Season 15: Episode 2 - Smack Down: WWE Wrestler Counted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Visiting Tribal Council for the second time in a row, the Zhan Hu tribe opts to vote out feisty Ashley Massaro over their outspoken leader, Dave, in hopes of achieving tribal harmony in camp. As the outspoken 28-year-old professional WWE Wrestler from East Northport, New York, departs Tribal Council, she can't help but get the last word in to her nemesis Dave: "I'll be seeing you soon." After having her torch extinguished, Ashley leaves us her final words. "Dave is going to show them the reason that he shouldn't be in control, and I guarantee you that I see him on the flip side way sooner than he imagined. Dave"¦ if I had one word to describe him, he'd be a tool because that is the perfect word for him. He's a tool."

My Way or the Highway
After stepping up as co-leaders at the previous night's Tribal Council, Dave and Peih-Gee attempt to organize the Zhan Hu tribe and camp. But as Dave ruthlessly rejects his tribemates' suggestions, imposing his own ideas over theirs, Erik begins to sense dissention in the tribe. "It could get to point where people start getting fed up and start talking about Dave and how they don't necessarily think he's a good leader anymore."

Power Players
At the Fei Long camp, Todd and Amanda form an alliance and then agree to bring Aaron in as their third. However, they have an ulterior motive. "We decided to pull Aaron into our group so if anyone has to take the rap for anything then it's going to be on Aaron," explains a mischievous Amanda.

Meanwhile, Aaron, the tribe's faithful leader, calls a tribe "pow-wow," singling out Jean-Robert and demanding he start pulling his weight. The professional poker player artfully apologizes for his lack of production around camp, but while alone, he lays his cards on the table. "I wanted to give the perception that I was a little bit lazy so that later on when I am contributing and putting in the work effort, people are noticing, "˜Hey this guy's doing beyond his normal capabilities.' I can only go up from here."

Fire vs. Food 
With a minimal shelter in place, Dave launches his tribe into their next task of the day--building an elaborate fire pit. With most of the tribe frustrated, tired and hungry, Ashley suggests they start a fire and cook rice first. "We got the flint last night at Tribal Council and we haven't even attempted to make a fire and we're starving," complains Ashley. "It just seems like we take the longest route possible to make something happen. I'm losing faith rapidly." Fed up with Dave, Ashley protests the fire pit, igniting a screaming match with Dave. "I don't want to fight with Ashley," says the aggravated Dave. "If she wants a fight I can give her a fight. The rest of the team is great, Ashley is"¦ ugh."

Reward Challenge: Chinese Checkers
The tribes reconvene at the Reward Challenge, where Jeff explains the rules of the game. Squaring off three-on-three in a ring of knee-deep mud, tribes will push one of two gigantic wooden balls across the other tribe's goal, thus scoring a point. First tribe to two points wins fishing gear and a new fishing boat. In addition, a twist will be revealed at the end of the challenge.

In the first round, Amanda, Denise and Aaron of Fei Long race out into the mud to battle Jaime, Sherea and Erik of Zhan Hu. Choking and wrestling each other to gain possession of the wooden balls, Sherea pulls Amanda's top down, unbeknownst to her. Despite her clothing malfunction, Amanda maneuvers the giant ball across the line and scores the first point for Fei Long. Finally realizing her exposed state and pulling her top back up, Amanda shrieks, "My mom is going to kill me!" In the next round, Ashley, Frosti and Dave of Zhan Hu take on Jean-Robert, James and Leslie of Fei Long. Calling on her professional wrestling skills, Ashley attempts to grapple with the heavier Jean-Robert. Jean-Robert drags Ashley along behind him and takes out Frosti, leaving James free and clear to score the winning point for Fei Long.

Jeff then reveals a major twist in the game. By winning the Reward Challenge, Fei Long has earned the right to kidnap one person from the losing Zhan Hu tribe until the next Immunity Challenge. Fei Long selects Jaime. Before departing, Jeff presents her with a bamboo tube to be opened only in private.

Zhan Hu returns home to find their camp completely flooded, save for Dave's fire-pit. "I'm really happy I took the time to build the pit," glows Dave. "This just goes to show that I had a fairly sound idea and I'm glad I stuck with it." As the tribe works on clearing the debris, the bickering once again heats up between Dave and Ashley. "I believe that Dave is going to shoot himself in the foot," declares Ashley. "He's just so patronizing."

Sleeping With the Enemy
Returning to camp victorious, the Fei Long tribe embraces Jaime. Later, finding a quiet spot for herself, Jaime opens the bamboo tube given to her at the Reward Challenge and discovers a sealed clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. "The note actually has a clue for the other team, and it lets them know where the Immunity Idol is. So I am allowed to pick a member of [Fei Long] to give it to them," explains Jaime. With an enormous decision to make and unfamiliar with the tribe dynamic, Jaime observes the discontent as Aaron and Jean-Robert clash over work ethic.

Idol Minds
Later, Jaime notices a weary Leslie, who has fallen ill. In hopes of keeping the Fei Long tribe as weak as possible, Jaime gives the clue to Leslie, lifting her spirits. Having a renewed sense of power, Leslie uses her new information to create a bond with Todd. "I think what I really want to do with this information is use it to gain someone's trust," explains Leslie. "Todd, he's a sharp kid, I wanna team up with him." The news couldn't be sweeter for Todd: "I can't believe she told me! I would never tell anybody! What was she thinking?" Always scheming, Todd vows to find the Hidden Idol first. Should Leslie be voted out, he would be the only one left with any knowledge of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Immunity Challenge: Gatecrasher
The Tribes arrive ready to do battle yet again at the Challenge field, where Jeff Probst explains the rules. Each tribe will use a large Chinese puzzle log to smash through two walls. Once through both walls, they must complete the maze carved on the outside of the puzzle log. First tribe to finish the maze and hit the gong wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

Both tribes plow through their first gates with their heavy puzzle log. James and Jean-Robert muscle the Fei Long log through the second gate and head to their puzzle station, as Zhan Hu's over-worked Dave can barely lift his part of the log. In a split-second decision, Frosti switches positions with Dave in order to catch up for the lost time and finally breaks through the second gate. However, it was too little, too late for Zhan Hu as Fei Long conquers their puzzle and rings their gong in victory. Once again, Fei Long avoids attending the dreaded Tribal Council.

Lesser of Two Evils
Facing Tribal Council for the second time in a row, Zhan Hu considers the chaos caused in camp by the conflicting personalities of Dave and Ashley. "The vote is probably dead even between Ashley and Dave," explains Jaime. "It puts me in a hard place because Ashley is my friend but Dave's such a hard worker and he knows what he's doing out here. So I'm not really sure what's going to happen."

Tribal Council 
During a heated Tribal Council, Dave once again clashes with Ashley over leadership and work responsibility. Coming out of her shell, an animated Sherea gives her perspective on the tribe's issues, adding, "I know we have work to do but I haven't enjoyed almost a single moment since I have been here. I barely know any of these people. All we do is work!" In the end, despite Dave's questionable leadership skills, the tribe found his work ethic and survival skills indispensable as they vote Ashley out of the game six votes to one. Ashley is the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: CHINA.