Season 14: Episode 3 - Deconstructing Sylvia:Architect Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night eight, Sylvia the architect's plans finally went askew as her tribe ousted her from the game. Having been on the chopping block for weeks, the 52-year-old held her head high as she left the island. "So I've been had, and I'm not too happy about it. I actually really, really like the entire group of both tribes because we had three days to get to know everybody. I'm not that angry or resentful right now, I'm just looking forward to seeing them all after they've clawed each other's eyes out later on."

Dire Straits The darkness surrounds the downtrodden Ravu as they return to their camp after Tribal Council. "This last Tribal Council was very brutal," mourns a demoralized Yau-Man. "We came to a realization that we are not quite connected together yet as a tribe." Before turning in for the night Rita asks that egos be put aside during their next challenge in the hopes that Ravu can finally start working together and win a challenge. Watching his tribe struggle to remain positive, Yau-Man fears the worst: "The more we lose the more difficult it is to recover."

Prosperity Without the burden of scavenging for food, Moto continues to enjoy their good fortune with a hearty breakfast of plantains. Deciding to increase their seemingly endless comfort in camp, Lisi and Stacy pass the time painting the wooden floor of the shelter to try and minimize bug bites. Boo jokes about Moto's advantages: "It's not even Survival--it's Thrival."

FIRE! Returning from Exile Island, Earl deflects his tribemates' questions about the hidden Immunity Idol clues. "As far as the Immunity Idol, I still have no idea where it is," says Earl. "It could be anywhere, but I'll figure something out." Meanwhile, a determined Michelle patiently holds her glasses to a dry piece of coconut husk. Slow and steady, the sun burns through the glasses, starting a flame. Jolted from their starving trance-like state, the Ravu tribe eagerly feeds the glowing embers. Cheers erupt in the Ravu camp as their first fire catches and stabilizes. "We've been strugglin' a long time," says a relieved Rocky, "And now we finally got our shot in the ass that we need."

Reward Challenge: Slip, Slide & Score Ravu joins the Moto tribe at the challenge site where Jeff Probst explains the rules. Survivors will head off one by one sliding down a slippery course to retrieve a numbered ball randomly assigned at each round. At the end of the slippery course are tribe baskets. The first tribe member to toss the ball into their tribe basket scores a point, and the first tribe to score six points wins one of three rewards: personal luxury items, a set of fishing gear or instant gratification in the form of a basket of fresh fruit. In addition, the winning tribe will send one member from the losing tribe to Exile Island. This time that member will not be immune from Tribal Council. They will join their tribe and participate at the next immunity challenge.

In the first round Anthony from Ravu he"ads off against Gary, Moto's Papa Smurf, for ball number nine. Within his first few steps on the impossibly slippery course, Gary slams into the ground twice, but still manages to toss his ball in the Moto basket before Anthony, scoring the first point for Moto. Next is Rita for Ravu and Cassandra for Moto. Rita makes it across the course first, sinking a basket for Ravu with ease. In the next two rounds Moto's Boo and Stacy each score a point for Moto, putting them in the lead against Ravu 3 to 1. In the fifth round Mookie crushes Alex from Moto, scoring the second point for Ravu. But when Sylvia takes a hard fall on the course and cannot recover, Moto finds their momentum and Liliana, Edgardo and Dreamz score the final points. Moto gets the winner's choice of reward, electing to take home fishing gear and sending Sylvia to Exile Island.

Vital Idol Not surprised at being sent to Exile Island for the second time, a humiliated Sylvia reflects on her performance in the challenge. "Today at challenge I didn't do very well and I'm very embarrassed by it." Feeling as though her time in the game could be up, Sylvia immerses herself in the next clue to finding the hidden Immunity Idol. "The third clue is so helpful. It said dig right under the tallest part of the arch of the cave and the immunity idol will be there. The idol is right smack dab in the middle of camp, says Sylvia, wheels turning. "So I need to figure out a time and place to look for the idol as quickly as possible."

Distress Call A shadow of uncertainty falls over the Moto camp when Gary claims he is hurt. Alarmed with his inability to catch his breath after suffering a brutal fall in the challenge, Moto calls on the Survivor Medical Team. "He said that he didn't want to die in Fiji and that he was real afraid," says a tearful Cassandra. "He didn't know where he was. I know this is a passion for him. And I just want him to be okay." After a quick assessment and no signs of serious peril, Gary opts to tough it out with hope of a speedy recovery. "Gary's a great guy," states Alex. "We all kinda look up to the guy. He's in our prayers and we just hope he gets better."

Immunity Challenge: U Pick, I Chews Survivors reconvene for the Immunity Challenge, where they learn they will compete head to head in a Fijian food eating competition. Excited at the prospect of eating food, Yau-man rejoices: "˜We are hungry, we are a lot hungrier than those guys are!" Jeff explains that the first tribe member to get their food down and show Jeff an empty mouth, scores a point for their tribe. The first tribe to four wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

The challenge begins as Liliana faces off with Ravu's Rocky, gnawing on the giant clams. Rocky shoves the entire clam into his mouth in an attempt to swallow it whole, while Liliana takes her time chewing her clam. Thinking she's finished the clam, Liliana reveals her empty mouth, but there is still a huge piece stuck in her teeth, giving Rocky just enough time to finish his clam and scoring the first point for Ravu. Next Dreams and Sylvia square off with an octopus tentacle each. Dreamz easily finishes what he calls calamari and brings the score to a tie, 1 to 1. Mookie rallies another point for Ravu when he rips through two peanut worms, taunting the close to vomiting Lisi. With Ravu in the lead, Moto pulls ahead as Alex and Edgardo score the next two points for Moto. Down two points to three, the fate of Ravu rests with Anthony as he matches up with Moto's injured Gary to eat two hairy pig snouts. Close to tears and unable to get the first snout down, Anthony watches in horror as Gary chomps through the pig snout, scoring the winning point for Moto.

Ravu Falling Apart Frustrated with losing their third Immunity Challenge in a row, Mookie entertains thoughts of voting for Anthony. "[As for] Anthony, I was not happy at all with his performance in the challenge," vents Mookie. "He's just not that strong and I think the effort that he put forth really irritated me." As insurance, Rocky suggests casting votes against Anthony to maintain control in the tribe should Sylvia have the hidden Immunity Idol. If she plays it at Tribal Council, the vote would bounce back and hit Anthony.

With time running out and Tribal Council drawing near, a determined Sylvia searches for her salvation. "I'm pretty sure I know where the idol is," gasps Sylvia. "I'm going to dig right now and try to get that idol as my insurance policy. If I get the idol now and if the vote does go my way I will be able to surprise everybody."

The Will to Win In the end, despite Anthony's will and determination being questioned, Sylvia couldn't produce the hidden Immunity Idol in time and was the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: FIJI.