Season 25: Episode 4 - "Create a Little Chaos"
Posted on Oct 11, 2012 12:00am

It's the morning of day 9 and the Matsing tribe's fire has gone out because of the rain. Malcolm tries to restart the fire with flint, but things are just too wet. So, the remaining three Matsing members endure the damp morning and eat cold rice. Malcolm admits, "I think we put on brave faces for each other. Everyone's scared and everyone's a little bit nervous." He hopes that they win their next immunity challenge to give them hope for the future. Denise did not expect to be in a tribe of only three this early in the game. Denise reveals, "My thoughts are on how do I stay here. Who's going home next?" As the three of them sit in the shelter to stay out of the rain, Russell suggests, "Let's just mount the greatest comeback ever." Malcolm and Denise agree with him. Russell knows that Malcolm, Denise and he are not quitters, so he focuses on winning the next challenge.

Over at Tandang, the tribe is huddled in the shelter, as it steadily rains in their camp. Even with a tarp over their roof, water drops find their way into the shelter. Artis tries to start a fire, but it is short lived with the constant rain. Abi-Maria looks over and sees a piece of paper under RC's bag, which is lying on their bamboo bed. Abi asks what it is and Pete responds, "It's the clue to the hidden immunity idol." This immediately gets everyone's attention and shocks both Abi-Maria and RC. RC reads the clue out loud for everyone to hear. Abi-Maria is upset that RC was reckless with the clue and now has shared it with everyone, instead of keeping it just between the two of them. Abi- Maria reveals, "She has no idea that I have found the hidden immunity idol, but I don't feel bad, because me finding that clue proved to me that she wasn't a 100% honest with me at all." RC, on the other hand, has no idea how the clue got there. RC admits, "I certainly didn't put it there, but because this popped out, I'm a little wary about my place right now in the tribe." Meanwhile, Pete is sitting quietly at the corner of the shelter watching this drama unfold. He reveals, "RC didn't do anything. I was the one that put it there." Abi-Maria had shown him where the clue was in the past, so he went and got it and planted in under RC's bag. Abi-Maria feels betrayed by RC and tells Pete how mad she is at RC. Pete listens patiently and is pleased with the chaos caused by his sneaky actions. He gloats, "Keeping people on their toes is a big part of my strategy. I don't want anybody to be able to play their game. I want them to play my game."

Finally there is a break in the rain, so the Kalabaw tribe decides to start a fire and do some fishing. Jeff, Jonathan and Carter take the canoe out. Jonathan spots some giant clams on the ocean floor near the beach, so Carter helps him put them into the canoe. Jeff appreciates the knowledge and experience that Jonathan brings to the game as opposed to the rest of his younger tribe mates. Jeff admits, "I didn't want a veteran to win this game, but I've got to adapt. Jonathan has the idol now and I want to get further in this game." While Carter is in the water fishing, Jeff points out to Jonathan that he has a good relationship with the others in the tribe and can even control some of their votes. He proposes that his influence with others is a good match with Jonathan's game experience and the power that he holds with the hidden immunity idol. Jonathan agrees to work with Jeff and shakes his hand. Jonathan admits, "Having him on my side, at least for the time being will make us both pretty, pretty powerful." Next, Carter brings Jonathan some more giant clams to put in the boat. He tells Jonathan that he would like to be in his alliance because he feels he can get further in the game, then aligning with the women in the tribe. Jonathan feels Carter is being honest with him and agrees to be on his side. Carter admits, "It's kind of crazy because I decided that Jonathan was no longer a target of mine, but somebody that I was going to work with." He is happy to be in an alliance with Jeff and Jonathan and sets his sights on voting the girls out first. Meanwhile, Dana, Katie and Dawson are trying their hand at fishing over at the lake. Dawson is pretty sure that the men are over in the ocean talking about them, while the women are here at the lake talking about the men. Dana points out that their tribe used to be a democracy, but now the men are trying to run the tribe. She proposes that they form a women's alliance against the men and invite the other women to join it after the merge. Dana reveals, "I think women naturally feel more comfortable around each other." Dawson and Katie agree to form a women's alliance.

Back at Matsing, Russell tells Malcolm and Denise how disappointed he would be if he didn't make the merge. He is upset that half of the tribe is gone, but admits that the people voted out really didn't help the tribe. Russell's leadership, challenge performance and attitude have not impressed Malcolm. Malcolm reveals, "He's still here only because we're doing so badly and we need muscle mass." Russell is uncomfortable with the fact that neither Malcolm nor Denise has talked strategy with him lately. Later when Malcolm and Denise are in the shelter, Russell decides to look around camp again for the hidden immunity idol. As he searches and searches for it, Russell says, "The real frustrating part is I have a feeling that I've been past this thing like a hundred million times." Little does Russell know, that he does frequently pass the hidden immunity idol on the Matsing rice container. Meanwhile, Denise goes out to gather more firewood and comes back to find Russell moving banana leaves at the corner of the shelter. Russell lies and tells Denise that he saw a loose banana leaf and wanted to make sure that the shelter was not coming apart. Denise is suspicious and wonders if Russell was trying to hide the hidden immunity idol. She shares what she saw with Malcolm. Malcolm and Denise decide to go through Russell's things in the shelter, while he is over at the fire. Malcolm says, "I have no shame out here. If you have an idol, I want to know about it. I want as many variables in my control as possible." They don't find an idol in his things, but Malcolm and Denise decide to blindside Russell at the next vote, just in case.

The next day at Tandang, Abi-Maria is still upset with RC about the hidden immunity idol clue. Pete says, "I would love to send RC home right now. I don't trust RC as far as I can throw her." RC asks Abi-Maria if she would like to talk about things. Abi-Maria replies, "I'm not going to talk to you about anything. You know what you did." RC tries to convince Abi-Maria that she does not know what happened and would like to figure it out with her. Abi-Maria will have nothing to do with her. RC doesn't know if Abi-Maria planted the clue or if someone else did. RC asks Pete if he knows why Abi-Maria won't talk to her. Pete tells her that it is between her and Abi-Maria. RC reveals, "I thought I had Abi as my number two. I thought I had Pete. I think I'm in danger if we have an immunity challenge and we lose." Later, RC confides in Lisa about how frustrated she is and how unfair Abi-Maria is being. After RC leaves, Abi-Maria talks to Lisa about how insulted she is by RC's actions. Lisa patiently listens to both of them. She reveals, "My energy is going to go into blowing a little oxygen on some fire over here and let them flame out for me. So that I don't have to take the heat."

The Kalabaw, Matsing and Tandang tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the immunity / reward challenge. One at a time, the castaways will carry two pots of rice on a bamboo pole through a series of obstacles. They will place the pots in their stands and then the next person goes. Once the tribe has collected all six pots, then they will use a wrecking ball to smash the pots. The first two tribes to smash all six of their pots win immunity. The losers go to Tribal Council where someone will be voted out of the game. They are also playing for reward. The first tribe to finish wins steak, vegetables, spices and utensils to cook them. The second tribe to finish gets vegetables, salt, pepper and a pot to cook it in. Either winning tribe can trade in their reward for a tarp. To even up the numbers, Kalabaw sits out Katie, Dawson and Dana, while Tandang sits out Lisa, Abi-Maria and RC. Malcolm, Michael and Carter are first out for the Matsing, Tandang and Kalabaw tribes respectively. Malcolm gets his two pots balanced on his pole and over the obstacles in lightning speed, putting his Matsing tribe in the lead. Michael comes in second. Carter has a rough start and he loses one of his pots at the start and has to go back to the beginning to reload another one. Then he falls while on the obstacle course. So Kalabaw is now in last place. Russell maintains the Matsing lead as he quickly gets his two pots through the course and into their stands. Artis keeps his Tandang tribe in second place, but loses some of the lead they had over Kalabaw, because Jonathan makes quick work of the course. Denise is unable to keep Matsing's lead, as Pete from Tandang is able to pass her on the course. Denise keeps her tribe ahead of Kalabaw though, but Jeff is able to close the gap for Kalabaw. With all six pots in their stands, Tandang and Matsing head for the wrecking ball, with Kalabaw close behind them. Artis operates the wrecking ball for Tandang. He smashes one pot on his first try and three on his second. Malcolm throws the wrecking ball for Matsing. He smashes one pot on his first and second attempts. Kalabaw finally gets to the wrecking ball, where Jeff takes over. Artis does an excellent job for Tandang and smashes their six pots first, therefore winning them immunity and the steak reward. Jeff quickly catches up to Malcolm, so they are both down to one pot to win second place. In the end, Jeff smashes the Kalabaw pot first, winning them immunity and reward. Matsing is so disappointed to have lost their fourth challenge in a row. In frustration, Russell picks up the final pot and throws it on the ground in front of everyone. He asks God why this is happening to him. Jeff Probst explains to Russell that this is a game and someone has to lose. Jeff awards the winners with the immunity idols and rewards. Kalabaw decides to take the tarp instead of the vegetable reward.

The Matsing tribe returns to camp once again disappointed with their loss. Malcolm says, "I can say personally, my lowest low was after the challenge today." He can never remember feeling so sad, even after his dog passed away. Russell admits, "It's disbelief, frustration, sadness, you know all those things because tonight we have to vote one of the three of us out." As Malcolm and Russell are in the ocean washing off the mud from the challenge, Malcolm tells Russell to vote for Denise, since they have to keep the tribe strong. Malcolm wants Russell to think that Denise is going and for Denise to think that Russell is going to keep his options open. So, he tells Denise to vote for Russell and that Russell thinks that she is going home. Denise hopes that her alliance with Malcolm is strong and that Russell will be the one going home. She is worried that Russell might have an immunity idol though. Denise explains, "Right now we are trying to get Russell to think that he's the swing or to think that he's comfortable. So that if he does have an immunity idol, he doesn't play it." So, Denise talks to Russell. He tries to explain why he got so mad at losing today. He tells her a story about being beaten up by two a few kids when he was eight years old and how fearful he was after that. One day he caught one of the kids who attacked him and he punched him in the face. The kid immediately started crying and Russell was not afraid after that. Russell was quick to point out that he does not approve of violence. He says, "I'm not going to cower in the face of anything." Russell shares with Denise that he is worried about going home tonight. Denise proposes that they vote for Malcolm, since he is both a physical and social threat. Russell is pleased to hear Denise's plans and agrees to vote with her. With both Malcolm and Denise asking Russell to vote with them, Russell feels like he is the swing vote. Malcolm explains, "Tonight with only three people and everybody telling everyone else that it's the other person, this could go anyway really." As they walk out to Tribal Council, Malcolm, Denise and Russell hope they will be returning to camp that night.

Malcolm tells Jeff Probst, the host, "There's no telling what's going to happen tonight, just because we're all saying the same thing to everyone." Next, Russell explains his philosophy of always expecting to win. Russell says, "There is nothing wrong with me expecting excellence from myself every time, no matter what it is that I'm doing." Malcolm admits that he let his tribe down in the challenge today by not being able to break all the pots before the other tribes. Jeff then asks each castaway why he or she should not be voted out tonight. Denise points out that she is a strong physical and social player who can work hard to make alliances with others wherever they end up. Malcolm makes the case that he is the strongest physical player, which is the key to winning a challenge. Russell thinks that Malcolm is too much of a threat for the remainder of the game and suggests that he and Denise would be the best two to go forward. Neither Russell nor Malcolm has anything bad to say about Denise, except that maybe she is too likable. The Matsing tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all three votes, which are one vote for Malcolm and two votes for Russell. So, Russell Swan, the 45 year-old returning player from Glendside, PA, becomes the fourth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.