Season 14: Episode 6 - Drop Your Buffs: Anthony Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

A tribal mix-up results in a shocking win for Moto when the seemingly invincible all-male Ravu loses the Immunity Challenge. At a tension-packed Tribal Council, Anthony fights for his life when be battles Rocky in a heated exchange. Despite Anthony's attempts to swing the vote, the tribe chooses Rocky's strength over Anthony's heart, voting out the 32 year-old expert witness locator from Compton, California. Anthony holds his head high, leaving his final words of wisdom and regret: "I am a little pissed off. I'm a lot pissed off. I'm mad at myself for apparently not screaming to the world being a jerk. Apparently that's what you need to prove that you're out for a million dollars. Regardless of what Rocky says I have great social skills. I'm not what was wrong with that tribe. It was Mookie and James; those are the problems with Ravu and that's why they're losing and their going to continue to lose until both those guys are gone."

Under the Radar The worn out Ravu tribe is roused from their restless slumber by pesky flies infesting the small camp. A grateful Yau-Man hurries about his morning tasks, thankful to still be in the game. "I'm very surprised I'm still in the tribe," muses Yau-Man. "I guess I dodged a big bullet this last round when I screwed up on the Immunity Challenge and I'm glad my head was not on the chopping block." After a quick stroll to Tree Mail, an equally excited Anthony sees the game in a new light. "So we just got Tree Mail and we're excited," chants Anthony. "Today Tree Mail is all about brainteasers and food."

Switch The tribes reconvene at the challenge field where Jeff Probst asks for a member from each tribe to step forward. An apprehensive Edgardo steps up from Moto, while Ravu elects Earl as their tribe representative. Jeff simply states: "Everybody drop your buffs. We are choosing new tribes." Uneasy smiles and groans accompany the tension as green and orange buffs are tossed to the ground before the Survivors. Jeff explains the structure of the switch. Beginning the tribe selection will be Earl and Edgardo; the rest of the Survivors will alternate. When selecting a tribemate, Survivors will choose a member from the opposing tribe. Due to an odd number of Survivors one person will not be on either tribe. Edgardo starts the selection, choosing Mookie from the old Ravu. Earl then selects Boo from the old Moto tribe and so on and so forth. An imbalance in the tribes is evident as Survivors join their new tribal ranks. The new Moto tribe now consists of Earl, Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-Man and Stacy. The new formidable Ravu tribe exclusively consists of men: Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz and Anthony.

A smiling Lisi stands alone, not chosen for either tribe, and when Jeff reveals she is still in the game, she lets out a nervous laugh. "I thought this would be like, I'm out. Now would be a good time to exit!" Stunned and confused, the other Survivors can only watch as Lisi says, "All I'm saying is that I wouldn't mind you know, saying, 'Okay, great guys, do your business.'" Nevertheless, Jeff explains to Lisi that for the time being, she will be living on Exile Island and will join the tribe who visits Tribal Council and loses a member.

A New Beach? The last item of business is finding out which tribe will live on the luxurious Moto beach and which tribe is doomed to live at the barren Ravu camp. Edgardo is left to determine the fate of both tribes when he nervously reaches into a bag and pulls out one of two colored buffs. Edgardo draws the Ravu orange buff. Cheers and cries of joy erupt from the new Moto tribe as the ecstatic Earl, Yau-Man and Michelle will finally get a taste of luxury. Unlucky and furious, Rocky, Mookie and Anthony are forced to live with Edgardo, Alex and Dreamz at the barren Ravu camp.

Lisi on Exile Left without a tribe and alone on Exile Island, Lisi finds the island's isolation comforting as she reflects back on her confusing behavior during the tribal switch. "After the team split yeah I pretty much had a fit," laughs Lisi. "I wish I would have just stopped for a minute and let things soak in. But I'm more of an abrasive character. Dude I can't change who I am. You either take me or you put me on Exile Island."

Home Sweet Moto Sprinting from the beach upon arrival, an elated Earl flies into the Moto camp, checking out the new luxuries. Jumping on the couch first then throwing his flailing body onto the king sized bed, Earl sums up his good fortune. "Life at team Moto is better than ridiculous--it's ri-donk-culous," laughs a content Earl. As he and the new Moto members enjoy the welcoming basket of crackers, assorted cheeses and champagne as well as fish hooks and a new fishing line, Earl plots his next move. "After I surveyed the land, I will be looking for the Immunity Idol," explains Earl. "Yau and I have an upper hand because we're the only ones that know about Exile Island and the clues and what's going on. So I am not worried, not at all, about someone else trying to find the idol, because they have no idea that it's even on this island."

The Men of Ravu Walking into their new home, devoid of comfort, Dreamz and Edgardo attempt to lighten their new tribe's spirit with promises of keeping the team morale high. Soon the six men begin chanting "Ravu Men!" and start in on the cracker and cheese platter. They are also excited to find a set of fishing hooks and lines left mixed in with their platter of food. "Showing up here," says Alex, "it's really not that bad. So being in a tribe where I feel we're all gung-ho, we're all warriors we're ready to take these guys on. I'm very happy with it." Enjoying the new boisterous energy Alex, Edgardo and Dreamz bring to the tribe, even Rocky sees a brighter side to the game. "Just excited to be eating, hanging out with some of the boys," states Rocky. "No offense, I love women. But in this type of environment, this type of game, you don't need any stupid girl stories or distractions or anything stupid like that." But as the locker room jokes surface, Anthony fears his greatest uphill battle has begun. "I'm a nerd, I know this," bemoans Anthony. "I'm a nerd; I'm a geek, I'm a dweeb, whatever the hell you want to call it. I have been for forever. This is the burly man team. And right now I'm obviously the weakest person on the tribe. I am so screwed right now."

Power Shift Quietly tending the fire in camp, Boo keeps a wary eye on the new members of his tribe. "This switch threw a couple of roadblocks into my million. My plan was tight," sighs Boo. "It's changed. It might come full circle, if things work out like I want; we'll see."

As Earl and Yau-Man cast their new fishing lines into the ocean, Cassandra appears around the corner with freshly brewed coffee for her two fishermen. "This switch was definitely positive for me," says a grinning Cassandra. "In the last camp I felt, as far as alliances, I was on the outs. I'm a free agent right now." Sipping the hot beverage, Earl savors his first taste of the luxurious coffee. Offering thanks to Cassandra for the thoughtful deed, Earl and Yau-Man carefully probe her for information about her tribe and where she had fit in. "A word or two here and there, you paint the picture the right way she could be right on my side," states a confident Earl about Cassandra. "I have Yau-Man. I have Michelle. They're all about the team. All you need's that one vote. And then who has the power then? That would be me."

Majority Rules Left alone to tend to the campground duties, Anthony begrudges his position in the tribe. "I got my work cut out for me," he says, frustrated. "And right now I feel pretty alone. I got nobody to trust. I have absolutely no one to trust over here."

The Four Horsemen? While out fishing and looking for crabs, Alex approaches Mookie about joining a possible alliance with himself, Edgardo and Dreamz. Seeing Anthony as the weak member in the tribe, Mookie quickly agrees to side with the majority. Happy with the new alliance, Mookie and Dreamz set out to test their new fishing gear. Within minutes they pull in five massive fish, the biggest they've ever seen in their lives. "I'll be honest, I was pretty upset that we're going back here again to nothing," states Mookie. "But to get fish, that just does so much psychologically and mentally. And these guys that came from Moto are really positive and they brought life, new life to Ravu."

Immunity Challenge: Crosswalk The two new tribes meet at the Immunity Challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules of the game. Testing how effectively the tribes communicate with each other, each tribe will be belted into a large six point sliding hub resembling a star. By shifting, sliding and adjusting each other they will maneuver through a course of bamboo poles. Along the way the tribes will pass through five gates. Making things more difficult, the tribe paths intersect at four points in the course, which could result in the two tribes colliding before reaching the finish line. The first tribe to get all their members across finish line wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council.

The game begins as the tribes work their way through the first gates and on towards the first intersection where Michelle for Moto is squashed in the middle of the Ravu hub. The strong Ravu tribe forces Moto backwards, passing the first intersection on their way to cross the second Ravu gate. Once Ravu passes them, the Moto tribe methodically makes their way through the second gate and on to their third gate. Quickly both teams pass through their third gates, crashing again at an intersection. Shoving each other, the tribes claw their way past each other and onto the fourth gate. Moto clears their fifth gate with Ravu close behind. As the action intensifies, Moto surprisingly crosses the finish line first and wins the much-desired Immunity.

Anthony's Last Stand Anthony, fearing the heat of the upcoming vote, sets out to convince his new Ravu tribemates of his worth as he pits himself up against the volatile Rocky. First, finding Alex by the water's edge, Anthony paints a picture of the unpredictable and distracting personality that is Rocky. Leaving Alex to ponder his vote, Anthony next seeks out Dreamz, who says he will do his best to help vote out Rocky. "I think Rocky should go because he's so emotionally driven and he's lazy. He doesn't do anything around the camp. But Anthony being weaker in challenges is probably going to have an effect on the rest of the team." Finally, while collecting firewood, Anthony corners Edgardo, who also tells Anthony he is still weighing his options. "Rocky has a few screws loose in his head," explains Edgardo. "I see myself really far from being friends or liking Rocky a lot and I wouldn't want him making the merger because all he could cause is a lot of turmoil and a mess."

In the end, Anthony endures the attack of Rocky's version of tough love at Tribal Council. And in a final campaign to his tribe, Anthony confesses his only intention in the game had been to keep the tribe happy and to win challenges in order to move forward. He asks his fellow tribemates to keep him in the game; in return he will help get them to the merge. His efforts unfortunately fall on deaf ears as Anthony is voted out of the game five votes to one.