Season 15: Episode 7 - Drop Your Buffs! Jaime Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 21 at a tension-packed Tribal Council, Jaime Dugan, the 22-year-old college student from Columbia, South Carolina, is voted out of the newly merged tribe after she mistakenly believes she is in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Jaime, handing a wooden plaque to Jeff Probst, anticipates having the Idol's power save her from the vote. Instead, her hopes are extinguished when Jeff Probst tosses the wooden plaque aside, saying it is not a Hidden Immunity Idol. James and Todd are barely able to stifle their laughter at Jamie's blunder, and she is subsequently voted out of the game in a 7-3 decision. After leaving Tribal Council, Jaime gives her final words. "I learned that I am probably too nice for the game of Survivor. I wish Erik and Peih-Gee the best of luck. I tried playing the Hidden Immunity Idol. It wasn't it, but it was worth a shot, so I am glad I tried it."

Sleeping With the Enemy
Returning from an emotional Tribal Council, the Fei Long tribe huddles in the hut in hopes of getting some rest. However, Jean-Robert, unhappy with the way Courtney treated him, vents his frustrations to the group regarding Courtney's unpleasant attitude. Playing the diplomat, Amanda hopes to diffuse the situation by adding, "It's you and Courtney; it's your thing. You guys need to resolve it. It's not something that any of the rest of us can do." Todd then compliments Jean-Robert on his growth and overall improvement in the game, much to Courtney's chagrin. She fumes that her so-called friends Todd and Amanda are being nice to Jean-Robert. "Jean-Robert is horrible to me; they suck up to him," Courtney complains. "I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda. I think they mistake that for friendship."

James and His Idols
Having been kidnapped previously by the Zhan Hu tribe, James sets his sights on the Hidden Immunity Idol at the Zhan Hu camp. After Peih-Gee leaves to join Erik and Jaime at the water's edge, James makes his move toward the tribe gate. Using the hatchet, he plucks the first wooden plaque from the gate and realizes it's not the Idol. After tossing the blank board on the ground, he quickly unhinges the actual Hidden Immunity Idol from the opposite side and hurries to conceal it just before Erik returns to camp. "I kinda had to hustle off to my bag and hide it, so I didn't have a chance to place the other one back without being too obvious," explains an excited James, who stashes the Idol alongside the one that Todd gave him. "So I have it now. I have it my possession. That's funny! I'm on SURVIVOR with two idols!"

Courtney Takes a Stand
Still reeling over the previous night's spat with Jean-Robert, Courtney lectures Todd, Amanda and Denise on how unfairly Jean-Robert treats her. Upset that no one ever takes her side against him, Courtney says, "Don't pander to him and say, "˜You have a point Jean- Robert.'" Todd attempts to make peace and reassures Courtney that he is on her side. Courtney's dislike for Jean-Robert worries Todd as he explains, "What does she expect from me? Right now I need my numbers and Jean-Robert is one of my numbers"¦ Deal with it bitch!"

Something is Missing?
At Zhan Hu, Jaime notices the empty space on the gate where James pried off the Hidden Immunity Idol. Erik surveys the area and finds the plaque that James discarded on the ground. He determines that it just might be an Immunity Idol. "This used to be hanging on the archway and it looks like someone took it off. I don't know if it was James, but he now knows of the Hidden Immunity Idol, but not sure he knows where it is"¦But it looks Idol-ish." As Erik hands the plaque to Jaime, she hides it in Erik's bag and ponders its legitimacy. "It could definitely say, like, Immunity Idol in Chinese and I would have no idea. It's a weird symbol and I don't know what it stands for."

Covert Operation
With James and Peih-Gee out of camp hunting frogs, Jaime and Erik take advantage of their privacy and search through James' bag in hopes of determining whether or not they have an actual Idol. "I saw James' bag sitting there and I figured it would be a good idea to look through it because I thought James would have a good idea where the Hidden Immunity Idol was," explains Jaime. As Jaime unties the bag, Erik looks out to ensure their safety. When Jaime reaches in the bag and discovers a wooden plaque wrapped in a pair of pants, she assures Erik, "I think it's the same thing we have." As she continues to unfold the pants, she gasps in amazement, "He has two of them!" However, Jaime never fully unwraps the Idols to see exactly what they look like.

In the morning, James realizes the blank wooden plaque is missing from the ground and is shocked to think that either Erik or Jaime may have picked it up, thinking it's an idol. Laughing hysterically, James gasps, "There is no way this dummy would have picked it up thinking it's the Idol. It would have to say Immunity something on it. The thought of this woman having a blank one, I would not be able to take it. I would pass out in pure joy. My head would explode! Please let that happen! Please!"

As the tribes reconvene for what they think is a Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst shocks the two tribes. "Drop your buffs. You are merged." As the two tribes celebrate with hugs and cheers, Jaime exclaims, "We have merged and it's pretty exciting. We have such a wide variety of people, so it's a pretty scary point in the game. So I'm excited to have the Hidden Immunity Idol and it's going to be a whole new ball game!" Jeff Probst then explains that in celebration of the merge, they will enjoy a huge feast along with a traditional Chinese acrobat show. He then issues a strong warning. "This game never stops. Keep that in mind as you enjoy the day's festivities." Listening intently but anxious to finally eat, Jean-Robert comments, "I was trying to decide what exactly was he trying to say right here--the game never ends? I put a little thought into it, but I was just so excited to eat I just couldn't wait till the first course."

The Feast
Firecrackers go off commencing the feast as the newly merged tribe devours traditional Chinese delicacies. As the food is passed from one end of the table to the other, an excited Courtney exclaims, "Boo challenges. Yay feast!" The acrobat show begins with another blast of fireworks and flips from the locals. The tribe enjoys the entertainment and cheers for every act. However, despite the fun, Amanda's mind is still on the game. "The first thing I thought of when we merged was who are we going to pick off next? Because even though we are one tribe now, it's still two tribes, and it will continue to be that way until all of the Zhan Hu members are completely gone."

Hae Da Fung
Returning to the old Fei Long camp, the newly merged tribe brainstorms to figure out a new tribe name and finally deems it Hae Da Fung (Black Fighting Wind). Jaime begins to paint the flag as Peih-Gee sizes up her new competition. "Now that we merged, we are all playing for individual Immunity. But there are six original Fei Long members to four original Zhan Hu. The biggest factor is if I have James and if I have Frosti. These first two votes are crucial for me to know whether I'm going to be in a powerful position or a real sucky position." Suddenly, Jeff Probst surprises the Survivors as he strolls into their camp. After greeting the tribe, Jeff shocks them again as he pulls out the Individual Immunity necklace and explains that they will be playing their first Immunity Challenge right now in their own camp.

Immunity Challenge: Feast Memory
The tribe finds a seat as Jeff Probst reminds them of the warning he issued during the merge: "This game never stops." He then explains the rules of the first Individual Immunity Challenge. For this challenge, the Survivors will be tested on events that took place during the Merge celebration. They will be given a tablet where they will write their answers down. If they are wrong, they are out of the challenge. The last person remaining wins Immunity. The game begins as Jeff Probst asks, "How many times did the fireworks go off during the celebration?" The correct answer: three. Courtney, Peih-Gee, James and Amanda answer incorrectly and are all immediately out of the challenge, leaving Todd, Frosti, Jean-Robert, Denise, Jaime and Erik to battle it out. After two more rounds of questions, the game comes down to two participants: Frosti versus Jaime. With Immunity on the line, Jeff Probst asks the final question: "The four cultural dancers wore what on their feet?" The answer: Nothing. Frosti correctly answers the final question and wins Immunity, making him safe from being voted out of the game at tonight's Tribal Council.

They Have a Fake One!
With Tribal Council looming, James excitedly tells Todd and then Amanda about Jaime picking up the fake hidden Immunity Idol. "One of those dumb asses has a blank board and thinks it's the Idol. They really do have a blank board!" explains James to Amanda as they discuss who should be voted out first. Amanda and James declare that Jaime poses the biggest threat to their game. Amanda explains, "Jaime is a silent leader of the old Zhan Hu tribe. She's really close with Erik and by getting rid of Jaime, it will get rid of that alliance. Peih-Gee, you can just kind of see through and she is a little devious but Jaime is so threatening because people don't see that right away with Jaime." Amanda worries about Courtney's allegiance to her old Fei Long tribe and warns James of her erratic voting in the past two Tribal Councils. Frustrated with the way Courtney is playing the game and wanting to keep his numbers strong, James vents, "She's supposed to be from New York. She's supposed to have some kind of city smarts! We have to watch out for Courtney because she is kind of a loose cannon."

Jean-Robert Carves Out a Plan
While gathering kindling for the fire, Jean-Robert tells Todd why he believes the tribe should vote out Peih-Gee instead of Jaime. He claims that Peih-Gee is an unknown entity and is more dangerous to their game plan. With Todd listening intently, the professional poker player attempts to secure his place in the game as he blackmails Todd, shooting him a warning, "If somehow you do end up screwing me over in this game, I am going to hold you responsible and you will never ever see a juror lobby so hard against somebody. You will not win." Placating Jean-Robert, Todd agrees to his terms and adds, "Of course I agreed to it all. I was like "˜Yeah, we are going to the top 3, I'm watching your back.' Little does Jean-Robert know that I am ready to [cut him out] when I need to."

Do we have Frosti and James?
Knowing the old Zhan Hu members are in the minority, Peih-Gee tells Jaime that the old Fei Long group will most likely vote against Jaime to break up her alliance with Erik. In order to stop that from happening, they will need two more votes on their side and wonder if James and Frosti will remain true to them. Unsure of James, Jaime turns her sights on Frosti as she and Erik approach him to reveal their secret. "So we have the Idol, the Hidden Immunity Idol," Jaime tells Frosti as she explains to him how they found it. Attempting to secure his vote, Jaime tells Frosti that they will be voting for Jean-Robert and playing the Idol at tonight's Tribal Council. The Idol's powers would cancel out all the votes against Jaime and Jean-Robert would be going home.

False Hope
With nothing left to lose and feeling the heat of the upcoming vote, Jaime attempts to sway Todd's decision with a deal of her own, as she promises to tell him who has the Hidden Idols if he helps save her. Todd, playing along with Jaime and fully aware that James is already in possession of both idols, states, "Wow, does she have to catch up! She's on the small bike in the back peddling as fast as she can!"

Confident that she will use the Idol at tonight's Tribal Council, Jaime proudly claims, "I've come to realize that I am very good at playing stupid and it works to my advantage. If Todd sees me play the Hidden Immunity Idol tonight, he's definitely going to be floored. It's probably going to shock everyone, including Jeff. I am not as dumb as I look and maybe they are figuring it out."

Stick to the Plan
With the sun setting, James checks in with Jean-Robert regarding the vote. Jean-Robert, still adamant on voting out Peih-Gee, throws James into a tailspin as he worries the vote will not go as planned and he will lose his numbers advantage. "Jean-Robert will probably go home tonight, because Jean-Robert's dumb ass is going to vote for Peih-Gee even though we all said Jaime. The Zhan Hu people are naturally going to vote for Jean-Robert because he's an easy one. And Lord help me if Courtney's dumb ass decides to vote for Jean-Robert out of pure spite because she just wants to be hateful!" rants James.

Tribal Council
At Tribal Council, Jean-Robert instigates an argument with Courtney over her worth in the game. He thinks Courtney will slide through to the end because she is not an Immunity threat. Courtney defends herself. "This is Jean-Robert trying to be like, 'The biggest threat in the room is the little blonde, come on everyone.'" Jaime makes a final plea to save herself from the vote, asking the former Fei Long members to vote out someone they can't stand and to keep her.

Just before the votes are read, Jaime interrupts Jeff Probst and presents him with what she believes to be the Hidden Immunity Idol. Jean-Robert watches with a concerned look, knowing he's gone if the Idol is real. However, his despair quickly turns to relief as Jeff Probst tosses the wooden plaque aside, deeming it worthless. Jaime becomes the seventh player voted out of SURVIVOR: CHINA and the first member of the jury that will ultimately decide who will win the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.