Season 14: Episode 4 - The Game Is Even, Gary Evacuated, Liliana Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Despite being undefeated in challenges and still thriving, the Moto tribe is turned upside down suffering back-to-back blows when an injury forces Gary from the game. Adding insult to injury, a twist sends Moto, the winners of the Immunity Challenge, to Tribal Council, where they blindside Liliana Gomez, the 25 year-old loan officer from Oxnard, California. Clearly shocked by the decision, Liliana explains, "Well I'm definitely one hundred percent shocked. To me it's ridiculous to get rid of one of your stronger people in the beginning. I just wish I could've stayed in a longer because I definitely would have kicked some butt. Wow, there are some good liars, great liars. I think the weak link stayed behind and not the strong one leaving today." No Way in Hell Returning from a tension filled Tribal Council where Anthony's spirit was criticized, Rocky continues to disparage Anthony's personality. As Anthony apologizes for unseen crimes committed, he then reflects on his position in the game. "I may not be doing the best in the challenges," Anthony says, "but if they want me off this island, they want me out of this game. They're going to have to push me off, because there's no way in hell I'm giving up," Stable Condition With the sun pouring down on the warm Fijian waters, Lisi and Stacy splash around in the shallows, giddy with power. "From the beginning, there has been a bond between Boo, Alex, Edgar, myself and Stacy," laughs Lisi. "All we know is that the five of us get along and we're not stepping on each other toes. We all kind of come together." A concerned Cassandra watches over the still troubled Gary. "Everybody loves Gary," worries Cassandra. "At his age, [with] the amount of stress and possibly high blood pressure, I want him to feel better first of all." Bothered by Gary's lack of improvement, Lisi considers the impact Gary's health might have on her own game. "Gary does not look good at all, and eventually it's going to turn into like a baby-sitting situation. Let's hope he gets better. That's the only thing I can say. If he doesn't get better he's going to have to go." Reward Challenge: By the Numbers The tribes reconvene at the Reward Challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules. Both tribes will line up side by side on a narrow balance beam over water. Moving one tribe member at a time, the Survivors will make their way across the beam, stepping around their tribemates. If they fall off or if they're knocked off, those members will start over. Once a tribemate is across the beam and on the final platform, the next member can go. The first tribe to get all tribe members across their beam wins the Reward. Winners take home fish, rice, spices, pillows, and blankets. Also, a king sized bed with sheets and pillows will be waiting back at the winner's camp. In addition the winners will send one person from the losing tribe to Exile Island. The challenge begins as Ravu's Michelle slowly and steadily clings to each of her tribe mates and makes her way to Ravu's platform. As Lisi struggles across the first few Moto members, Yau-Man creeps along his Ravu tribemates onto the final platform giving Ravu the lead. With Lisi still not across the beam, Moto changes their strategy. The entire tribe squats down hovering over the beam for each other to step over. With this new strategy Moto finally manages to get Lisi across the beam and quickly sends Alex and Edgardo to Moto's platform. Liliana, Dreamz and Stacy quickly follow. With just two members on Ravu's platform, Moto's last member, Boo casually steps onto the Moto platform in victory and wins the Reward. Undefeated in challenges, Moto takes home the fish, spices, pillows and blankets and banishes Yau-Man to Exile Island. Rocky Loses It Defeated once again, Rocky reaches his boiling point and explodes back at camp, yelling at his tribemates. "Five in a row we lose!" screams Rocky in disbelief. "Why don't we just go to Tribal Council right now and vote somebody off, because that's all we do every week. So why don't we just call Jeff up right now, on the Jeff phone, and go 'Hey Jeff we're ready to vote somebody off today.'" Equally upset at yet another challenge loss, Anthony quietly watches as Rocky self-destructs. "I know I have a big target on me," says a hopeful Anthony. "But now I'm getting a better grasp on who James is. I'll let him keep talking because really in the end, it makes him look like an ass." Idol Time "I'm not resentful at all of Moto sending me here," states Yau-Man, excited at the prospect of finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. Reading the clues, a stunned and anxious energy sweeps over Yau-Man as he realizes the idol is back at his camp. "I'm quite sure I know where the idol is. The problem, of course, is when do I get the chance to dig alone." Moto-Licious Jubilant and proud, the Moto tribe prepares a feast fit for kings with their hard won spices and fish. "Not only did we have comfort with the cushions and the blankets, but the fish that we got and the seasoning"¦ I was like, 'Oh my gosh! I'm in heaven,'" gushes Liliana. As and night falls the content tribe sprawls out on their plush new king sized bed, indulging each other with massages. As Liliana carefully kneads Edgardo's back, Lisi keeps a close watch on her. "Liliana knows what she's doing," Lisi says. "Sometimes guys are not hip to the ways that chicks maneuver. It's funny because Liliana tries to be so sneaky. But I know in her little diabolical mind she's trying to come up with something." Moto's First Casualty Waking from their peaceful slumber, the Moto tribe finds Gary's health in serious peril. "It just feels like the whole world's caving in here," mutters a suffering Gary. "I can't function. I just can't. I just don't have a good feeling." Unsure of what to do for him, the Survivor Medical Team is called in. When Gary's vital signs are inconclusive, Gary succumbs to his fear for his health and opts to leave the game for good. As the Moto tribe helps transport Gary in a stretcher onto the medical boat, a somber Alex adds, "We lost Gary and I don't feel good about today at all. If we lose that Immunity Challenge we're 7--7. In the eyes of the game we're tied and then we're screwed." Lead With Lunacy Ravu receives a surprise with Tree Mail as Rocky sheds his clothes and strolls around camp in the buff. "I'm going crazy! I just wanna start winning," says a crazed Rocky. "I can lead by example. I'm just trying to make everybody laugh." Rocky's silly antics are contagious as Rita helps Rocky into her pink halter top, supplying him with an impressive coconut bust. "Anything to get the focus off losing five in a row," laughs a weary Rocky. "And hopefully just go out there, let it loose and win a game." Immunity Challenge: Crab Pots The tribes meet for the Immunity Challenge where Jeff explains the rules. Four tribe members will begin locked in floating cages. One tribe member will start on shore and race out to unlock the first cage, releasing the first tribe member. The newly freed tribe member will run across floating lily pads to free the next member in a locked cage. Once the fourth tribe member is freed from their locked cage, those tribe members will get on a boat where another tribe member will be waiting with a ring of keys. The teams will paddle back to shore, picking up the stranded tribemates along the way. Once back, the Survivors will form a human pyramid. The person at the top will use a ring of keys to unlock a series of pad locks, freeing their last tribe member from the last cage. The first tribe to get all members back on their tribe mat wins Immunity. One twist to the challenge: a sealed glass bottle with a message inside will be opened by the winning tribe after the challenge. The game begins as Rocky and Edgardo race through the water to their tribe cages. Edgardo gets an early lead for Moto while Rocky loses his key in the water, putting Ravu behind. Edgardo frees Dreamz, who scurries over the lily pads to rescue Alex. Rocky frees Yau-Man, who struggles to cross the lily pads. Ravu falls behind as Alex lets Boo out for Moto. When Rita is finally freed for Ravu, she can barely hang on to the lily pads. With Liliana freed from Moto's final cage, she and Boo join Stacy in the Moto boat to paddle back to shore. Rita finally frees Mookie, who flies over the lily pads to rescue Earl and make up a lot of time for Ravu. They jump in the Ravu boat and rush back to pick up their members and head back to shore. As Moto's Stacy struggles with the locks on the final cage to release Cassandra, Ravu arrives on shore with Michelle, hoping to free Anthony first. But Stacy methodically matches the keys to Moto's pad locks. Finally, Cassandra jumps from her cage and onto the tribe mat giving the undefeated Moto Immunity once again. Winner's Dilemma: Immunity or Comfort As winners of the challenge, Jeff presents Moto with the sealed bottle. The message reveals that Moto must decide what is more important to them: Immunity or comfort. To keep their Immunity they must live at the Ravu tribe camp. To enjoy the food and comfort at the Moto camp, they must give up Immunity and visit Tribal Council. Moto chooses to keep their comfort and pay a visit Tribal Council, giving Ravu their first Immunity. Catch 22 Moto returns to camp with their first Tribal Council looming. "We won the challenge and we had the option of giving up our home or vote somebody off," explains Liliana. "So, unfortunately we're going to vote somebody off and it's even uglier being that Gary left yesterday. It's kind of like we're losing two people." Hoping to keep the peace in camp for as long as possible, Dreamz lays it all out on the line. Not wanting the tribe to turn on itself just yet, he singles out Cassandra and Lisi as physical weak links. As the tribe vote teeters between Cassandra and Lisi, Stacy and Lisi hold a secret meeting with their alliance. Threatened by Liliana's persuasive tactics, Stacy and Lisi target Liliana. Taken aback by the notion of losing Liliana, a strong team member, Alex is stunned. "Right now we're 7--7. Why on God's green earth would you vote out a woman who's as strong almost as any of the men?" vents a frustrated Alex. "I want to do what's best for our five-person alliance and for the team in general. Liliana is a good person; she's worked hard at these challenges she deserves to stay. Cassandra should go." But in the end, Lisi and Stacy get their wish when they convince the tribe to vote out their biggest threat, and Liliana is sent home.