Season 14: Episode 8 - Second Member of the Jury: Lisi Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On day 22, Lisi Linares, the 36 year-old Customer Service Representative from Los Angeles, California, was ousted from the game unanimously. Throwing in the towel, Lisi pleaded to the tribe to vote her out after they lost yet another Immunity Challenge to Moto. As she delivered her final words, Lisi was bitter and wounded: "You can sit there and say whatever but, I know who I am. It's not a matter of will. When the ship is sinking you get off the ship. Another thing: Ravu, you guys are never gonna get it together. You guys are losers, over and over and over again. There's nothing I can say other than try to hold on to yourselves because together you're nothing."

Mookie Finds the Idol
With the first sign of light, and knowing where they believe the hidden Immunity is buried, Alex, Edgardo and Mookie quietly tiptoe around the sleeping Dreamz and Lisi. Beginning the silent excavation, the three men quietly shovel dirt with their bare hands literally inches from Lisi's feet. Mookie, feeling insecure with his spot in the alliance of four amongst Alex, Edgardo and Dreamz, sinks his hands into the earth with determination. Suddenly Mookie hits pay dirt and finds the Idol.

Relief spreads over Mookie. "There's no words to describe how much this means to me in this game. To bring this back, it holds my position for sure." Threatened by Dreamz's connection to Cassandra, Alex, Edgardo and Mookie make a pact to keep the idol a secret from Dreamz as well as the unstable Lisi. They also agree to use the Idol amongst the three of them in order to stay in the game. Unbeknownst to Alex and Edgardo, Mookie's view of ownership differs slightly. "You could say that myself, Alex and Edgardo have the Idol, but in my mind it's in one pocket and that's in my pocket."

Practice Makes Perfect
Tree Mail arrives at Moto in the form of four local Fijian dancers. The tribe must learn a local dance and will be competing against Ravu in a dance off competition. As the tribe learns their new dance moves, Earl catches on fast. "I got the moves," laughs Earl. "They put me in front and I'm ready to take the lead." As Earl gets it right, Boo becomes two left feet. "Boo was doing the whole, the white guy thing," says Earl, eyebrow raised. "But he hung in there and he's making a great effort."

At Ravu, Lisi's clowning around and laissez-faire attitude towards the Fijian dance begin to rub Dreamz the wrong way. "Lisi was one of the reasons that I was so miserable on Moto." vents Dreamz. "Every challenge she's done, she's been horrible. If we lose a challenge, she will be the next person voted off."

Reward Challenge: So You Think You Can Meke?
The tribes meet at a small Fijian village where Jeff explains the rules of the dance competition. Both tribes were taught a Meke, a traditional Fijian dance. Each tribe will perform this Meke in front Fijian judges who are experts in Fijian dance. They will be judged on three criteria: appearance, authenticity and spirit. Winners will indulge in a Fijian feast of chicken, pork and seafood while enjoying Fijian entertainment. In addition, the winning tribe will send one member of the losing tribe to Exile Island.

Moto takes the stage first. Accompanied by the local Fijian drummers, the stone- faced Earl guides his tribe through a stellar performance to the delight of the Fijian judges. When Ravu takes the floor, slightly off beat with no apparent leader, the judges need only moments to deliberate. Revealing their disappointment with Ravu's chaotic dance versus Earl's leadership in the Moto tribe, the Fijian judges name Moto as winners of the Fijian feast. Without hesitation Moto banishes Lisi to Exile Island.

Magical Fiji
As heaping platters of lobster, chicken, pork and fresh fruit lay before them, the Moto tribe begins to feel the magic of the islands. "One thing about being part of this game," explains Earl, "[is that] we haven't had a chance to experience what's here, the beauty of Fiji, and the people and the natives. This was the first time we got to absorb the culture and that's fascinating to me." As the celebration continued, the Moto tribe danced in the moonlight with their new native friends. With a smile on his face, Earl ponders their good fortune. "There was still kinda an old Ravu and old Moto. I think a celebration like this feels good as a group that we can finally push forward and keep going as a solid group now."

The Dark Side
Stuck in her small prison tower on Exile Island, Lisi has her darkest hour as a storm hits the unprotected island. "Ravu just can't seem to win even the simplest challenges," utters Lisi. "It sucks that I'm here, look at me, I'm a moment away from crying. I really don't want to be here, but what am I supposed to do man? I don't want to let down Alex and Edgardo, but I feel like quitting."

Rousing from their slumber, Michelle and Earl take their morning stroll, comparing notes and strategizing their next move. Worried about Boo's loyalty, Michelle and Earl agree to target Stacy, fearing she would flip on them and join back up with Alex and Edgardo when the chance presented itself. "I am afraid that the longer Stacy sticks around," says Michelle, "the more in danger it puts me. Because Stacy and me are kinda carbon copies of each other when it comes down to function. I don't think there's enough room for the both of us."

Immunity Challenge: Warrior's Choice
The tribes reconvene at the challenge field where Jeff explains the rules of the game. Using three different weapons, tribes will test their skills. The first round is blowing darts, one shot per tribe member, and whoever gets closest to the bull's eye scores one point for their tribe. The second round is spear throwing; the closest to the bull's eye scores two points for their tribe. Finally is bow and arrow, with the tribe member to hit closest to the bull's eye scoring three points. The tribe with the most points wins Immunity. Losers will visit Tribal Council and vote one more person out of the game.

In the first round of blow darts, Ravu and Moto raise each other mark for mark on the target. But it is Boo's shot that holds for Moto scoring one point for his team. For the second round of spear throwing, worth two points, neither Ravu nor Moto hit the target save for Yau-Man, who utilized a bizarre running head start. Yau-Man sends a spear just outside dead center, setting Moto's mark to beat. With Ravu's fate in his hands, Alex attempts to beat Yau-Man's mark, but instead misses the target altogether. With that, Moto wins the second round and takes the lead in the game 3 points to Ravu's 0. In the final round of bow and arrow, worth three points, Ravu has one last chance to tie the game. However, Yau-Man again thwarts Ravu's efforts as his unconventional shooting style pays off when he nails the target. Moto is victorious.

L Is For Loser
Facing back-to-back tribal councils, Lisi reaches her breaking point. "I'm done with the losers," she vents. "Can I just say loser! These guys can't pull it together. Sometimes you have to know when it's time to go and I just kinda feel like it's the end of the game for me. I'm done." Pulling Alex aside and revealing her wish to be voted out at Tribal Council, Lisi rationalizes her sense of coming full circle in the game. Clearly disappointed by her decision to quit, Alex lets his fellow Ravu tribe members know Lisi's decision to resign from the game. "Lisi decided today that she wants to be the next one to go," states Alex. "The fact the Lisi wants to quit pissed me off because I could probably use her in the future as a solid vote." But Dreamz found Lisi's request a breath of fresh air. "Well we have Tribal Council tonight and pretty much Lisi's gone," laughs Dreamz. "She's just lying there like she's a sad puppy, so it's time for her to go. I don't know how the rest of the boys feel about it but I'm so happy at Tribal Council I might not be even paying attention, Jeff'll be talking and I'll just get up and start taking votes myself."

With Tribal Council drawing near, Lisi has a change of heart. Pulling Alex and Edgardo aside, she pleads with them to keep her in the game. "Lisi changed her mind again," Alex says. "I mean she's gone back and forth three times so I throw my hands up in despair as if to say, what the hell?" Trying to humor Lisi's newest appeal, Edgardo contemplates the idea. "It's either Lisi or Dreamz. We haven't decided who's going to be the target and that worries me a little bit. But I mean you have to do what you have to do."

And at Tribal Council, Lisi's first wish is granted as she is voted out of the game. Lisi becomes the second member of the jury who will ultimately decide which player will be named sole Survivor.