Season 25: Episode 6 - "Down and Dirty"
Posted on Oct 25, 2012 12:00am

On night 13, the Kalabaw tribe returns from their first Tribal Council where they just voted out Dawson. Katie feels especially vulnerable, since she has now lost her women's alliance with Dana and Dawson gone. She comments that "Compared to these big strong men, I'm looking like the weakest link. So, I just got to work my magic and see what happens." The next morning, Jonathan and Jeff are down at the beach enjoying the sunrise. Katie and Denise are sitting alone in the shelter. Katie tells Denise that she thinks Jonathan or Jeff has the hidden immunity idol. Denise replies, "I can almost guarantee Penner's got it." Katie is quick to agree and suggests that they get rid of Jonathan next. She reveals, "If I can get rid of Jonathan, that's going to keep me here at least through the merge, and I intend on making that happen."

Michael suggests that Tandang starts boiling water, so they can make some rice for breakfast. Abi-Maria tells her tribe that they do not have much rice left and suggests that they go without breakfast, so they can keep their limited rice going for a little longer. Pete blames Michael for their low supply of rice since he has been eating it dry when they couldn't get fire to cook it. Pete vents, "Mike makes horrible decisions. He's the most useless player that has ever been returned to SURVIVOR, and he needs to go home." Knowing that a challenge is coming, Michael suggests that they cook just one cup of rice for them all to share so they will have some energy. Abi-Maria refuses to do so. Artis is also very upset about the low rice supply. He comments, "Mike has literally ate us out of house and home."

The Kalabaw and Tandang tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the reward challenge. Three members from each tribe will race over a mud field to a large wicker ball. They will then work together to push that ball through their goal while the other tribe is doing everything they can to oppose them and do the same. Each time they get the ball to their goal, a point is scored for their tribe. The first tribe to get three points wins a picnic reward, which includes sandwiches, soup, chips, brownies and sodas. Since Tandang has two extra members, RC and Artis sit out this challenge. In the first round, Lisa, Pete and Michael from Tandang oppose Denise, Carter and Jonathan from Kalabaw. On Jeff's go, both tribes race to get to the ball first. Michael and Carter arrive first and start pushing in opposite directions. Pete then pulls Carter from the ball and throws him to the ground. Lisa then goes after Denise to try and get her away from the ball. Meanwhile, Michael and Jonathan are trying to move the ball towards their goals. Lisa finally gets Denise away from the ball and tries to hold her down in the mud. Pete and Carter are still fighting to get back to the ball to help Michael and Jonathan. Michael then goes after Jonathan to get him away. Denise and Carter writhe free and are able to get the wicker ball down the course a bit towards the Kalabaw goal. Pete and Lisa quickly take Carter and Denise down to the mud stopping their progress. Michael sits on Jonathan, Pete ties up Carter, and Lisa disables Denise for quite a while. All six players are full of mud and exhausted after their battles to move the wicker ball. Jonathan shouts, "Endurance is what's going to win. Something that Skupin and I both have." After an hour of being pinned in the mud without progress, Michael and Jonathan start to negotiate. Michael proposes that Tandang give Kalabaw the reward in exchange for all of Kalabaw's remaining rice. Abi-Maria and Artis quickly veto that idea. Jonathan said that he would consider that deal. Carter says, "I don't know, rice fuels us." Jonathan is not worried about Kalabaw not having rice, since they have a boat, spear and snorkel, which allows them to catch fish. Jeff Probst says, "If you guys come up with alternate plan for this and everybody agree to it, then I'm open. Otherwise, this goes as planned." Artis does not want to make the deal. Jonathan asks his tribe if they agree with the deal, and no one from Kalabaw disagrees. Michael asks Tandang. Pete agrees, while Abi-Maria and Artis tell Michael to do whatever he wants. Ultimately, Michael accepts the deal for Tandang who then gets all of Kalabaw's rice in exchange for giving them the picnic reward. Jeff declares the challenge over.

The Kalabaw tribe arrives at the picnic reward and is elated to see the food waiting for them at the table. Before even washing away all the mud from the challenge, they grab a brownie and pass it around amongst themselves. They each enjoy a foot long sandwich, soup, chips, brownies and soda. Jeff admits, "It was a great moment to see all that food on the table, but the fact that we just don't have rice is probably going to wear on us in a couple days." Next, Jonathan finds envelopes marked with their respective names on a nearby table. They are delighted to discover letters from home in each of their envelopes. They all grow emotional as they read the letters from their loved ones. Denise comments, "Coming to this reward, it's motivational fuel, it's emotional fuel, that makes any rice we gave up totally worth it." Jonathan mentions that he feels good about the deal he made with Tandang.

Over at the Tandang camp, Artis complains about the deal that Michael agreed to as soon as the tribe returns to camp from the challenge. Artis tells Malcolm that Penner made a great deal for Kalabaw. He vows to calm down before he says anything to Michael because he fears he'll blow up. He explains, "What really bothers me is that we had a member of our tribe make a decision for our tribe, who has done absolutely nothing for our tribe." Pete brings Kalabaw's rice back from tree mail to the tribe and tells everyone that it is about the same amount as they have now. RC feels good that they have at least doubled their rice. Abi-Maria says, "I'm afraid this is going to be one of the dumbest moves on SURVIVOR." Lisa sees that her tribe is divided on the deal and that Pete, Abi-Maria, and Artis feel that forfeiting the challenge is like a double loss. Others, like Malcolm and RC, feel good that they at least left Kalabaw with no rice. Abi-Maria points out that Tandang only has two more days' worth of rice, even after acquiring Kalabaw's , if they do not reduce their portions She is not happy and lets everyone know it. RC then meets with Michael away from camp, and they discuss how upset and negative Pete, Artis and Abi-Maria are about the deal. Michael comments that he does not understand how they can be so upset, because no one voted against it at the challenge. RC comments, "Artis, Pete and Abi are very nasty and angry. They're cruel, but they have the upper hand." RC decides to just lay low and let Abi-Maria have her temper tantrums.

The next morning, Jonathan is happy to have a morning without rain so he can go fishing. Carter spots a stingray swimming closely along the shore. Jonathan runs out with the sling and misses it twice. Carter is very disappointed because he is weak and starving. Carter regrets making the deal with Tandang that left them with no rice. He comments, "Jonathan is very confident that we can get fish, but to me it was a pretty risky deal. It just really makes me nervous." Still confident that he will catch fish, Jonathan heads out into the ocean with the sling, mask and snorkel. Meanwhile, the rest of Kalabaw is back at camp complaining about hunger or anxiously waiting for Jonathan to return with a catch. Jonathan is out fishing for a long time but returns with only two tiny fish. He breaks up the fish into pieces for everyone to have a bite. Kalabaw has no fire, so they have to eat the morsels raw. Jeff opts out of eating the raw, smelly fish. Katie says, "That rice gave you immediate energy, but now it's gone." She worries about how well they will do in the next challenge without food. Jeff states his hope that the merge will come soon, so they will get food. Carter lies down because he is feeling so weak. Jonathan comments, "Today we have an immunity challenge and it is crucially important that we win today."

The Kalabaw and Tandang tribes arrive on their mats. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity challenge. One member from each tribe will launch balls out into the field while the other tribe members attempt to catch the balls. If anyone catches a ball, no matter what the color is, they score a point for their tribe. First tribe to score five wins immunity. The losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out. Michael and Abi-Maria sit out for the Tandang tribe, since they have two more members than Kalabaw. Lisa launches balls for Tandang while Denise is the launcher for Kalabaw. In the field, Artis matches up with Jonathan, Malcolm competes against Carter, Jeff goes against Pete, and RC matches up with Katie. Lisa and Denise launch the first balls. Jonathan beats Artis to the catch, while the other ball is not caught. Kalabaw begins by taking the lead. In the second launch, RC and Pete catch the balls giving Tandang two points and the lead. The third launch results in misses for both Katie and Carter who were closest to the balls. In the next three rounds, Jeff is the only one to catch a ball each time, putting Kalabaw back in the lead with four points to two. During these rounds, Katie missed two opportunities to catch the ball. Michael tells Lisa to launch the ball directly to Malcolm. Lisa does just this, and Malcolm catches the next two balls, tying the game at four each. Jonathan sees that Carter is not keeping up with Malcolm and asks Carter if he wants to trade places with Jeff. Carter agrees, but Jeff cannot prevent Malcolm from catching the next ball either. Finally, Tandang gets five points and win immunity.

Back at camp, the Kalabaw tribe discusses what they might have done differently to win the immunity challenge today. Jeff thinks about who he will vote for at Tribal Council. He says, "Penner and I have an alliance, but I'm still on the fence right now. I still don't know which way I'm going to jump." He talks to Carter, and they agree that Denise is more valuable than Katie since Denise works hard and is good at challenges. Jeff and Carter then discuss if it is better to vote for Katie or Jonathan. Jeff worries to Carter that it will be more difficult to vote Jonathan out if he makes it to the merge. At the same time, Carter wonders if people are more likely to vote for Jonathan than him and Jeff after the merge because they don't want a returning player to win. Carter trusts Jeff and tells him, "I'm going to follow your lead on this one." Later, Jonathan joins Carter and Jeff in the shelter and tells them that regrettably, he thinks Katie should go next. Jonathan explains, "To win this game, I'm going to have to make big moves only out of desperation." Katie joins them at the shelter and Jonathan quickly tells her to vote for Denise. Katie gets a little suspicious since she didn't even ask him about the vote. Jonathan then heads out of camp to fish. Katie takes this opportunity to encourage Jeff and Carter to vote for Jonathan. Katie admits, "As long as I can get them to believe, that O my God, this is our time to get rid of Jonathan, then it's going to work out for me and that's going to keep me here at least through the merge." Carter and Jeff meet again out at the beach and Carter says that is not sure what to do. Jeff admits, "I'm still weighing my options and all of them have to do with furthering myself in this game." He continues to worry that Jonathan might play his idol. Jonathan then comes back from fishing and confirms with Jeff and Carter that they are still voting for Katie. He tells them that he is not worried about Tribal Council and they shouldn't either.

Jeff Probst asks the Kalabaw tribe, "Who tonight truly feels that they're in trouble?" Denise and Katie are the only ones who raise their hands. Denise worries that because she is the newest one to join the tribe, she'll also be the easiest to vote out. Katie knows that she has not done well in challenges, but she reminds the tribe that she's been and will continue to be loyal to them. Jeff Kent admits that each vote gets more difficult because they each like one another and don't want to hurt anyone. He says, "There's not going to be a vote that's not going to be a blindside." Jonathan hopes that he is not going to be the one blindsided tonight but admits that he would understand and respect the others if they voted him out. Jeff Probst asks Jeff Kent if he has ever played a game like SURVIVOR before. Jeff Kent replies, "This game sucks, Jeff." He explains that SURVIVOR is unlike any other game and is so complicated because you have to vote off people that you have come to like and depend on. Jonathan agrees that someone is being blindsided tonight. He explains, "They are going to get the message loud and clear after the vote, so doing it to their face only adds to the agitation for all the rest of us." Katie plans on voting based on loyalty and says that she is committed to her word. The Kalabaw tribe then votes. Jeff reveals the first four votes, which are one vote for Jonathan and three votes for Katie. Katie Hanson, the 22 year-old former Miss Delaware from Newark, DE, becomes the seventh person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.