Season 25: Episode 9 - "Little Miss Perfect"
Posted on Nov 15, 2012 12:00am

On night 22, the Dangrayne tribe returns from Tribal Council where Jeff Kent was voted out. Michael admits, "Tribal Council was the most amazing experience." He discusses how shocked and relieved he is that Lisa revealed Malcolm's hidden immunity idol to save him and put the target on Malcolm. Michael says that it is to his advantage that Jeff went home, since he was pushing for the tribe to get rid of the returning players like himself. Abi-Maria calls Michael out for voting for her at Tribal Council. Jonathan tells Abi-Maria that he was the one that voted for her, since he was mad about being left out of all the plans. Jonathan says, "That was the most incredible Tribal I've ever been a part of. It was crazy." He then talks to Carter to find out who voted for Jeff. Jonathan then realizes that he could have potentially saved Jeff, if he had voted for Pete instead of Abi-Maria. He wishes that his alliance had gone into Tribal Council with a solid plan. Jonathan admits, "Now we will see where I stand. You know, I'm a dead man walking anyway." Next, Malcolm talks to Lisa and realizes that she is really upset because she had betrayed him at Tribal Council. He assures her that there are no hard feelings and that she was just playing the game. Lisa thanks Malcolm for being so understanding. She reveals, "I love this game, but I think it's too big for me."

The next morning, Jonathan says that he is in trouble if the five remaining Tandang members vote together at the next Tribal Council. He also mentions that the Tandang five is made up of very different people. On one side, Lisa and Skupin are Christian parents. On the other side, Artis, Abi-Maria and Pete are playing like bullies. Jonathan reveals, "My hope is to play on those divisions and to appeal to Lisa and Skupin's hearts." He begins his mission by checking in with Lisa. She confides in Jonathan and tells him how upset she is that she used and betrayed her tribe mates when she made her big move at last night's Tribal Council. Jonathan assures her that she did nothing wrong and was in fact trying to help her alliance. He goes on to compliment her for trying to make such a big move in the game. Jonathan knows that Lisa is a former television teen star. Since he is in the entertainment business, he understands why someone who was a child star would be so inclined to please people. Jonathan talks to Lisa about this. She mentions that she is really touched by Jonathan's concern and is relieved to have somebody understand what her life has been like. Lisa reveals, "I know that Penner is always scrambling to find a way to stay, but he's really struck something very, very deep, this internal conflict." Jonathan gives Lisa a hug as she starts to cry. After living her life performing and trying to be liked, Lisa wonders, "If I do the wrong thing, will I still be okay?"

The Dangrayne tribe arrives at the reward challenge and Jeff Probst explains the rules. The tribe will divide into two teams. One person from each team will crawl through the muddy water over the a-frame and into a pit, where they will look for a bag of balls. They will then crawl through rice and drop the bag on a table, and then the next person goes. Once a team has collected all four bags, they will shoot the balls into a basket. The first team to get all twelve balls in their basket wins reward. The reward is a trip to a local village where they will bring school supplies and toys and a feast full of local foods while there. The resulting two teams from a "schoolyard pick" are Michael, Artis, Lisa and Pete on the yellow team and Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm on the red team. Abi-Maria was not picked by either team, so she sits out of the challenge and has no hope of going on the reward. Jonathan and Michael are the first two out for their teams. The two keep up with each other through the course, until they get to the mud pit and look for the balls. Michael quickly finds a bag of balls and continues on to the rice. Jonathan decides to stay at the mud pit and find all four bags of balls, so his teammates coming behind him will quickly get through the mud pit without having to search. Meanwhile, Michael has gotten through the course for the yellow team. Lisa heads out next for the yellow team. She gets over the a-frame before Jonathan is off the course and Carter heads out for the red team. Carter catches up to Lisa at the rice pit and gets to the finish first, putting the red team in the lead. Denise heads out next to for the red team, while Lisa struggles to get through the rice. Pete is the next one on the course for the yellow team. He spends a lot of time at the mud pit looking for a bag, but Denise flies through it, since Jonathan had the bags sitting out for them. Malcolm is the final one to go through the course for they red team. Malcolm gets through the course while Pete is still looking for his team's third bag of ball. Pete finally finds his bag and gets to the end, and Artis heads out to retrieve the final bag. Meanwhile, the red team has already emptied their bags of balls and has begun throwing baskets. The red team already has six balls in their basket before Artis makes it through the course and to the finish. The yellow team tries to catch up but is only able to land six baskets before the red team gets their twelfth and final basket. Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm win reward.

The village children greet Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm as the castaways arrive with a crate of school supplies and toys. Denise introduces herself to the families in the village, while Jonathan, Carter and Malcolm play games with the children. Jonathan comments, "It seems to be the happiest community I've every walked into." Malcolm is especially moved by the children, since he had been a schoolteacher in the past before he was a bartender. He admits, "It really made me reconsider what I have been doing with my life for the past year and it was a life-shaping experience for me." Next, the castaways enjoy a feast cooked by the locals. As they sit and enjoy the food, Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Malcolm talk strategy. They discuss working together for the next vote and adding Michael, Lisa, or both to their alliance. Carter comments, "We're trying to get Skupin and Lisa in with us, because they're going to play the biggest role in which alliance moves on and which starts getting picked off."

The five remaining original Tandang members are back at camp upset about losing the reward challenge. Pete admits, "Losing a challenge like this is awful. It's really demoralizing. You kind of need that energy." He does see one positive to losing the challenge and that is time to talk to his Tandang alliance, especially Lisa and Michael. Pete is not thrilled about having to rely on Michael, since he really wants to get rid of him. He explains, "We need the majority right now and it doesn't really matter who it is, but why not go to the people that we started this game with." Abi-Maria tells Lisa to vote for Jonathan next, if he does not win immunity. She warns Lisa not to be a double agent and provide information to the other alliance again. Lisa tries to responds, but Abi-Maria cuts her off and tells her that she is just gullible and naïve. Artis does not like the tone that Abi-Maria has with Lisa. He comments, "Abi is just a loose cannon. She just thinks she knows so much about the game." Lisa assures Abi-Maria that she will stay with the Tandang alliance and vote for Jonathan next. Lisa considers flipping to the other alliance, but then feels foolish for not continuing to be loyal to her alliance, which she claimed was so important at the last Tribal Council. She says, "To flip over to Kalabaw looks on the outside really awful, but on the inside, it probably makes more sense." Lisa says that she is confused and unsure of what to do.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff explains the rules of the immunity challenge. They each balance an oversized paddle on a stand. Then they will roll a ball down the paddle and attempt to land it on one of six spots. The first person to get a ball on all six spots wins immunity. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council tonight. At the start, each of the castaways struggles to keep a ball on their paddle. Michael is the first one to master the touch and lands the first ball in a spot on his paddle. Pete is the next landing one on his as well. No one else is having any luck except Michael and Pete and they continue to keep up with each other and land balls on their paddles. Once Michael gets his fifth ball in place, Pete takes a couple of steps backwards, knocking some balls off his paddle. In the end, Michael wins immunity by getting the sixth and final ball to stay in place before anyone else. Artis is happy that Jonathan did not win immunity. He boasts, "At tonight's Tribal Council, unless something goes wrong, we can get Penner out."

Back at camp, Jonathan worries that he will be next to go home. He hopes to get four other people to vote with him to vote for someone else. Abi-Maria wants Jonathan out tonight. She admits, "Penner is actually really charming and a little too smart for his own good. So, it's time for him to go home." Abi-Maria worries about Lisa and Michael's loyalty to the Tandang alliance, but Pete assures her that everything will go as planned. Meanwhile, Malcolm, Carter, and Denise discuss tonight's vote. Denise recommends that they vote for Artis tonight since Abi-Maria is not likely to give up her idol for him. As she heads over to tell Jonathan their plans, she admits, "The plan very much hinges on Skupin and Lisa. If we can't get the numbers, Jonathan is going home." Later, Jonathan meets with Lisa and tries to encourage her to vote with them and not with Tandang. He points out that the audience will not think badly of her if she sides with the good guys versus her current alliance. Lisa comments, "I still want to be loyal, but is that the old Lisa? Is that the Lisa that's spent her life worried about what other people think?" Jonathan talks to Michael next and tries to get him to vote for Artis tonight. Michael wants to be loyal to Lisa, since they have had an alliance since the beginning. He meets with her out in the ocean and asks her if she will go against Tandang tonight. She tells him that she is considering it but is still feeling bad about being disloyal to them. Lisa reveals, "I want to be able to say, from the beginning I was loyal to Tandang. But if Tandang is no longer loyal to me, then am I being exactly with Abi accuses me of being, gullible and naïve?"

Lisa admits that she was very upset after the last Tribal Council and was pleasantly surprised with the understanding she received when returned to camp. She points out that the people outside of her alliance were actually more understanding than her own alliance. Abi-Maria is offended when she hears this. Artis compliments his Tandang alliance for staying together and controlling the game. Denise cautions Artis about being too confident and says, "Big moves are always made in this game and who know when things could shift." Michael feels good tonight with the safety of the immunity necklace and recognizes the power that his vote has. Lisa is still not sure of whom she will vote for and shares with everyone how much she has learned about herself in this game. She says, "I do know these thirty-nine days are going to probably change me more than maybe thirty-nine of my forty-nine years." Abi-Maria encourages her alliance to stay together tonight, but she admits that she is not sure how Lisa will vote. Lisa is shocked to hear this and reminds her alliance that she has always been loyal to them. The Dangrayne tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all nine votes"” four for Jonathan and five for Artis. Artis Silvester, the 53 year-old computer engineer from Terry Town, LA, becomes the tenth person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.