Season 25: Episode 3 - "This Isn't a 'We' Game"
Posted on Oct 4, 2012 12:00am

On night 6, Matsing returns to their camp from Tribal Council after just voting out Roxy. Angie says, "They know that me and Malcolm are nothing but friends. They all know that." Russell encourages his tribe do their best even though they are small in numbers. He is worried though about Malcolm and Angie's relationship. Like Roxy, he feels that it real and not to be dismissed. Russell says, "If Denise decides to hitch her wagon to the young ones, then I'm dead."

The next morning at Tandang, RC asks Abi-Maria to help her look for the idol. Abi-Maria says she is too tired and just wants to rest her injured knew. Abi-Maria admits, "I'm not trusting RC with the clue for the idol anymore." RC tries to assure Abi-Maria that she is not seen as a liability to Tandang because of her injured knee. Abi-Maria tells RC that she trusts her own instincts more and refuses to discuss it anymore. RC comments, "Her paranoia is getting the best of her right now." Abi-Maria continues to not listen to RC or look for the idol, so RC just walks away. RC vents, "I feel like I shared the hidden immunity idol clue with her and that should be proof enough that I really trust her and no one else in this game." While RC and Michael are swimming in the ocean, Abi-Maria breaks her promise to RC and tells Pete about the hidden immunity idol clue. She trusts Pete more than RC and wants his help in finding the idol before RC does. Pete is pleased to have this information and reveals to Abi-Maria that he trusts her more than RC because she was honest with him. Later, Pete talks to Lisa. He tells her that the tribe wants to get rid of her first, but that he has a plan to protect her. Pete reveals, "I like Lisa. I don't see any problem with her and I also see someone later in the game that I'm easily going to be able to get rid of." Lisa listens to Pete' plan. Pete wants to get rid of Mike next. Lisa reveals, "I would prefer to get rid of RC, but Peter's the one that's calling it, so I need to lay low and go with him." Lisa promises Pete that she will vote how he wants her to vote.

Over at the Kalabaw, the tribe is gathered by the fire. Dana notices that the emblem is missing from the top of the rice container. Everyone wonders where it might have gone. Jonathan plays along knowing full well that he was the one that removed it from the rice box when he discovered that it was the hidden immunity idol. Later, Carter suggests to Dawson and Jeff that the missing emblem is probably the idol. Jeff suspects that Jonathan was the one that found it. He reveals, "We might be able to pull a little blindside, where we can get Jonathan off with that idol in his pocket."

Matsing starts their day realizing that their raft has been washed out to sea overnight. Everyone is very disappointed. Malcolm admits, "That could come back to haunt us." Later, Denise and Malcolm get some time alone to discuss things. Malcolm points out that he and Angie did not cuddle last night after being attacked at Tribal Council. Denise feels that Russell and Angie have no idea about her and Malcolm's alliance. Malcolm reveals, "It's not me and Angie as everyone seems to believe. If we go back to Tribal, it's going to come down to Angie or Russell." Denise points out that she and Malcolm are sitting in a safe position in the middle of all decisions. She trusts Malcolm and hopes that he is willing to vote out Angie next, so they can keep the stronger Russell in their tribe to win challenges. Although, neither one of them wants to go to Tribal Council anytime soon.

The Kalabaw, Matsing and Tandang tribes arrive at a floating platform. Jeff explains the rules of the immunity / reward challenge. Each tribe will dive down into the water to release puzzle wheels attached to a line. Once they have one, they will bring it up and the next person will go. Once a tribe has collected all eight wheels, they will use them to solve a word puzzle. The first two tribes to get it right will win immunity. The loser will go to Tribal Council and vote one of their members out of the game. In addition they are playing for reward. The first tribe to finish gets a massive fishing kit and a canoe waiting for them back at camp. The second tribe to finish gets a smaller fishing kit, but no canoe. To even up the numbers, Kalabaw sits out Katie and Dawson, while Tandang sits out Lisa and Abi-Maria. The first divers to retrieve puzzle pieces are Dana for Kalabaw, Artis for Tandang and Angie for Matsing. Artis and Dana retrieve their pieces quickly, while Angie struggles even though the piece is only two feet under the water. Pete and Jeff head out next Tandang and Kalabaw, while Angie still works on Matsing's first puzzle piece. Jeff makes it back first with the second piece, putting Kalabaw in the lead. Angie finally brings back the first piece for Matsing. Penner heads out for the third piece for Kalabaw, while Pete makes it back with the second piece for Tandang. Russell heads out next for Matsing with the intent of making up time that Angie lost. He retrieves the puzzle piece quickly enough, but has a hard time getting back on the platform. This once again puts Matsing further behind. Meanwhile, Kalabaw is still in the lead with Carter going out to retrieve piece number four as Michael swims back with Tandang's third piece. When Michael makes it back to the floating platform, he has a cut under his eye that is bleeding, because the mask he was wearing shattered on his face because he dove in face first. As the challenge continues, Kalabaw maintains their lead with Carter, Dana, Jeff and Jonathan taking turns to retrieve their remaining puzzle pieces, as they get deeper and deeper in the water. Tandang remains in second with RC going out four times to retrieve pieces. Michael dives down one additional time, even with the cut on his face. Denise and Malcolm make up time for Matsing, but then Russell goes out again to retrieve the fifth piece with no success. He comes back empty handed. As Kalabaw and Tandang are already working on their puzzles, Denise and Malcolm still have two pieces to retrieve for Matsing. Kalabaw makes good use of their lead and the extra time it gave them to solve their puzzle. They solve the word puzzle with the word TREASURE before the other tribes, therefore winning them immunity and the deluxe fishing equipment reward. Matsing does well on the puzzle portion of the challenge, but in the end they could not make up for the extra time they took to retrieve their puzzle pieces. So, Tandang comes in second and wins immunity and the smaller reward. A very disappointed Matsing must go to Tribal Council for the third time in a row to vote out another member.

The Kalabaw tribe returns to their camp and finds their reward of fishing equipment and a canoe waiting for them. They are so proud of having won another challenge and avoiding Tribal Council once again. Jonathan is happy about the challenge, but nervous about his tribe mate Jeff. He explains, "Jeff knows that I'm an experienced player. He is very wary of me, but I want him to be on my side." So Jonathan finds time to talk to Jeff on the beach. He reveals to Jeff that he found the hidden immunity idol and hopes they can work together in the game. Jeff is willing to try and work with Jonathan, but he still does not trust him. Jeff admits, "I've got to figure out what's going to be best for me. This is a "˜me' game. This isn't a "˜we' game." At the end of their meeting Jeff shakes hands with Jonathan. In doing so, he extends his index finger and does not include it in the handshake. Jeff explains, "I gave his a four finger handshake not a manly shake, not a five finger handshake." Since Jeff is not fully comfortable with Jonathan, he didn't want to cement the agreement with a real handshake and then go back on his word.

Tandang celebrates as they once again return from a challenge with the immunity idol. Michael explains how the mask broke on his face when he dove in the water. Artis is very disappointed that Tandang came in second and attributes the loss to Michael breaking the mask, after he warned others not to do what he did to break it. Artis vents, "I'm about fed up with Mike. Now he's in my sights." As the rest of Tandang goes out to find clams in the water, Abi-Maria and Pete go out to look for the hidden immunity idol. Abi-Maria is committed to finding it before RC does. The two of them search all around camp for the idol. Abi-Maria then gets the idea to remove the symbol on top of the rice container. Upon realizing it is the hidden immunity idol, she screams, "Oh my God, I found it!" Pete is pleased that Abi-Maria found the idol, since he feels that he can control her. As Abi-Maria finds a place to hide the idol, Pete recommends that they use it when they have the majority of votes on their side. Pete feels he can get Artis and Lisa to vote with him. He reveals, "It's going to be a lot easier to get rid of Mike and kind of neutralize RC." As Abi-Maria buries the idol she boasts about the fact that she was the one to find it.

The Matsing tribe returns to camp very disappointed in their loss. Malcolm vents, "It's just tragic that I'm stuck out here with just the goon squad of tribes." He is thankful to at least have Denise on his tribe who performed well in the challenge today unlike Angie and Russell. Later, Denise and Malcolm get together and express their frustration with their tribe. Angie joins them to plead her case. She explains, "I don't want Malcolm and Denise to think of me as like a weak link or as the girl who just gives up." Denise prefers to vote out Angie rather than Russell, but she is not sure that Malcolm will agree with her on this, since he likes Angie. Meanwhile, Russell is walking along the beach thinking about their performance in the challenge. He says, "Everybody has their weaknesses. Mine showed up today. Diving ten feet down is just not my thing." Russell gets back to camp and prays. He knows that his tribe could vote him out tonight. Russell vows, "I am down but I am not out." Later, Angie and Malcolm sit together on the beach. She reminds Malcolm that she did not give up in the challenge. Malcolm reveals, "Between Russ and Angie, it's a toss up for different reasons." He is closer to Angie and feels that she will vote with him, but he knows that Russell is better in most challenges. Angie plans on pleading her case at Tribal Council. She says, "I'm here for them and I want to win. You know, it's my number one goal." Russell is back at camp and deep in thought about all his ancestors and what they had to overcome. He admits, "To not continue to fight would be to spit in the face of all those people who endured so much more than I will ever endure in my life and definitely in this damn game."

Each of the four remaining Matsing players are not happy about being back at Tribal Council for a third time in a row. Denise reveals that she has made a lot of sacrifices both personally and professionally to be here. She says, "I'm not willing to roll over and just give up." Malcolm is very upset at the performance of his tribe in all the challenges so far. He vows to change the way they compete in challenges. No longer will they be nice and give everyone a chance to participate, instead they will figure out who on their tribe can do the best and let them compete against the other tribes. Malcolm admits that Russell and Angie did not do well in today's challenge and that he and Denise should have done all the diving and swimming. He says, "The people that can do it have to step up and the rest of you have to go home." Angie is worried that she might be voted out tonight. She points out that although she was slow, she did not give up like Russell did in the challenge. Russell defends himself and explains that he did not give up. He stopped and let somebody else that could do the task take over. He feels for all future challenges that he has more to offer his tribe than Angie. Russell says, "Life experience, intellectual capability, physical capability to me the choice is clear." He then reminds Angie that she was exhausted after just bringing back one puzzle piece. Angie is hurt by Russell's attack and fights back tears. Malcolm comes to her defense and points out that the young small girls on the other tribes have not been tested in strength challenges the way that Angie has, because they have been able to sit out instead. Malcolm admits that this is a tough vote between strength versus loyalty. The Matsing tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all four votes, which are one vote for Russell and three votes for Angie. So, Angie Layton, the 20 year-old student from Provo, UT, becomes the third person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.