Season 15: Episode 12 - The Final Four: Peih-Gee Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 36, the final four is set when Peih-Gee Law, the 29-year-old jeweler from Marina Del Rey, California, is voted out of the game. Having been an underdog since the merge, Peih-Gee was perceived as a major threat to win the million dollars and therefore too dangerous for the old Fei Long members to keep in the game. When her torch is extinguished, she leaves the Tribal Council area and gives her final words: "I am glad that I played to my utmost. I pushed myself physically, mentally, strategically and ultimately everybody was scared to death to go against me in the final three. I am not going to be a millionaire, but I feel like I will walk away way richer than I was before I came in this game."

Safety in Numbers?
Returning to camp after Erik is voted out of the game, Denise ponders whether her decision not to side with Peih-Gee and Erik was the correct one, as she admits, "Peih-Gee and Erik approached me earlier and they wanted me to vote out Todd tonight. Here I could have been in the top three and at least tried to make it to the Jury vote. I kind of decided to play it safe and, you know, this could have been one of the biggest mistakes I have made in the game so far."

Tree Mail
On day 34, Peih-Gee walks to collect Tree Mail and contemplates her unenviable position in the game. "It's not easy feeling like you are the least liked, so I am definitely the outsider, you know, and it's hard." Peih-Gee then reads the note to the group as they decipher the clue and prepare for the upcoming Reward Challenge.

Reward Challenge: Zen Archery
The tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules. The Survivors will fire arrows using a replica of an ancient Chinese crossbow at a target wall that has their names randomly written on it. Each time an arrow hits a name, that person will score a point regardless of who shoots it. To make it more interesting, they will be given five arrows to secretly distribute to give someone more attempts. The person whose target is hit the most wins. The Reward is an overnight trip to the Great Wall of China, where they will enjoy a large meal.

After the tribe distributes the arrows, Peih-Gee finds herself with only one opportunity at a shot at the target wall. She fires and misses. Denise is next with only two arrows to fire, and she scores one point. Amanda fires four arrows and scores two more points for Denise. Todd fires six arrows and impressively hits his own name 5 out 6 times to take the lead. Courtney is last to go with twelve arrows and fires the crossbow over and over. When Courtney randomly hits Denise's target and then Todd's, it ties the score at seven each. With her last arrow, she fires and hits Denise's name, giving her the victory.

After winning, Denise is given the option of selecting two people to join her on the excursion to the Great Wall. She chooses Courtney and Todd. Frustrated with not being selected, a teary-eyed Peih-Gee vents, "I took Denise on a great Reward. I gave her the Shaolin Monks. I have been friendly with her from the very beginning and she just doesn't care. It's tough to be left out of everything."

Bitter Sweet
Peih-Gee and Amanda arrive back at camp and begin the arduous tasks of daily living. Having to start fire and gather fresh water frustrates Amanda, as she expresses her desire to be on the Reward instead of at camp. "Three people are having meals and eating, and I used to be one of those three, and now I'm not, so it's hard," she complains.

When Amanda asks Peih-Gee why she doesn't like her, Peih-Gee says that's not true, and the two clear the air and find common ground with one another. The two then bond as they find limes and Asian pears. "Life doesn't suck right now!" exclaims Amanda.

The Great Wall of China
As the champagne bottle pops open, Todd, Denise and Courtney lift off on a private jet heading for The Great Wall of China. Upon arriving at The Wall, they are mesmerized by the scope and history of one of the great wonders of the world. "This is amazing to be standing somewhere that 600 hundred years ago, there were soldiers running back and forth and cannons. Just to be standing in the same place was just amazing," states a thankful Denise. Unhappy with having to prepare food themselves, the three eat what they can and quickly stuff their faces and enjoy their once in a lifetime opportunity.

Go Fish Meanwhile, back at camp, Amanda and Peih-Gee continue their quest for food as they paddle out into the lake and check the fish traps. To their surprise, they find a bounty of fish caught in the net and excitedly head to shore to prepare the night's feast. They feel entitled to make more rice while the others are enjoying a giant meal, so they cook a larger than usual portion. Peih-Gee notes, "Seriously, there is about enough rice for only two days now."

As the sun sets, Amanda and Peih-Gee's thoughts turn back to the game as they discuss the state of the Tribe. "Denise is such a puppet," Amanda reveals and continues, "This whole game she has been a puppet." Peih-Gee, knowing she is on the outs, presents an alternative plan to Amanda when she asks, "Would you be willing to do Todd or Denise next?" Amanda tells her that she is open to the idea, which gives Peih-Gee a new lease on life in the game. "At this point in the game, it looks like maybe she isn't dead set on going with Todd and Courtney yet. It gives me a little hope. "

Left Out?
Back at the Great Wall, Todd presents a possible voting scenario as he questions, "Say Peih-Gee did win Immunity again, would we want to fight between the four of us or would we want to take out our love Amanda?" Dancing around the answer, Courtney announces, "We are the meanies. I mean, good Lord! Me and Todd are like the devil incarnate in this game. They hate us!" Courtney's description worries Denise as she finds herself in a vulnerable position and describes, "This is a critical time right now. Someone is going to be left out of our group and I don't want it to be me."

An Unhappy Return
Returning to an empty camp, Todd, Denise and Courtney sense the thick resentment in the air. "Are we getting extreme Survivor paranoia right now?" asks Courtney. When Peih-Gee and Amanda return from the water well, they are greeted by Todd and Courtney complaining about what should have been an amazing Reward trip. Amanda, fed up with their sour attitudes, reveals, "Todd and Courtney still find things to complain about when they win a Reward, and it just blows my mind. Some people are just so ungrateful. Honestly it just made me mad." Adding insult to injury, Denise tells Amanda that Todd had made her a boiled meat sandwich to give to her, but instead, he ate it on the plane. "Denise is showing a little more compassion for my situation, and it's not going unnoticed. If Todd doesn't win the next Immunity Challenge, I may have to think about getting rid of Todd," states a frustrated Amanda.

Immunity Challenge: Chinese Leftovers
For this Challenge, the Survivors compete in a four-round race that will revisit some of the previous Challenges from the past thirty-six days. The first round is a Chinese throwing star contest, in which the four highest scores will move on to the next round, which requires them to eat one balut. The first three to eat the balut will move on to the next round, in which they must bounce a ball on a drum while racing through a series of obstacles. The first two to bounce their ball in the finishing bin will move on to the final round. For the final round, they will use a sword to cut through ropes that release wooden puzzle disks. Using the disks they must complete a puzzle. First one to finish the puzzle wins Immunity.

The first round begins as the Survivors attempt three tosses at a target with their throwing stars. Todd is first to be eliminated as he scores the least amount of points. The second round begins as Denise, Courtney, Amanda and Peih-Gee race to eat the balut. History repeats itself when Denise can't finish hers and is eliminated. The third round begins as Courtney, Amanda and Peih-Gee race while bouncing their ball on the drum. Amanda takes a commanding lead and wins, followed by Peih-Gee, placing them both in the head to head final round for Immunity. The final round begins as both women attack their ropes with the sword. Amanda takes and early lead as she collects her wooden puzzle pieces and begins to assemble her puzzle. Although Peih-Gee closes the gap, it is too little, too late as Amanda finishes first, winning Immunity.

Fight for Life
With the all-important Tribal Council vote approaching, the tribe returns to camp as they congratulate Amanda on her victory at the Immunity Challenge. As the tribe makes their rice for dinner, Courtney informs Todd that they barely have a cup left. "You guys must have gone to town on it yesterday," Todd exclaims, blaming Amanda and Peih-Gee for eating too much. Todd's accusations don't sit well with Amanda as she states. "I don't even want to hear it. It took everything I had to not like flip out on him." While Todd and Courtney head to the water well to discuss the upcoming vote, Peih-Gee, Denise and Amanda are left at camp alone. "Todd is a threat. He's a strategist, and he could go behind my back at any point in this game and take me out," explains a concerned Amanda. Peih-Gee lobbies Denise and Amanda as to why she deserves to stay in the game and plots to oust Todd. "I hope you guys knock off Todd and it would be three girls. I don't know what you are planning, but I would like to see that happen," smirks Peih-Gee.

Tribal Council
As the tension fills Tribal Council, Todd's worrisome looks are evident as Amanda tells the group how pleasant it was to be alone at camp with Peih-Gee. "I got to learn a lot about Peih-Gee and I really respect how she has made it this far, and she is still strong and fighting, so it was nice." Peih-Gee attempts to deflect the votes off of her when she discusses who deserves to stay in the game. "For me, most deserving means someone who fought hard every single chance they had and really came out here and challenged themselves." She continues, "I think someone who came out here and managed to get to the same position and did it honorably, I think they deserve to be here more than someone who go to the same position and did it by cheating, lying and backstabbing." In the end, though, Peih-Gee's plea is not enough as she is the twelfth person voted out of the game and becomes the sixth member of the Jury that will ultimately decide who will be the Sole Survivor.