Season 25: Episode 2 - "Don't Get Blinded By The Headlights"
Posted on Sep 27, 2012 12:00am

On night 3, the Matsing tribe is back in camp after just returning from Tribal Council where Zane was voted out. Russell thanks his tribe mates for not voting him out. He reveals, "I got into this kind of tribal chief thing where it was my way or the highway and it almost got me voted out." Russell vows to stay away from decision-making and let the others in his tribe take over the leadership role. He explains, "That way if we crash and burn, then they can be on the chopping block as opposed to me." Later that night, the tribe is in their shelter as the wind and rain pick up. Angie is cold and she snuggles up to Malcolm to try and get warm. Malcolm admits, "When I first saw Angie, I kept having to remind myself ‘Don't get booty blinded. Don't get booty blinded.' Roxy wakes up and sees Malcolm and Angie cuddling. She vents, "With Angie, literally it's a booby trap and Malcolm is falling for it." Roxy knows how dangerous couples are in SURVIVOR and vows to vote out one of them next.

The next morning at the Tandang camp, the rain is still coming down. RC is worried about water getting into their rice, so she reaches into the burlap bag to inspect the rice. She is surprised to find the hidden immunity idol clue deep in the bag. RC quickly hides it and then tells Abi-Maria that she found the clue and asks her to meet up outside of camp by the well. She doesn't fully trust Abi-Maria, but RC admits, "If I get her on my side, solidify her with me, then that will be the strongest two-some, at least in our tribe." After reading the clue together, RC asks Abi-Maria not to share it with anyone including Michael and Pete, who are in their alliance. Abi-Maria promises to do so. She is happy that RC shared the clue with her, but Abi-Maria is still cautious about fully trusting her. Later, Abi-Maria sees RC and Michael talking on the beach and this makes her uncomfortable. She confronts the two of them and asks what they are talking about. Michael tells her that they are just talking about getting the clothes out of the rain. Abi-Maria admits, "If she screws me over, that's it, she's dead to me." Later, Abi-Maria scolds RC for having private conversations with Michael that she feels excluded from. RC explains that Michael is like a father figure to her and tries to assure Abi-Maria that she is her closest ally. RC is surprised that Abi-Maria is so upset and reveals, "I thought Abi was my number two. I thought she could handle it, but she can go off like that and that really makes me nervous."

Over at Kalabaw, the tribe is huddled in the shelter trying to stay dry and away from the rain. Jeff feels worn down and reveals, "I've played baseball for seventeen years and you know, SURVIVOR is going to be a long season for me and I'm up for the challenge." Jeff doesn't mind being stuck in the shelter though, because it gives him a chance to rest his knee that got injured on the first day. Dawson is bored and works with Jeff to build a game of checkers on the floor of the shelter. Meanwhile, Jonathan is frustrated that everyone is stuck in camp, because that's where he wants to search for the hidden immunity idol. Finally, the Kalabaw tribe decides to move to a nearby cave that will keep them drier than their shelter. Jonathan makes an excuse to stay behind and starts feverously searching all over camp for the idol. He admits, "I've never had an immunity idol. I've never had individual immunity at all. This is a key to the game. I've got to find this thing before they get back to camp." The rest of the Kalabaw tribe is having trouble starting a fire at the cave, so a few of them head back to camp to get the flint. Dana, Dawson and Jeff run into camp and find Jonathan searching under the shelter. Jonathan lies and tells them that he is looking for his glasses, since he lost a contact and hopes that they believe him. Jonathan resumes his search when the coast is clear. He thinks about the clue again, which said that the idol might be right under his nose. He remembers that there was a bull on the rice container with a big nose. So he takes the machete and pries off the picture of the bull to discover that the back identifies it as the hidden immunity idol. Jonathan is elated and says, "For the first time in three tries, I have the hidden immunity idol. It's fantastic." He just hopes that he will know when is the right time to use the idol.

The next morning at Matsing, Malcolm and Angie are once again cuddling together. Roxy is determined to break them up by voting one of them out next. She admits, "Malcolm is clearly more useful. So in order to get Angie out, I knew I had to get Russell on my side." Roxy talks to Russell and has no problem getting him to agree that Malcolm and Angie are dangerous as a couple. Next Roxy tries to get Denise on her side. Denise listens to Roxy, but is not as worried about it, since Malcolm is her primary alliance in the game. Denise reveals, "I think part of it is just a 24 year-old guy snuggling up to something that is really nice to snuggle up to, but now it's like there's these huge targets on their back." Malcolm senses that something is going on in camp. He suspects that it might be because of his friendship with Angie. He worries, "They could see that as a threat potentially and if that's the case, we could be in trouble."

Over at the Tandang camp, the tribe is sitting in their shelter making small talk to pass the time as it rains outside. Lisa sits back quietly and listens to the others. She reveals, "I'm an introvert by nature, so I don't do well with chit chat. I'm just not very good at that." In interview Lisa reveals as an actress, Lisa can hide her shyness and let the character she is playing do the talking, but out here she only has herself. Lisa leaves the shelter and heads off by herself towards the well in the pouring rain. The rest of the tribe comments on her not being a part of them and suspects that she knows it and is therefore looking for the idol. Abi-Maria says, "I think that Lisa is a little bit sneaky. She's just like an outsider." Lisa sits by herself at the well feeling alone in the game with no allies. She's used to handling things on her own ever since she was a child actress but knows that she has to work with others in SURVIVOR. She admits, "It's hard being on the outside and maybe I just not able to play this game." Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe agrees to vote Lisa out next.

It's now day six at Matsing and the rain is still coming down. They are all tired of the rain, but Russell works to keep the fire going, while Malcolm and Denise work on fortifying the shelter to stop the leaks. Roxy is wet and cold and just starts crying. She was hoping that her faith would give her the strength to endure anything, but she is really having a hard time with the weather, the living conditions and being away from loved ones. Roxy says, "Right now I'm encountering Christ all over again and it's not easy." Russell sees that she's struggling and gives her words of encouragement. A little while later, the sun comes out and literally brightens everyone's day. Roxy sits on the beach and prays and chants out loud thanking God. Denise and Russell are sitting close by and are worried if Roxy is going to be able to stay strong in this game. Denise respects religion but admits, "I don't pray for anything. Anything that's going to get me to the end of the game is going to be to me." Later that morning, Russell encourages them to fight hard as Matsing heads out to the challenge.

The Kalabaw, Matsing and Tandang tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity challenge. Two members from each tribe will pull a sled out to retrieve bundles of puzzle pieces. They will come back to the start and the next pair will go. Once a tribe has collected all their pieces, one person will serve as the caller to help two other tribe members solve a giant puzzle. The first two tribes to get it right will win immunity but the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council and vote someone out. In addition, they are playing for reward. First tribe to finish gets pillows, blankets and a tarp. The second tribe to finish gets a tarp only. Abi-Maria sits out of the challenge for Tandang. Dawson sits out for Kalabaw. Before the challenge begins, each tribe gets together to discuss strategy for the challenge. Russell informs his Matsing tribe that Angie or Roxy will have to pull the sled twice. Angie prefers not to go twice, but Roxy says she can't because she has not had enough water. The first pairs to retrieve puzzle pieces are Carter and Jeff for Kalabaw, Pete and Michael for Tandang and Russell and Angie for Matsing. Tandang retrieves their puzzle pieces first, followed closely by Kalabaw. Matsing is a distant third. RC and Artis head out next for Tandang to retrieve the second set of puzzle pieces. Katie and Penner go out for Kalabaw. Malcolm and Roxy team up for Matsing with a lot of ground to make up. Kalabaw passes Tandang and makes it back first, putting them in the lead. Tandang is now second and Matsing a close third after having made up some ground even with Malcolm doing the majority of work in this round. Carter and Jeff head out once again for Kalabaw to get the final puzzle pieces. Pete and Michael head out again for Tandang, while Russell and Angie head out for Matsing. All the pairs are exhausted, but Carter and Jeff make it back first, giving Kalabaw the most time to solve their puzzle. Dana is the caller and Jeff and Jonathan are the puzzle solvers for Kalabaw. Tandang starts on their puzzle next, with Lisa as the caller and RC and Pete the puzzle solvers. Russell and Angie get back last with their puzzle pieces, putting their puzzle solvers at a disadvantage in the challenge. Denise is the caller and Malcolm and Russell are the puzzle solvers for Matsing. All three tribes prove to be pretty good at solving the puzzle. Kalabaw stays in the lead after the first puzzle, but Tandang and Matsing are right at their heels. Tandang works together well and takes the lead finishing their third puzzle first. Matsing is now in second and Kalabaw in third. In the end, Tandang solves the third and final puzzle first and therefore wins the challenge, the blanket and the tarp reward. In a close battle for second, Kalabaw is victorious thereby winning immunity and a tarp. So Matsing once again comes in last and has to go to Tribal Council. Russell curses and throws the last puzzle piece because he is so upset at having lost a second time. He is disappointed with this tribe and says, "These folks have not decided that they are unbeatable, that they can do this."

Back at the Matsing camp, Russell apologizes to his tribe mates for getting angry at the end of the challenge. They are all upset about having to go to Tribal Council once again. Russell feels that Roxy is on his side and a good informant of what others are doing. On the other hand, Russell is very disappointed with her attitude at today's challenge. He admits, "If Roxanne goes, I'm like screwed." Later, when they are alone, Roxy complains to Russell about Angie's poor performance in the challenge. She also points out the danger of having a strong alliance in the tribe like Malcolm and Angie have. Roxy proclaims, "Bottom line, Angie needs to go." Malcolm sees Roxy talking to Russell and warns Angie that the two of them will be targeted at tonight's Tribal Council for their relationship. Malcolm knows that he should not be exclusively cuddling with Angie. He says, "Now I'm nervous that that might come back to bite me." Later, Russell talks to Denise. He expresses his concern that Angie is not as sweet and innocent as she might appear to be. Russell also admits to Denise that if Roxy gets voted out, then he is likely next to go. Denise admits, "At this point, Roxy and Russell are definitely aligned and I know Malcolm and Angie are aligned and I'm caught in the middle of all of it." Denise doesn't feel that she can fully trust Roxy. At the same time, she is worried that Malcolm might pick Angie over herself even though they have an alliance. As Matsing heads out to Tribal Council, Denise is not sure whom she will vote for.

Tribal Council begins with Russell explaining why he was so upset when Matsing lost the immunity/reward challenge. Russell says, "Jeff I'm intense about this. This means a lot." Denise understands how he feels. Roxy feels her tribe uses too much of their energy working in camp versus saving it for the challenges. Denise disagrees and feels they need food, fire and shelter just to have strength for challenges. Jeff asks Angie what one thing she would like to change about this tribe. Angie responds, " That we could have cookies." Russell rolls his eyes. He knows that Angie is young but encourages his tribe to get serious about this game. Jeff asks about friendships in the tribe. Roxy says, "I don't know what's going on between Angie and Malcolm, but it's way beyond just an alliance." Angie responds, "That's her opinion and she can have that." Malcolm tries to assure his tribe that they are just snuggling to stay warm. Roxy wants the last words and reminds her tribe that a pair is very dangerous in this game. The Matsing tribe then votes. Jeff reveals four of the five votes, which are one vote for Angie and three votes for Roxy. So, Roxy Morris, the 28 year-old seminary student repair from Brooklyn, NY, becomes the second person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.