Season 14: Episode 5 - Lipstick and Gone: Rita Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 14 at Ravu's fourth Tribal Council in a row, Rita Verreos, the 38-year-old single mother from San Antonio, Texas, is stunned by her tribe. Seen as an annoyance in camp and a distraction in challenges, Rita receives the majority of votes and leaves with her final words: "I'm really surprised and I'm sad at the result tonight. But I understand it's a game. I really tried to stay true and honest and I did trust my alliances so maybe I was just too nice to play the game. But if that's the case I leave this game feeling very proud. I just hope that I made my kids proud because that's the main reason that I did this."

Joining Forces As the exhausted Ravu tribe drifts off to sleep, Yau-Man and Earl strategically creep away from camp to discuss the hidden Immunity Idol. "Earl is the only other person that has been to the Exile Island," explains Yau-Man. "So maybe at some point we can join forces finding this idol." In hushed whispers, Yau-Man contemplates the difficulties of digging into the solid earth with no other tools but a machete without drawing attention to himself. "I like Yau," states a confident Earl. "I just wanna build that trust with him." Seeing an opportunity to aid Yau-Man in the search, Earl offers to distract the rest of the tribe, giving Yau-Man time in camp to dig. "When it comes down to it," explains Earl, "Me helping him get the idol is just a good move."

And bright and early the next morning, Earl rouses the sleepy and lethargic tribe for a hunting trip around the island. "I took the whole camp out to give Yau the chance to dig for that Immunity Idol," says Earl. "Hopefully he goes with what I'm what I'm trying to do." On cue, as the last of the tribe members disappear from view, Yau-Man grabs the machete and rushes to the entrance of the Ravu cave to find his bearings. "I'm very excited to get a chance to dig," pants a breathless and eager Yau-Man. "I know it's along the threshold somewhere right at the entrance of the cave." However, Yau-Man's quest for the idol is short lived as he haplessly digs with a dull machete. "The search for the Immunity Idol is not going very well," says an exhausted but hopeful Yau-Man. "At this point it's going to be very difficult to get it."

Survivor Catalog The Moto tribe casually browses through a Survivor Catalog received in Tree mail. As a team they are to select two items from the catalog they will have a chance to win at the upcoming Reward Challenge. First and foremost the entire tribe quickly agrees on toiletries. As they nonchalantly vote on their second item from the catalog, Boo laughs about their trivial dilemma of agreeing on their second choice of Reward. "We have so much luxury it doesn't matter!"

Reward Challenge: Kung Fu Cannibals The Tribes reconvene at the Reward Challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules of the game. The Survivors will square off, one on one, on a platform. Using large padded bags they will battle sumo style, knocking the other tribe member off the platform to score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score seven points wins Reward. Before the game begins, Jeff reveals the Rewards chosen by each tribe. The suffering Ravu tribe chose absolute survival essentials from the Survivor Catalog: fishing gear and a pot of potatoes. The thriving Moto tribe chose more luxury: coffee and toiletries. The winner takes all. In addition, the winning tribe will send someone to Exile Island.

Dreamz from Moto laughs at the possibility of winning yet another set of fishing gear, taunting Ravu. Furious at being mocked, Rocky's temper boils over and he challenges Dreamz to the first match. The game begins with the seemingly even match up. But like a powerful tank, the well-fed Dreamz shoves the enraged Rocky off the platform and into the mud, scoring the first point for Moto. Following suit, Cassandra from Moto hits Rita from Ravu twice, sending her flying into the mud. Edgardo, Lisi, Boo and Alex quickly score a point each putting Moto in the lead over Ravu 6 to 0. With Moto one point away from victory, Yau-Man squares off against Stacy, working hard to push her from the platform. Suddenly Stacy loses her balance and Yau-Man scoots her off into the mud to score Ravu's first point. Moto, needing their final point, pairs Cassandra against Rita again. And in one fatal blow, Cassandra scores the winning point for Moto. As they collect their reward, Moto banishes Earl once more to Exile Island.

Grinding Nerves Delighted with their new treasures in the already plush Moto camp, Dreamz attempts to make his first cup of coffee with an unfamiliar machine, the French press. Unwilling to help Dreamz, Stacy watches with a disapproving eye as he produces a hot cup of watery coffee grinds for himself and Cassandra. Alex finds the confused Dreamz pouring his coffee back into the French press and is quickly horrified when Stacy refuses to teach Dreamz the proper use of the French press. "Stacy and Lisi are just downright rude," Alex says in disbelief. "It kind of nauseates me to see people being treated that way." Stacy and Lisi wait until Dreamz is finished with the French press before they make themselves perfect glasses of coffee. "This is like a little piece of heaven," says a beaming Stacy as she sips her beverage. Edgardo shakes his head in disbelief at the girls. "I'm really upset at Stacy and Lisi because they're on a power trip," spits Edgardo. "If they're in my alliance and they're going to keep going that way I'm going to make sure they're out."

Exiled Earl Stuck on Exile Island for the second time, Earl wonders about Yau-Man back at camp. "Yau's been to Exile Island so he and I have an understanding,'" says Earl. "I gave him this opportunity to actually look for the idol when I took everybody on an excursion and he says he couldn't find it. I trust Yau. It pretty much just came down to not having the right tools. I don't think Yau can find it before I get back but you never know."

Lipstick and Go! Relaxing in the shade of Ravu's cave, Rocky and Anthony are driven from the shelter as Rita and Michelle have a little girl time. Braiding each other's hair and comparing make-up tips, the girls chatter on while Mookie and Yau-Man rest nearby trying to block out the ongoing banter. "The whole lip gloss and go thing is really not my thing," vents a tired Rocky. "I'm going to smack them with a fried pineapple," he says about the girls. "I don't know what to do. It's driving me absolutely crazy."

The Numbers At the Moto camp, still unsettled by the tension in the tribe, Alex confronts each person in his alliance to discuss the poor treatment of Cassandra and Dreamz. "For some reason the whole situation with Dreamz and Cassandra had just really been eating away at me and I started to do a little bit of math." Alex worries. "Excluding Cassandra and Dreamz is the dumbest thing we could do. We don't keep them happy they're going to flip flop then we're all screwed." Finding Lisi alone, first he explains how a future merge could hurt their alliance should Cassandra and Dreamz be unhappy in camp. But Lisi is unfazed by a possible flip from the outsiders. Next, Alex finds Stacy by the water and she too assures him that keeping Dreamz and Cassandra in the loop is an unnecessary move. Finally as Alex listens to the reactions of an unconcerned Boo, he realizes that he and Edgardo are the only people aware of the one sidedness and potentially fatal move by his alliance. "Ugh God Kill me! Kill me! Kill me right now!" Alex exclaims. "How do you not understand what I'm trying to say here?" Walking with Alex to the collect water, Edgardo shares Alex's concerns and the two agree to make Dreamz and Cassandra feel welcome and a part of the tribe.

Immunity Challenge: Concentration Ravu and Moto arrive at the Immunity Challenge where Jeff explains the rules. This time, the Survivors' memories will be tested. Scattered in a field are 30 boards. Each board has a number or a word painted on it. One tribe at a time will send a member out to reveal two boards. If the numbers or words on the boards match, they'll score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to seven points wins Immunity, while the losers will go to Tribal Council tonight and vote someone out. To make things interesting, there are 4 dummy boards on the course without a match.

The challenge begins as the tribes alternate turns on the course. With no matches found, Cassandra from Moto makes a lucky choice and matches her boards to score Moto's first point, followed by a point by Boo. When Yau-Man from Ravu forgets where a match is, an excited Lisi jogs to the two boards she remembered to be a pair, but in her haste Lisi uncovers the wrong board. The other Moto members are too late, stifling their screams to correct her and the outburst causes Moto to forfeit that turn. Their lost turn gives Ravu's Earl all the room he needs to slide in and steal a point. After an unsuccessful turn from Moto, Anthony matches a pair of boards, evening the score 2--2. The tribes continue to match each other point for point, finally tying the score at 6 points each. Hidden amongst the four dummy boards lies one final pair. With Ravu on the brink of winning their first Immunity Challenge, Rocky heads out in hopes to find the final pair of boards. But as he uncovers his first board, Ravu watches in horror when he clearly can't remember where the matching board is. Rocky takes a stab in the dark, but uncovers a dummy board. Ravu is devastated. The calm Cassandra steps onto the course for Moto and nonchalantly unveils the last matching pair of boards, winning Immunity.

Tribal Council Yet Again Weak, depleted and indifferent about visiting Tribal Council for the fourth time, the Ravu tribe rest in the shelter of their cave as Rocky lays it all out. He blames the loss at the challenge on the mass confusion the tribe created when everyone talked at one time. Rita interrupts him countless times and although she agrees with Rocky, the rest of the tribe casts glares at her as she unknowingly proves Rocky's point. "A lot of us have been looking at Rita," points out a wary Anthony. "On the last vote, my head was on the chopping block but I'm going to keep my ears open and hope nobody tries to flip the script on me because right now this is still anybody's vote."

As the tribe settles down, Michelle, Rita, Mookie and Yau-Man are left in the shelter. Michelle quickly suggests voting Anthony out at Tribal Council and Rita, Mookie and Yau-Man agree without hesitation. Mookie sets off to bring Rocky up to speed on the vote for Anthony when Rocky adamantly tells Mookie that Rita needs to go first. "I need you on my side," pleads Rocky. "Usually I'm the person that brings up strategy," says Mookie. "I think before they were just going majority but it seems like everyone's doing their own thing, trying to play their own game now. You have to watch your back."

In the end, Rocky's wish for a more peaceful camp is granted as Rita is blindsided and voted out of SURVIVOR: FIJI.