Season 14: Episode 7 - KO’d: Rocky Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On night 19 at an unpredictable Tribal Council, Ravu traded their strength for loyalty, relying on the allegiance of their newest tribemate Lisi while abandoning Rocky to the jury seat. Utterly shocked, James "˜Rocky' Reid, the 28-year-old bartender from Los Angeles, California was in disbelief at being ousted by his boys, four votes to two. With a deep breath and a battle cry, Rocky leaves his final words: "I'm extremely pissed off; I'm angry. They got me good man, they got me really good. I didn't see anything coming and then all of a sudden"¦ boom! I got smacked in the mouth by a cinder block. But you know what, now I get to be on the jury and hopefully none of those cats get the million bucks thanks to me."

Lisi's Return
After losing Anthony at the previous night's Tribal Council, the boys anxiously await Lisi's arrival as their new tribe member. "Lisi will be joining our tribe today," states Alex. "The episode she had during the last challenge does kind of concern me a little bit. I'm hoping a couple days on Exile Island will help her recant a little bit." Upon arrival Lisi immediately blends right in as one of the guys, but not everyone in the tribe is relieved by her new presence. "Back at the old Moto I never really had a relationship with Lisi," warns Dreamz. "I didn't like her. She didn't like me. She should be worried out of her mind."

Yau Finds the Idol
Getting an early start on the day, Earl persuades Boo, Michelle, Stacy and Cassandra to help him retrieve the beached Moto boat, leaving Yau-Man in camp alone. As the last of the tribe drifts out of sight, Yau-Man takes his cue, scurrying to the spot beneath the cave's entrance and digging furiously for the hidden Immunity Idol. He's armed with a shovel this time, so he quickly unearths a tiny package. It contains a wooden carving of a little sea turtle, and Yau-Man squeals with delight. "This is my million dollars right here!" Covering his tracks by filling the hole he created, Yau-Man thinks out his next move. "My plan now is to let Earl know. He engineered this whole boat saving party for me. I agree to share the use of this Idol when the time comes with him. I would have never thought that a big strong black man would become one of my best allies in this game." As Earl and the others return to camp, Yao-Man quietly pulls Earl aside showing him the Idol. The serene and confident Earl smiles, "That worked out just fine."

Reward Challenge: Hot La Cross Buns
The tribes reconvene at the challenge field where Jeff Probst explains the rules of the game. Each tribe will use a flame-thrower to launch fireballs at three separate targets. Each time they hit a target it will burst into flames. The first tribe to ignite all three of their targets wins Reward. Traveling via seaplane, the winning tribe will be taken to a private Fijian arcade where they will enjoy an afternoon of foosball, bowling and billiards while filling their bellies with hotdogs and beer. In addition, the winning tribe will send one person from the losing tribe to Exile Island.

The Challenge begins as Moto's Earl faces off against Dreamz for Ravu. Earl's fireball hits dangerously close to Moto's target, but Dreamz's fireball lands directly on the Ravu target first, bursting into flames. As the tribes' alternate launches, Yau-Man surprises everyone, scoring the first point for Moto. Mookie keeps Ravu's lead over Moto when he easily sinks a fireball on the Ravu target scoring the second point for Ravu. Moto tries frantically to even the score, but Dreamz launches a fireball perfectly, hitting the Ravu target and scoring the final point for Ravu. The Ravu tribe erupts into elated screams of victory as they win their first challenge. Without a skipping a beat, Ravu gladly sends Earl to Exile Island.

Rocky's Big Mouth
Ravu arrives at the arcade, excited by their first challenge win. As the massive spread of hotdogs, brownies and beer come into sight, the eager tribe pounces on the food, overjoyed with their feast. "To one of many victories!" announces Alex as the tribe toasts their hotdogs. Cramming double hotdogs loaded with onions, pickles, cheese and mustard into their mouths, Lisi and Rocky set out for a game of bowling and golf. Mookie comments, "Lisi doesn't hold back. She just went straight at the food and the beer. I mean she's the type of girl you go to a football game with, chug a beer with, bump chests every touchdown." After another round of beer and bowling, Lisi sees a possible opportunity to stay in the game.

One by one the tribemates begin to fall over, sick and overstuffed. All except for Rocky, who begins to taunt the others. "People call me out for my stuff all the time," says Rocky. "And if you can't take stuff like that here, you shouldn't be here." But Edgardo is far from seeing the humor of Rocky's playful jabs. "We're pretty laid back guys," explains Edgardo. "We make fun of each other but to a certain extent. Rocky takes it to another level. People don't respect that."

Earl Island
Earl, bored with being sent to Exile Island for the third time and comforted with the knowledge that Yau-Man has found the hidden Immunity Idol, entertains himself. "No one's been here as much as myself. I've officially changed the name to Earl Island." Drawing a banner for his island in the sand, he says, "I'll be accepting reservations for tourism. You have a nice view of the ocean. Plenty of room to lie down. Good eats. This is my island. Logging isn't very good, but it's a beautiful view."

Fake Idol?
Reflecting on Moto's first loss in a challenge, Boo contemplates what might happen if Moto takes another challenge for granted. "We lost the Reward Challenge and it proved to us that we need to step up our game," states Boo. "It's more important to Yau than he knows because if we lose he's gone tonight He's got to be the weakest physically out of all of us."

Meanwhile, with the hidden Idol safely tucked away, Yau-Man mischievously busies himself around camp constructing a fake idol made out of a coconut shell. "I have a really evil thought. I thought what if there is another Immunity Idol for them to find?" snickers Yau-Man.

Immunity Challenge: Blind Rage
The tribes once again meet for their Immunity Challenge where Jeff Probst explains the rules. Each tribe will designate one person to be the caller while the rest of the tribe is blindfolded. One at a time, the caller will guide their tribe out into a field where five skulls are hanging. Using a Fijian war club one player must smash a skull, releasing a bundle of tiles trapped inside. While still blindfolded that player must then find the tiles, take them to their puzzle board and race back to the start. Then the next person will go. Once the tribes collect all five bundles of tiles, the entire tribe will race to unscramble the them and decipher a two-word phrase. The first tribe to correctly solve the phrase wins Immunity.

The game begins with Michelle as the caller for Moto while Lisi calls for Ravu. Moto gains a bit of a lead as Michelle guides Stacy through the course. As Ravu falls behind, Alex demands to switch out with Lisi as the caller for Ravu hoping to catch up to Moto. His plans works, and the tribes are soon close, matching bundle for bundle. Michelle leads Cassandra, Earl and Boo to their skulls, while Alex, like a drill sergeant directs Ravu to their skulls. With one bundle left each and Mookie and Yau-Man out on the field, the over-excited Michelle tumbles from the Moto platform. Recovering from her spill, Boo takes over as the caller for Moto. With Yau-Man safely back at the Moto start, Moto sprints to their puzzle board with Ravu quick at their heels. Both tribes frantically try to decipher their phrase, but Moto solves the phrase "˜"Cannibal Isles" first, winning Immunity and sending Ravu to Tribal Council.

Strength vs. Loyalty
Facing Tribal Council, Edgardo and Alex weigh the possibility of voting out the volatile Rocky before Lisi. "Alex and I figured out that we don't need really strong players," says Edgardo. "Once we get closer to the merger what we need are people that are loyal, and Lisi's one of those people." Confronting Lisi, Alex suggests she join Edgardo and himself in voting Rocky out next. Quickly agreeing to an alliance that could possibly save her spot in the game, Lisi offers the clues to the hidden Immunity Idol to Alex. "What I'm going to do with the idol is have Edgardo and Alex help me," says Lisi. "I have no choice but to believe Alex at this point. But, that being said, the game turns and twists and people say one thing and do another."

In a casual conversation with Mookie, Dreamz reveals Alex and Edgardo's vote against Rocky. Surprised and threatened by the idea of becoming outnumbered as the last original Ravu tribe member, Mookie sets out to correct the vote against Rocky, starting with Dreamz. "I think right now my man Dreamz--I trust him," explains Mookie. "I think he was left out in the other previous tribe and so the opportunity to align myself with him is the best thing I can do."

In the end, Ravu saw Lisi's loyalty preferable to the unpredictable and physically stronger Rocky. Rocky is sent home four votes to two, becoming the first member of SURVIVOR: FIJI's jury.