Season 14: Episode 2 - Misery Continues at Ravu: Erica Stunned at Tribal Council
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Seen as one of the strongest and fiercest women in her tribe, Erica Durousseau, the 27-year-old fundraiser from Lake Charles, Louisiana, didn't see it coming when her Tribe turned on her. When Erica's constant panicking distracted her tribe at the Immunity Challenge, the target of the lethal vote swiftly shifted from the Sylvia to Erica, sending the latter home. Erica leaves in disbelief with a warning for her tribe. "I was very, very shocked by the vote tonight. I want you to think about voting me off, and think about who you kept, and if you go home empty handed, maybe you should think about the decision that you made."

Just before dawn, the depleted and desperate Ravu tribe discovers water in the form of morning dew on the leaves of trees surrounding their camp. "We need to survive," explains Earl as he and his tribemates slurp the small drops of water from the leaves. "It's hard to even think when you're dying of starvation and thirst. We're all just dehydrated. It makes you delirious." As the sluggish tribe attempts to nourish themselves with the fallen coconuts near by, Rocky laughs at the state of his group. "We're walking around into the walls and the trees!" exclaims Rocky as a faint Michelle collapses into a heap of bushes. "Half of us can't even stand up for more than an hour and a half I'm telling you. It's crazy! We're staving here, bro!"

Boo's Boo Boo At Moto, food is bountiful as the tribe enjoys salted rice, crabs and fruit gathered from the island. "We are very fortunate to be living the way we are living," declares an excited Lisi. "We are all more than happy. This game is so vicious it's delicious." But as the lazy tribe lounges on their hammocks and cushions, Boo's clumsiness becomes carelessness. Having already jabbed his eye on a sign, Boo works on splitting firewood with a dull axe. Suddenly, Boo drops to the floor of the shelter, blood gushing from his hand and knee. "Boo's a real hazard to himself," chuckles Dreamz. "I could see it happening. Boo will hurt himself out of the game." Adding insult to injury, Boo attempts to take a break in one of the tribe's hammocks, but is sent crashing to the ground when the nail securing the hammock breaks from its post. "Had to happen to me," mutters Boo.

Yau-Man Detective After a short stay on Exile Island, Sylvia arrives for the first time at her new camp. Mustering up what little energy they have, the Ravu tribe members greet Sylvia with a warm welcome as she reaches the shore. As the tribe peppers Sylvia with questions about the mysterious Exile Island, Yau-Man has his own agenda. "When Sylvia came back from Exile Island, I have only one thing in mind… When I'm hugging her I'm going to feel her up and see if the idol is there."

Later, struggling to assimilate with her new tribe, Sylvia laments "I feel like at this point I'm a little extraneous," murmurs Sylvia. "I missed a whole day with them, I'm not part of the core right now." Michelle, feeling irritable over Sylvia's presence, laments, "I was not really excited for Sylvia to come back. I already didn't have great feelings about her personality. I personally think she's bossy and just likes to push people around."

Day Dreamz Foraging through the trees at Moto, Dreamz scurries with ease to the highest branches of a mango tree, collecting food for his tribe. "Being on SURVIVOR is pretty much a little easier than being homeless," states Dreamz. Dreamz continues to tell his story of childhood hardship and compares his suffering to that of his fellow castaways, adding "I know my tribemates don't know what it's like to suffer." Sitting down with his tribe for a pleasant dinner, Dreamz jokes that the Moto tribe is quite possibly eating better here on SURVIVOR than some people are back home. "I'm in an amazing spot in my life right now," rejoices Dreamz with determination. "I'm gonna help my family when I get back."

A Pineapple Miracle Determined to survive, Earl, Erica and Rocky canvass their island in hopes of finding anything to sustain and nourish their tribe. "I am beyond starving," utters an exhausted Earl. "I'm looking for anything. Any tree-of-life. Anything." Frustrated and returning to camp empty-handed, Erica wanders into the bushes near camp and stumbles across a patch of succulent red pineapples. Screaming for her tribemates, she and Ravu rejoices at the sight of their salvation. "We've been running round hungry and stupid for the past two days," laughs James to Mookie. "Pineapple power for the challenge tomorrow." Earl, like a kid on Christmas celebrates, "Me and Erica, we're getting married. She just saved my life, and I appreciate that. That's a good woman."

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Supply Ships The tribes reconvene at the challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules. Each tribe will paddle in a canoe, out and around a tribe flag and back. On the way back they will collect four supply crates. As the tribes paddle their canoes over each crate, one tribe member will clip the crates onto a length of rope spooled in the center of the boat. Once back, tribes will pull the crates to shore carrying them onto tribe mats. With all four crates on the tribe mat, the tribes will untie and open the crates to find puzzle poles. The first tribe to solve their puzzle pole and raise their tribe flag wins Immunity. In addition, the winning tribe will win fishing supplies and will select a member of the losing tribe to go to Exile Island, saving them from Tribal Council.

The challenge begins as both tribes paddle vigorously through the water around their flags, heading for the row of floating crates. Ravu easily maneuvers their boat directly over their crates. As Michelle quickly attaches each crate to Ravu's rope, Stacy from Moto fumbles with her rope tangled in their boat. Once back on shore Ravu begins untying their crates, but Moto soon arrives on shore to close the gap. The Tribes are neck and neck as they begin solving the puzzle pole. Working together, Moto gets closer to solving their puzzle, while Ravu's Erica panics her tribe incessantly by claiming that she has the correct piece. Erica is incorrect and the distraction costs her tribe the lead. Meanwhile, Moto places the last piece of the pole together, raising there flag triumphant, and sending Ravu to Tribal Council. Without hesitation, Moto grants Earl Immunity from Ravu's Tribal Council, banishing him to Exile Island.

Exile Snakes Upon arrival at Exile Island, a composed Earl carefully studies the two clues to the whereabouts of the coveted Hidden Immunity Idol. Realizing the idol is back at his camp, Earl takes comfort in knowing which way his tribe will vote that night. "When I found out that the idol was back at camp, it was very shocking. It doesn't really matter that Sylvia has that first clue, because as of tonight she most likely will be gone." Hunkering down for the night, Earl's peace is short lived when a deadly sea snake invades Earl's small camp. Nervously, Earl takes careful aim with the dull machete. Chopping the snake in half in two deadly blows, Earl shakes off jitters from the kill. "Can't take that chance, that same one. I really don't like killing animals. Snakes are misunderstood. We have an understanding now."

Keep Your Head Furious at yet another loss, Mookie and Rocky reveal to Sylvia and Rita a new direction for the vote at Tribal Council. Still feeling like an outsider, Sylvia eagerly listens to Mookie's new plan to vote out Erica due to her lack of composure. Mookie squarely places the blame on Erica for the tribe's second loss. Elated by the change of events, Sylvia takes a breath. "I thought my days were numbered here… Mookie said, 'We're gonna vote Erica off,' and I said, 'Whoa.'" Quickly, news spread to Anthony of the change in plans. Taken aback and completely against voting out Erica, Anthony stealthily maneuvers between tribemates he feels he can trust in an effort to save Erica. "Erica lost her top. She completely blew her stack at the challenge today, and because she panicked, everybody saw it and those who didn't trust her a lot, now just want her gone," grumbles Anthony. "I'm playing the game, so is everyone else, you just have play the game with what you're dealt. And right now I got a really funky hand."

In the end, Anthony's efforts weren't enough to save the passionate Erica. To form a more cohesive tribe, Ravu cast their votes against Erica, making her the second person voted out of SURVIVOR: FIJI.