Season 25: Episode 8 - "Dead Man Walking"
Posted on Nov 8, 2012 12:00am

On night 19, Jonathan is upset about almost being voted out at tonight's Tribal Council. He received the majority of the votes but saved himself by playing his hidden immunity idol. Jonathan questions Jeff and Carter about why they didn't vote for Pete like they had agreed upon before Tribal Council. Denise admits to Jonathan that she voted for him tonight. Jonathan comments that he appreciates her honesty, but he feels betrayed by his alliance. Jeff reveals, "Now that Penner has played his idol, he doesn't have any more power that way." Jeff plans on voting out Jonathan next. Jeff also notes that he himself is vulnerable, since he jumped alliances and sided with Tandang in the vote tonight. His goal is to break down Tandang and get to the top. Michael takes Jonathan aside and assures him that there are cracks in alliances that will allow him to stay alive in the game. Jonathan says, "I'm not resigned to going home. There's no quit in me." He knows that he has to lay low for a while and come up with a new plan. Jonathan does not feel allegiance to anyone anymore, since they betrayed him. He vows, "Everybody is equal. They are all ready to die."

The next morning, Jonathan, Lisa, and Abi-Maria take the boat out to fish. Lisa is loyal to Tandang and plans on going along with their plan to vote out Jonathan and Michael next, so the returning players will be gone. Lisa reveals, "Jeff, Carter, Denise, Malcolm and I will then target the three that everybody doesn't like, which would be Artis, Pete and Abi." Later, Jeff and Lisa go to get the tree mail. On the way, Jeff confirms their plan to work together in the future to get rid of Artis, Pete and Abi-Maria, who think they are running the game. Jeff admits, "Lisa-- she's so naïve and so soft and so nice, but we might be able to jump on board with each other and maybe carry this thing into a flip scenario, where we flip ourselves from the bottom to the top." Jeff and Lisa bring tree mail back to the tribe, which tells them of an upcoming reward challenge.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives at the challenge, and Jeff Probst explains the rules. The tribe will divide into two teams. One person from each team will race out into the water carrying a rope. They will clip the rope to a fish trap and then dive down and release the buoy. They will then hang on to the buoy as the rest of their team pulls them back to shore. Then the next person goes. Once all four fish traps have been collected, one person from each tribe will dig into the sand to find their key. The key unlocks a puzzle frame and two people from each tribe will next use the puzzle scrolls to solve the puzzle. The first team to get it right wins the reward. The winning team will go on a river cruise through the jungle where they will enjoy barbeque ribs, potato salad, corn bread, and apple pie, and they will get to wash it down with lemonade and iced tea. The blue team consists of Michael, Pete, Artis, Carter and Abi-Maria. The opposing yellow team consists of Jeff, Malcolm, Jonathan, Lisa and Denise. Abi-Maria and Jeff are the first ones to go out and retrieve fish traps for their teams. Jeff makes it back before Abi-Maria, which puts the yellow team in the lead. Jonathan goes out next for the yellow team, while Pete goes out next for the blue team. Jonathan maintains the lead for the yellow team. Lisa goes out next against Carter. Lisa is a slow swimmer so Carter is able to catch up and pass her. This puts the blue team in the lead. Michael is out next for the blue team to retrieve their final fish trap. Denise heads out for the yellow team. Denise catches up to Michael. Michael has a hard time seeing where to unclip the buoy under the water, so he slows down his tribe. Denise takes advantage of this and puts her yellow team back in the lead returning their final fish trap before the blue team does. Malcolm immediately starts digging for the yellow team's key. When Michael finally returns, Artis digs for the blue team. Artis finds the key first and uses it to unlock the puzzle, which gives Michael and Pete a head start on solving it. Malcolm finally finds the yellow team's key, so Jonathan and Jeff start on their puzzle. In the end, Jonathan and Jeff prove to be better puzzle solvers and bring victory to the yellow team. Jeff, Malcolm, Jonathan, Lisa and Denise head out to enjoy the reward.

Michael, Pete, Artis, Carter and Abi-Maria head back to camp after losing the reward challenge. They work together to make a pot of beans. Artis wishes that his team would have won the reward, but he realizes that the most important thing is that he is still in the game competing for the million dollars. He admits, "Beans and rice for nineteen more days, not a problem for me." Carter asks Abi-Maria who is in her alliance. She confirms that Pete, Artis, Lisa and herself make up her alliance. Pete listens to her talk to Carter. He vents, "Abi's got a big mouth and when Abi leaks information that's very dangerous." Later, Pete talks to Abi-Maria on the beach. He proposes that they get rid of Jonathan next, but keep Michael around to help them in getting rid of the rest of Kalabaw. Abi-Maria says that she does not trust Jeff and wants him voted out. She thinks he is trying to form an alliance with Lisa. Pete gets upset with Abi-Maria for switching around the plan. He admits, "I wish I could vote her out, but I know if she's in a final three, she's not getting it."

Jeff, Malcolm, Jonathan, Lisa and Denise toast their win with lemonade and iced tea as they start their riverboat cruise. They all enjoy the ribs and other food as they cruise down the river. As she looks around at her teammates, Denise reveals, "That's who I would have wanted to have been at that reward with, because they're a pretty positive group that has meshed together well." Lisa tells the others that she is sorry that Michael is stuck back at camp with the others, since they are likely complaining. Malcolm reveals, "There is a bit of good versus evil in the tribe right now. The evil three being Artis, Abi and Pete and the rest of the tribe considering themselves the good guys." Lisa warns the others if they cross those three, then they will vote you out. Jonathan dislikes people that bully others and tells the group that he would like to see one of them or Carter win instead. He assures them that he has no chance of winning, but offers to help them vote out the evil ones. Jonathan hopes to buy himself a little more time in the game. Lisa knows that it would be noble to fight it out at the end with a group of nice people, but this is not the best strategy for SURVIVOR. She reveals, "I'm not trying to just get to the final five. I'm trying to win, which means that I need to first get to the final three with as many people that aren't going to get more votes than me, as possible."

As the sun rises on day 22, Lisa thinks about her options in the game. Lisa admits, "It makes much more sense for me and Skupin to go to the end with Abi and Artis and Pete, because they have made so many enemies." Lisa then meets with Michael and tells him her plan, assuring him that she has not discussed it with anyone else. Lisa reveals to Michael that Malcolm has the Matsing hidden immunity idol. With that information, they can talk Pete into keeping Michael around in order to vote out Malcolm. Michael admits, "Lisa is now in this game to win it, which is great because she's my closest ally out here." As they start discussing what happens if Jonathan wins immunity tonight, Jonathan walks up on their conversation. Michael knows that no plans can be finalized until they know who has won immunity at the next challenge. Jonathan hopes he will be the one to win immunity since it is crucial to his staying in the game. He has never won immunity in the past.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of the immunity challenge. They will race over and under a series of obstacles collecting bags of puzzle pieces along the way. The first three to cross the line will move onto the final round. In the final round, they will use the puzzle pieces to solve a snake puzzle. The winner will get immunity and a one-in-nine chance of winning SURVIVOR. In the first round, Pete finishes first, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final round. Jeff finishes second leaving Jonathan and Michael to fight it out for the third and final slot, as the others fall behind. They both untie their third and final bag and dive for the finish line. Jonathan gets there just before Michael so only Pete, Jeff and Jonathan make it to the final round. As the final round begins, all three dump their three bags of puzzle pieces. Pete and Jeff quickly start placing pieces in their snake puzzle. Jonathan lays the pieces out first. The castaways on the bench hope that either Pete or Michael will win, so they can vote out Jonathan tonight. Pete takes the lead in solving the puzzle. Jeff is second and Jonathan last. In the end, however, Jonathan comes from behind and wins immunity for the first time in all the seasons that he has played SURVIVOR. He is thrilled, while the rest of his tribe is disappointed, since he foiled their plan to vote him out tonight.

Back at camp, Jonathan is relieved to have safety from the vote tonight. Everyone else starts discussing who to vote out tonight. Pete, Malcolm, Jeff, Carter and Lisa get together and decide to vote for Michael because he is a veteran player. Next, Lisa takes Pete aside and tells him that Malcolm has Matsing's hidden immunity idol. She encourages Pete to vote for Malcolm tonight, since he is expecting everyone to vote for Michael. If they all vote for Malcolm instead, they will successfully blindside him. Lisa hopes that Pete will see that Malcolm has not been honest with them and therefore is unreliable. Pete admits, "I actually kind of trusted Malcolm." He decides to make sure Lisa's claim is true, so he asks Malcolm if he does have the idol. Malcolm is shocked by the question and quickly denies that he has the Matsing hidden immunity idol. Pete tells Malcolm that Lisa was the one that said he had it. Malcolm vents, "Already my heart's in my stomach because if that rumor is out there, it's going to come out eventually that I actually do have the thing." Pete believes Malcolm and tells him not to scramble. He tells Malcolm that he will get his alliance to vote for Jeff instead. Malcolm then goes to work telling everyone that Lisa is spreading a lie about him having the idol and encourages them to vote for Jeff tonight. Pete explains, "Right now Jeff's going home. He's a nice guy and played a great game, but he's a big threat and I want him gone." Pete then talks to Lisa. He tells her that Malcolm knows that they know about his idol. He then lies to Lisa and tells her that he did not tell Malcolm that she was the one that told him about it. Lisa is disappointed that Malcolm is scrambling because she feels that they have now lost their opportunity to blindside him. She says, "Everything just hit the fan." Over by the shelter, Jeff walks up to a conversation that mentions him being voted out tonight. He is shocked to hear this. Malcolm tells Jeff that both their names are being tossed around. Jeff replies, "We could get six right now." Jeff and Malcolm scramble to get Michael, Jonathan, Carter and Denise to vote with them and vote off Pete instead. Malcolm decides to bring his hidden immunity idol with him to Tribal Council. He admits, "If this thing even seems close, I'm playing it."

Michael admits that he felt at risk for elimination tonight, once Jonathan won the immunity challenge. He noticed a lot of talking going on at camp after the challenge, so he hopes that there is a chance that someone else might be going home. Malcolm points out that Lisa threw him under the bus today by revealing that he has Matsing's hidden immunity idol. She explains that she was just trying to protect Michael from being voted out tonight, since she wants to keep the original Tandang tribe around. Therefore, she wanted to eliminate Malcolm, whom she feels is the biggest threat in the game. Denise hopes that Malcolm will join with Kalabaw to even things up at five to five. Abi-Maria admits that she prefers to keep Malcolm over Michael and thinks that Lisa made a mistake in mixing things up. Lisa defends her action by reminding everyone that Malcolm has a hidden immunity idol that he hid from them. Malcolm decides to show everyone his idol and assures them that he will play it tonight, so that he will not be going home. Jeff Probst asks if anyone else would like to reveal an idol. Abi-Maria then pulls out her idol, much to everyone's surprise. Jonathan proposes that the former Kalabaw members join together with Michael and Malcolm to take control of the game. Lisa counters by asking her alliance to continue with their "plan b" to maintain their majority numbers. The Dangrayne tribe then votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, Malcolm and Abi-Maria decide not to play their hidden immunity idols. Jeff reveals all ten votes, which are one for Abi-Maria, four for Pete and five for Jeff. So, Jeff Kent, the 44 year-old retired baseball player from Austin, TX, becomes the ninth person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.