Season 25: Episode 11 - "Hell Hath Frozen Over"
Posted on Nov 29, 2012 12:00am

The Dangrayne tribe wakes up on day 28. Last night at Tribal Council, Pete was voted out and the tribe let Abi know that she has not always been nice to them. Michael asks Abi if she is okay. She responds, "Yesterday, you guys were brutal towards me." Denise overhears Abi talking to Michael and comments, "She just continues the reign of negative, grumpy Abi." Denise and her alliance of four with Michael, Lisa and Malcolm plan on voting out Abi next, now that she does not have her idol anymore. If by chance, Abi wins immunity, then they decide to vote out Jonathan instead.

Later that morning, Malcolm and Abi go to check tree-mail. When they open the box at tree-mail Abi sees envelopes with their names on them. Abi starts to cry because she thinks they might be letters from home. Malcolm gives her a hug. He comments, "Last night, it's kind of like the tribe decided to lay Abi down in the middle of the road, run over her with a bus and then back up and do it again. She just got destroyed." Abi complains to Malcolm about what people said to her last night. She says, "It was horrible. It was like the worst day of my life." Abi and Malcolm bring the tree-mail back to camp and read the message that came with the envelopes. The next challenge is a food auction. Each castaway receives an envelope with $500 in it to spend at the auction. Abi doesn't want to spend her money on food. She plans on waiting to spend it on an opportunity to get ahead in the game, since she knows that she is likely the next one to go. Abi vows, "They're not going to stop me now. No, I am bigger than that. I'm going to fight."

The Dangrayne tribe arrives at the challenge and sits down on the bleachers. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the auction. The bidding will be in $20 increments. They cannot share food or money. He recommends that if they see something they like, then they should bid on it, since the auction will end without warning. The first item up for bid is a plate of pancakes and bacon with butter, syrup and a glass of orange juice. Denise quickly bids $200. Malcolm then bids $320. Denise offers the maximum bid of $500, which buys her the pancakes and bacon. . The next item up for bid is a plate of cheese and crackers with a glass of wine. Without hesitation, Michael bids $500 even though he normally does not drink wine. He explains, "I can't take any chances." Jeff reveals the next item, which are five donuts and a glass of iced coffee. Malcolm and Jonathan bid back and forth for it, but Malcolm gets it in the end for $200. The next item up for bid is left covered. Jonathan bids $100. Jeff comments that Abi and Lisa have not bid for any items yet. Abi says, "I know I'm going home next, so I'm going to be eating soon." No one else bids for the covered item, so Jonathan gets it for $100. He is delighted to find out that it is fried chicken and French fries. The next item is also left covered. Carter gets it for a bid of $200. Jeff reveals a baked potato with toppings. Carter is happy, but then Jeff gives him a choice of keeping the baked potato for himself or trading it for a bag of rice and beans to take back with them to camp for the tribe. Carter chooses to help the whole tribe and gives up the potato for the bags of rice and beans. The Dangrayne tribe applauds Carter for his choice. Michael tells Carter, "You are a living legend." Lisa purchases the next covered item for a bid of $320. She is delighted to discover it is a giant sandwich. Jeff brings out the next item, which is a rolled up piece of paper. He tells everyone that it is an advantage in the game. Abi immediately bids $500, which is more than anyone else has by this point, and that buys her the advantage. Jeff tells her to read it when she gets back to camp. She is thrilled to get the prize she so desperately wanted. Carter purchases the last item up for bid for $200. Jeff keeps it covered, but then reveals veal shanks. He tells Carter that there is a twist because the veal is for the entire tribe to share in 60 seconds with no utensils. So, Carter shares his veal shanks with everyone. They tear into it and eat as much as they can in just 60 seconds. Everyone in the tribe praises Carter for sharing his reward with them.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives back at camp from the auction very happy with the food they consumed and the rice and beans they brought back courtesy of Carter. Then, Abi asks for an apology from Jonathan. He asks her why she wants an apology. Abi then lists all the bad things that people said to her at the last Tribal Council. Jonathan tries to explain to her why the tribe is not happy with her. He suggests that she might be friendlier to the tribe versus being so blunt and brutally honest. Lisa is amazed that Abi keeps dwelling on the Tribal Council and will not try to listen and understand what they were trying to tell her. She comments, "At some point, if someone is not going to value your words, then you don't keep giving them to that person." Jonathan does tell Abi that he understands why she feels bad about getting attacked by others. He reveals, "The more bitter, the more obnoxious, the more toxic that Abi is, the better for me." Jonathan hopes that this tribe will want to get rid of her more than they want to get rid of him, which will keep him in the game longer. Abi gives Jonathan a hug, but she admits that she still does not trust anyone. She feels that they are talking to her now because of the advantage she was able to buy at the auction.

Abi leaves camp with her advantage note in order to read it away from others. When she is far enough away, Malcolm tells Michael that he thinks the advantage will either be a clue to another immunity idol or an advantage at the next immunity challenge. Abi reads her note. It tells her that she has an advantage in the next immunity challenge. In a multi-round challenge, she will get to go directly to the final stage, where she will have a one in three chance at winning the challenge. Abi reveals, "I can do whatever I want with this note and I'm going to tell them whatever I have to, to have them work on my favor." She hopes to cause fear and hopefully break the majority alliance.

The next morning while the others are sleeping, Abi heads out of camp. The advantage she purchased at the auction has given her new hope. Abi comments, "They were having a lot of problems with me being such an honest, blunt person. They asked for this. Now it's time for me to lie." Her plan is to tell them that she has an immunity idol. Meanwhile, back at camp, Jonathan calls everyone together to make sure that they are all still planning on voting out Abi next. Everyone agrees. Later, Abi returns to camp and tells Malcolm that she has found another immunity idol. She points out that they are going to have to vote out someone besides her now. Malcolm comments, "Abi's a bit like having a girlfriend, who just doesn't get the message and won't leave even after you've broken up with her."

The Dangrayne tribe arrives on their mat. Jeff explains the rules of the immunity challenge. They will each be attached to a rope, which is threaded through a hitching rail. The first five to get through move onto the next round. In this second round, they will still be attached to a rope and must make their way through a series of bamboo poles. The first two to finish make it to the final round, where they must navigate a multi-level obstacle course. The first person to finish is guaranteed immunity and a one in six chance at winning the million-dollar prize. One of the losers will be voted out at Tribal Council. There is also a twist to this game. At the beginning of each round, Jeff will ask them a question. If they answer incorrectly, they will have 5% of their bodyweight added to them that they must carry throughout the rest of the course. Jeff then asks Abi to read the note that she purchased at the auction. She moves far away from the others as she reads her note. Abi says that there are two parts to the note and she will only read the part that pertains to the challenge. She then reads the note, which tells everyone that she gets to move directly to the third round in this challenge, which give her a one in three chance at winning immunity. Abi then tears up the note into small pieces. She explains, "Because I don't want anyone to know what the second part of the message is." At the start of the first round, Jeff reads the first question, which is "The Philippines consists of how many islands?" The possible answers are: A. About 50 B. About 500 or C. More than 5000 The correct answer is C. Lisa and Denise are the only ones to get it wrong, so they must carry a bag containing 5% of their bodyweight through the challenge. Denise, Carter, Michael, Malcolm and Jonathan are first five people to finish the first round and move onto the second round. Lisa comes in last and does not continue on to the second round. The following people incorrectly answer the question at the beginning of the second round: Denise, Michael and Carter. Denise is now carrying 10% of her bodyweight, while Michael and Carter carry 5% of their body weight in this round. Jonathan and Malcolm have no extra weight since they have answered both the first and second round questions correctly. Jonathan and Carter are the first two to get through the bamboo poles in the second round, so they proceed to the third round to compete against Abi. In the third and final round, a well-rested Abi joins Jonathan and Carter who are at this point fatigued. In addition, Carter answers the third round question incorrectly, so now he adds 5% of his bodyweight to the other 5% he is already carrying from the second round. To everyone's amazement, Abi wins the third and final round, which earns her immunity at Tribal Council.

The Dangrayne tribe arrives back at camp after the immunity challenge. Malcolm comments, "Hell hath frozen over. Abi won immunity today." Malcolm is really not that upset about her win though, commenting that it gives him the perfect chance to get rid of Jonathan, whom he has always considered a big threat. Later, Michael, Malcolm, Lisa and Denise meet to confirm that they are voting for Jonathan. Lisa tells the others that she is having a hard time voting for her friend. She reveals, "I like Denise and Malcolm, but I really, really have a heart connection with Carter and Penner. And now I'm going to hurt somebody that I care about." Next, Lisa meets with Jonathan and admits that she joined another alliance because he would not commit to go with her to the final three. She also tells him that her alliance wants to vote him out tonight. Jonathan is shocked by this news and comments, "Lisa once again lost her mind." Lisa is very upset and assures Jonathan that he is the last person that she wants to send home, but she gave her word and she can't go back on that. Lisa tells Jonathan, "Go do your magic that you do." She hopes that he can save himself tonight. Jonathan comments, "Lisa got played and that is to Denise and Malcolm's credit." Later, he meets with Abi-Maria and Carter and gets their support to vote for Denise tonight. Jonathan targets Denise because she is Malcolm's tightest ally. He next talks to Michael to encourage him to vote for Denise. Michael is the swing vote that Jonathan needs to stay in the game. Michael comments, "My dilemma is I'm going to make three people very happy tonight and I'm going to upset three people. I'm going to potentially gain three jury votes and lose three jury votes at the same time." Michael tries to figure out which group is better to sit with at the end as he walks out to Tribal Council.

At the start of Tribal Council, Jeff Probst notes how Abi went from being vulnerable at the last Tribal Council to now having immunity and power. Abi reveals that she purposely waited to spend her $500 at the auction for any advantage that she might get in the game. While Abi is feeling safe, Jonathan says that he is not. He decides to plead his case to the tribe and jury. Jonathan identifies the alliance of four as Malcolm, Denise, Michael and Lisa. He tells Michael and Lisa that he is disappointed in them since he has always given them his trust and loyalty. Malcolm points out that Jonathan did not trust Lisa enough to commit to a final three alliance. Jonathan reminds Malcolm that Lisa voted for him twice at Tribal Council, so he needed to think it over before committing to her. He then tells Michael and Lisa that they have no chance of winning if they go to the end with Denise and Malcolm. Jonathan looks right at Lisa and Michael and says, "Please don't vote me out. I want to work with you guys. I've only ever said that and it's the truth." Malcolm reminds Lisa that they too have had a bond, and he hopes that he can trust her in this crucial moment. Lisa admits, "Whatever I do is going to hurt people that I care about." Michael is also having a hard time with the vote because he likes both people on the hot seat tonight. He admits, "I want to play to win too and so I believe there's some validity to what Penner said." The Dangrayne tribe then votes. Jeff reveals all seven votes, which are three for Denise and four for Penner. So, Jonathan Penner, the 50 year-old returning SURVIVOR from Los Angeles, CA, becomes the twelfth person to leave SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.