwich. The next item goes to Natalie for $240, but instead of food she's given the choice to send one person to Exile Island. In addition, she gets to keep all of the exiled Survivor's money. Jeff informs them that because Ozzy was voted out with the Immunity Idol, another one has been hidden on Exile Island. Natalie chooses to send Jason to Exile, lining her pockets with his cash. Jeff lays down the next covered tray, and in a giant bidding war, Natalie wins the item with $340. It's a huge chocolate cake with a twist. It must be shared with three other people, but they only have 60 seconds to do so. She chooses Alexis, Cirie, and Parvati and the girls chow down on the chocolate cake, icing all over their fingers and faces. In a surprising twist of his own, Erik offers Cirie $40 to lick the icing off her fingers and she laughingly agrees. A moaning Erik sucks each and every one of her fingers as James exclaims, "Something's wrong with that boy! He really has problems, poor thing." With that, Jeff calls an end to the Survivor Auction.

REGRET The Dabu tribe returns from the Reward, all of them in agreement that Jason is lucky to have another chance to find the real Hidden Immunity Idol. Natalie regrets her decision, telling the tribe, "I should not have sent him, but I didn't think anyone else wanted to miss out [on the Survivor Auction]." Natalie moans, "Jason's on Exile. We all want him gone. The little bitch now has two days of sunshine with the Immunity Idol. Guaranteed hands down: bitch will find it."

A SECOND CHANCE Jason, on Exile Island, starts at the first clue to the new Hidden Immunity Idol, determined to find the real one this time. Working through the clues, Jason ultimately discovers the Hidden Immunity Idol in a mountain cave atop the island. He says triumphantly, "This is not the fake Hidden Immunity Idol." He is determined to use the Idol with Natalie, who he believes sent him to Exile Island as a strategic move to form some sort of an alliance. Jason declares, "Right now I feel the most comfortable I've felt in the entire game."

THE BLACK WIDOW BRIGADE The five girls, Parvati, Cirie, Amanda, Alexis, and Natalie, hold a group meeting around the Dabu campfire. Cirie is adamant that they need to be "one step ahead of Jason" in terms of the Idol. The girls concoct a plan for Natalie to convince Jason that James will be the one voted out next, making Jason comfortable enough to choose not to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. If it works, the girls can blindside Jason at Tribal Council. The girls cackle at the thought of the blindside working. "If this goes [as planned],' exclaims Natalie, 'this will just be brilliant because not only will it have happened once with Ozzy, it will happen twice! Back to back, girls against the guys."

ERIK'S BIRTHDAY James and Erik fetch Treemail, which informs them of an Immunity Challenge revisiting elements of past challenges. Erik announces that today is his 22nd birthday and he feels anxious he could get a surprise present at Tribal Council: a vote sending him home. He worries, "If Jason wins Immunity today I have a feeling that it's either me or James on the chopping block for Tribal Council simply because the women are very strong right now." As Erik and James discuss the challenge with the tribe, Natalie keeps a close eye on them. "Worst case scenario,' says Natalie, 'James goes home tonight in lieu of Jason if we can't get Jason." Natalie asserts that the main reason for voting James or Jason instead of Erik is that the girls "want Erik to have a good birthday."

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: POOL PARTY The Dabu tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge as Jason returns from Exile Island. Jeff Probst explains the rules to the three-part challenge. First Survivors will race to throw rocks at individual tiles. Once broken, it will release a bundle of puzzle pieces. The first four to break their tile move on to the next round where they will dig in the sand for a key to unlock their bundle of puzzle pieces. They will then use the pieces to form a wheel, place it on a wench, and spin the wheel to lower a set of planks. The first two people to lower their planks move on to the third and final round. Here they will use their planks to cross a rope bridge spanning the length of a pool of water. They will then make their way across a series of disks suspended over a large gap. The first person to cross and reach the final platform wins Immunity.

As the Survivors take their places, Natalie pulls Jason aside and whispers in his ear to let anyone win except James: they're all going to vote James out tonight. Jason takes this as good news and whispers back to her that he knew she sent him to Exile Island for a reason. The Survivors face off, each throwing rocks at their tiles to release puzzle pieces. Jason breaks his tile first, followed by Erik, James, and Amanda, and they each move on to the next round. On Jeff's word, the four Survivors start digging furiously in the sand. James and Erik quickly unearth their keys and rush to unlock their puzzle pieces. In a tight race, James is the first to make a wheel out of his puzzle pieces and attach it to a large wench. Erik is just behind him, and the two crank their wheels to lower their planks advancing to the final round. James takes an early lead, using a risky strategy of standing upright on his planks as he moves them sideways across two wobbly ropes strung across the water. Erik moves slower, huddled over his planks on his knees. Suddenly James spills headfirst into the water, giving Erik an insurmountable lead. James valiantly tries to regain the lost ground, but Erik steadily moves across the final length of the rope bridge, leaps across the series of floating disks, and reaches the platform first. Erik wins Immunity and the girls of Dabu cheer as James' loss cements their plans for Tribal Council.

CAUGHT IN A WEB The Dabu tribe returns to their camp and the girls, behind the boys' backs, celebrate Erik's win, giggling and laughing together. Parvati exclaims, "So the fact that it came down to Erik and James in the end and we needed Erik to win in order for the plan to work out, and then Erik did win, I was ecstatic." The girls pat each other on the back, excited to put their plan of voting out James or Jason into action.

The Dabu tribe sits around the campfire, and as soon as Jason leaves to go crabbing, Natalie tears open his bag, searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. James watches the bold move, disapproving of the underhanded tactic, frowns and shakes his head. Finding the Idol tucked in Jason's pants, Natalie is certain she can stop Jason from playing it at Tribal Council. She tracks him down at the beach, and explains she sent him to Exile to get the Idol. "I sent you for a reason." Jason thanks her for sending him. Natalie promises him that everyone is voting for James tonight, and trusting her completely, Jason confesses he found the Hidden Immunity Idol. "[Natalie] kept her word last time to me at Tribal Council when we voted out Ozzy," says Jason. "I'm gonna have to trust her this Tribal Council as well." Amanda and James, still angry about Ozzy's ousting, hold a quick conference back at the cave. James asks her, "What are you gonna do about tonight?" Amanda informs him of the girls' plan to vote out Jason tonight. But she warns James: "They're dead set on sending you home." If the girls plan to vote out Jason fails tonight, they'll vote James instead. James, angry, informs Amanda that he's writing down Parvati's name tonight.

On the beach, as Jason laughs with the girls, Natalie watches him, savoring the web she has caught him in. She gleefully plots that if Jason plays the Idol, the girls will send James home instead, "Either way, it's still the five girls down to two guys. Picking them off one by one."

Tribal Council At Tribal Council, having voted out Ozzy last time, the tribe admits they don't mind losing their providers, and all eyes turn to James. He admits, "It doesn't look too good for old James right now. The social butterflies have done their work and, yeah, I'm definitely on the chopping block." In hopes to fully convince Jason that he is safe from the vote, Natalie tells Jeff that a person can indeed improve their social status in the ever-changing game.

With the votes cast Jeff Probst asks the tribe: if anyone is in possession of the Hidden Immunity and would like to play it, now is the time to do so. The tribe immediately looks towards Jason. After a moment of consideration, he takes his chances with Natalie and does not play his Idol. Jeff reads the votes and the stunned Jason becomes the 13th person voted out of SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA -- FANS VS FAVORITES and the third member of the jury.