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Season 25: Episode 10 - "Whiners are Wieners"
Posted on Nov 22, 2012 01:00am

On night 25, the Dangrayne tribe returns from Tribal Council where Artis was just voted out. Abi-Maria and Pete are worry about their futures, since Artis was a key part of their alliance. Abi-Maria vents, "I thought we had agreed that Tandang was supposed to be strong and make a big move together." Meanwhile, Jonathan, Michael and Denise congratulate each other for successfully breaking up the Pete, Abi-Maria and Artis alliance. Michael admits, "Voting Artis off tonight was my first really big move." Denise and Michael agree that Jonathan, Malcolm, Lisa, Carter and themselves should be the final six people, and then they will start attacking each other. Michael reveals, "I need to control this game as much as I can, instead of letting somebody else determine my fate."

The next morning Abi-Maria checks in with Lisa and asks her if she is going to flip and align with the others. Lisa admits, "I have never been good at break ups. I have continued in relationships way too long, just because I didn't want to hurt them." Lisa then musters the courage to tell Abi-Maria that she can no longer be in an alliance with her, because she doesn't feel trusted by her. Abi-Maria warns Lisa that the others are just being nice to her to get her vote. She argues that Lisa will be at the bottom of the other alliance. Lisa admits that she doesn't mind being at the bottom of an alliance that trusts and respects her though. Abi-Maria gives up trying to keep Lisa and wishes her luck. Lisa reveals, "I do believe I'm taking control of my own destiny. I think it's going to make a huge difference in the quality of my time out here." She comments that it may even impact the rest of her life.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives at the reward challenge, and Jeff Probst explains the rules. The tribe will divide into two teams. Each team will have a total of three drums, one in each circle. When Jeff says, "Go!" they will race to flip their team's drums in each circle, so that the side with their symbol is upright. Meanwhile, the other team will also be trying to flip their drums' symbols up simultaneously and they will work against the other time by turning their symbols down. The first team to get all three of their drums face-up at the same time, scores a point for their team. The first team to score three wins reward. The reward is a spa day, which includes a bath, massage, pedicure, manicure, and a feast. The resulting two teams are Carter, Abi-Maria, Malcolm and Pete on the red team and Jonathan, Denise, Lisa and Michael on the yellow team. In the first round, Carter takes on Jonathan. Carter is faster than Jonathan and gets his three red drums face up before Jonathan gets his three yellow drums up, giving the red team an early lead. In the second round, Malcolm goes against Michael. Malcolm races around to flip up his red drums, but he forgets to flip over a yellow drum that Michael has already flipped up. This gives Michael an advantage and helps him win the round. The game is now tied at one each. Abi-Maria goes against Lisa in the third round. Abi-Maria makes another mistake for the red team, when she flips over one of Lisa's drums, so the symbol is up instead of down. This helps Lisa to win the round for the yellow team and puts them in the lead. The red team makes up for their mistakes in the fourth round, when Pete quickly wins the round over Denise. Now the teams are tied at two, with only one more point needed to win the reward. Malcolm goes up against Michael in this final round. This time, Michael makes a mistake and flips over the other team's red drum to the upright position. This easily allows Malcolm to get all three red drums up, and the red team wins the reward. So, Malcolm, Pete, Abi-Maria and Carter head out on a boat for the spa reward, while Jonathan, Denise, Lisa and Michael head back to camp.

Malcolm, Pete, Abi-Maria and Carter arrive by boat to a private beach with umbrellas, bathtubs and massage tables. They are greeted by a hostess who offers them cocktails. As they toast to their reward victory, Malcolm suggests that they just enjoy the reward and not talk strategy. Michael comments, "The strategy behind that is that I'm going to need to make a final three or final four deal pretty quick here and the people I want to be in it are all sitting back at camp now, while I'm sitting here just having spa day." As the four winners enjoy their cocktails, they are presented with platters of food, which they quickly start enjoying. Abi-Maria says, "I've been surviving on beans and sandy coconut for the last twenty-six days, so today I literally feel like a princess." Next they take turns being bathed, manicured, and massaged. Pete appreciates the time to just relax and eat good food. He comments, "I'm smart and I'm fit and those are two things with food, it's like a boost. So next challenge I'm going to refueled and ready to kick some butt."

Jonathan, Denise, Michael, and Lisa work together to prepare a meal back at camp. Denise spots a boat approaching and realizes that Abi-Maria, Pete, Carter and Malcolm are coming back from the spa reward. As soon as Abi-Maria steps off the boat, she starts describing the reward in detail. Michael vents, "Normally everyone is really super gracious when they come back from a reward, but Abi's downright cruel. She flaunted it, and she wouldn't stop." Lisa asks Carter what he liked best about the reward and just when he starts to answer the question, Abi-Maria interrupts him and continues to describe what she liked best. Malcolm sits and listens to Abi-Maria go on and on. He admits, "Abi has all the social understanding of a Mack truck." Finally Abi-Maria decides to take a nap, but before she settles down she announces to everyone that she will no longer be the one cooking the meals. She says, "I've been cooking for twenty-six days. I'm over it." Abi-Maria explains that she is probably leaving soon, so she wants to enjoy her final moments. She points out that she still wants to eat but just does not want to be the cook anymore. Denise is really bugged by Abi-Maria's behavior. She decides not to confront her, but just let her continue to aggravate the tribe. Denise says, "I may not get to tell her anything until I'm writing her name down and it's that Tribal Council that she is finally walking out and I get to say, "˜You know what, whiners are wieners. You need to go home.'"

The next morning, Abi-Maria reminds everyone that she is not going to cook breakfast. Michael and Malcolm sit outside of the camp and talk strategy. They confirm that they want Abi-Maria and Pete to go home next. Malcolm takes this one step further suggesting that they also suggest who should go home after them (once the tribe is down to only six members.) Malcolm reveals, "My plan is to get a final four set up today and just be able to coast after this next vote until the end." Michael and Malcolm discuss that the final four should consist of the two of them along with Denise and Lisa. Michael wants to talk to Lisa before confirming anything. Later, Michael pulls Lisa aside and tells her about Malcolm's idea for final four. Michael comments, "When somebody wants to take you to the final four, you have to say strategically "˜Heck yes!'" He is afraid that if he turns down the proposal, then he will be on the outs. Lisa asks Michael what he thinks. Michael suggests they either side with Jonathan and Carter or Malcolm and Denise. Lisa says that she trusts Jonathan more than Malcolm. Michael and Lisa next decide to go to Jonathan to see how he feels about things. Lisa tells Michael and Jonathan that she would like to go to the end with them. Jonathan thanks her for her support but says that he is not ready to commit to anything more than targeting Pete and Abi-Maria for the next two votes. Jonathan reveals, "It's too early for me to say who I should go to the final three with." Lisa is disappointed that Jonathan would not commit to work with them until the end. She says, "I think he missed an opportunity." Later, while everyone else is at camp, Malcolm, Denise, Lisa, and Michael go in the woods and promise each other on their families that they will be the final four. Malcolm comments, "If it works out, this could be the best thing that has happened to me in the game." Michael feels a little uncomfortable with the alliance, because he knows that Malcolm is really playing the game.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff explains the rules of the immunity challenge. They will each maneuver a buoy through a tangled rope. The first five to finish will move onto the next round, where they will race to move their buoys along a balance beam. The first three to finish will move onto the final round. In the final round, they will navigate their buoys around a series of obstacles in the water. The first person to finish wins immunity and has a one in seven chance at winning the one million dollar prize. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council tonight. The winners of the first round are Malcolm, Jonathan, Denise, Michael and Carter. Pete, Abi-Maria, and Lisa no longer have any chance of winning immunity. The winners of the second round are Michael, Carter and Denise after Malcolm and Jonathan are eliminated. In the final round, the three finalists have to move their buoy over a boat, a dock and onto the beach. In a very close finish, Carter beats out Michael to win immunity.

As Dangrayne arrives back at camp, the tribe congratulates Carter on his immunity win. Abi-Maria and Pete worry that the rest of the tribe will vote for them tonight. Jonathan meets with Carter, Lisa, Michael, Malcolm and Denise to confirm that they will split the vote -- three of them will vote for Abi-Maria and three of them will vote for Pete. If Abi-Maria does not play her hidden immunity idol, then they will vote her out. If she does, then Pete will go home. They all agree. Jonathan explains, "Pete and Abi do not have the numbers. There is no reason to keep them around." Meanwhile, Pete and Abi-Maria try and save themselves by getting at least one person to vote with them tonight against Malcolm, whom they regard as the biggest threat since he's still holding an immunity idol. Pete admits, "After last Tribal, the whole game turned upside down. Like I went from the top of the pecking order all the way to the bottom, but I'm not going to give in." Abi-Maria talks to Lisa to get her support for their plan to vote out Malcolm. Lisa admits that it is a good idea to get rid of Malcolm but says that she will not vote with them because she is no longer part of their alliance. Next, Pete tries to convince Carter. Carter declines because he feels more secure staying with his current alliance. After that, Abi-Maria talks to Jonathan. Jonathan tells her that he does not trust anyone but at least the other alliance trusts him. He tell Abi-Maria that she should feel proud of making it so far in the game, but now it is her time to go. Pete then goes to his last hope-- Michael. He assures Michael that Abi-Maria will be playing her idol tonight, and if Michael will vote with them, then they eliminate Malcolm tonight. Michael knows that Malcolm is a good player and a serious threat. He realizes, "If I'm sitting next to Malcolm in the final three, I'm not sure that I could beat him." Michael tells Pete that he will seriously consider his plan. Meanwhile, Jonathan talks to the rest of his alliance and reveals his conversation with Abi-Maria. Malcolm is upset that his name is being tossed around for the vote. He admits, "This is the trickiest situation with the idol that I've faced yet. I'm going to have to keep my wits about me tonight watching people and make the right decision, otherwise I'm toast."

Malcolm reveals that he is worried about going home tonight. He knows that some people are gunning for him, and he hopes that his alliance stays true to him. Pete feels he is also likely to go tonight. He admits to working hard to try and talk people into changing their votes though. Pete says, "If one person came over, we could easily get rid of Malcolm. He's got an idol." Abi admits that she regrets her actions at the last Tribal Council. She insists that she never betrayed Lisa but did doubt her. Abi feels that she may be misunderstood by others due to their cultural and language differences. She says, "English is not my first language and my attitude may be perceived as not the most gentle." The entire tribe smiles at Abi's statement. Denise doesn't agree with Abi, but she says she has known many people whose first language is not English that are helpful and kind. Abi is shocked at Denise's comment and assures everyone that many people back home love her. She also admits to feeling bad because Lisa will not forgive her for doubting her. Lisa quickly tells Abi that she is forgiven, but she just needed to work with people that will truly trust her. Abi says, "I don't know how to explain myself any longer. It doesn't feel good and I'm holding back my tears." Jeff Probst asks Denise if Abi might be the ideal person to take to the end. Denise agrees that in past seasons people have taken unlikable people to the end. Abi is shocked to hear that she is "unlikable". With that comment, Abi starts to cry. Denise tries to explain but is continually interrupted by Abi, so she gives up. Abi says, "I'm not going to stop fighting." The Dangrayne tribe then votes. Before Jeff reveals the votes, Abi plays her hidden immunity idol. Jeff reveals all eight votes, which are two for Malcolm, three for Abi and three for Pete. Since votes against Abi don't count because she played her idol, Pete Yurkowski, the 24 year-old engineering graduate from Holmdel, NJ, becomes the eleventh person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.