Season 14: Episode 10 - Tribal Council Shocker: Edgardo Voted Out
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

On day twenty-seven at a tension packed Tribal Council, Edgardo Rivera, the 28-year-old advertising executive from Miami Beach, Florida, became the fourth member of the jury. Things began to unravel for Edgardo when the Four Horsemen were duped by double agent Dreamz, who convinced them to play Mookie's hidden Immunity Idol. As the votes were read, the confident Horsemens' faces turned to anguish as Edgardo took the brunt of Dreamz's maniacal plan.

After having his torch snuffed, Edgardo delivered his final words. "I'm a little bit disappointed that Dreamz messed me up in that vote. My plan was an all or nothing and it didn't work out, but I tried my best and to the guys that voted me off, best of luck."

Damage Control
Returning from Tribal Council, Mookie scrambles after Dreamz's surprise vote against Michelle kept Stacy in the game. "Earlier on, Dreamz and I had a conversation that we would take out Stacy," says a livid Mookie. "But Dreamz still votes out Michelle, he just basically gave all the power to Alex." When Alex demands Mookie rotate the hidden Immunity Idol between the Four Horsemen to solidify their trust, Mookie lashes out at Dreamz for his errant vote. "Trust me… You screwed up!"

Filling the Void
Suffering the surprise loss of Michelle at the previous night's Tribal Council, Earl entertains Boo's alliance proposal. "Boo is just trying to save his own neck at all times," explains Earl. "But I need to know if he's with us because we really need his vote since we don't have Michelle." Looking to gain the upper hand, Earl begins to target Alex.

Reward Challenge: Get Smashed Q&A
After arriving at the challenge, Jeff explains what the game is all about. This time, the Survivors will be tested on how in tune they are with the rest of their tribe. After answering a series of questions in private, Jeff will ask the questions again, but this time Survivors will guess what the tribe as a whole answered. Each time someone gets an answer correct, they will smash a tower belonging to another tribe member. When all three towers are gone, that person is out of the game. The last person standing wins reward: a huge barbecue and a night aboard a 70-foot luxury yacht. In addition, the winner will send one person to Exile Island.

The first question is "Who would you trust with your life?" When Earl's name is revealed as the answer, Cassandra, Boo and Yau-Man guess correctly, destroying all three of Stacy's towers one by one. She's the first out. For the second question, "Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner?", Cassandra, Mookie and Dreamz all correctly guess their tribemates' answer of Boo. To add insult to injury, the three of them pulverize Boo's three towers, taking him out of the game. As the questions continue, Alex and Earl are knocked out, followed by Mookie and Yau-Man. They're both single-handedly taken out by Cassandra as she answers every question correctly. After removing Edgardo from the game, Cassandra is left facing Dreamz. With the final question, Cassandra destroys Dreamz's final tower and wins the Reward. Reluctantly, she sends Mookie to Exile Island and collects her boarding pass for the night on the yacht. But one more surprise awaits her. Back to camp, Cassandra will select three additional people to take with her on the yacht to enjoy the food and comfort.

Furious with Cassandra for sending him to Exile Island, Mookie vows to take out Cassandra and her alliance at all costs. Scanning the clues to the hidden Immunity Idol, and having the Idol from Ravu already in his pocket, Mookie concludes Earl must have an idol as well. "Earl came to Exile Island about 5, 6 times," explains Mookie. "Most likely Earl found the other one. All I want to do is take out Cassandra and her alliance period. I just have to get in touch with the Four Horsemen and it's done."

The Syndicate
Carefully selecting Dreamz, Boo, and Yau-Man to accompany her aboard the 70-foot luxury yacht for the night, Cassandra is all business as she works along side Yau-Man to solidify their alliance. "Basically my strategy was to choose people that I needed to form an alliance with." says Cassandra. "Dreamz and Boo, I wasn't sure where they stood." Toasting to their alliance, the unpredictable Dreamz continues to elude her. "I think Dreamz is playing both sides," worries Cassandra, "because I can't sense in his eyes one hundred percent commitment to our alliance. So I don't know what the future's going to be for us with Dreamz." Feeling the pressure to commit to Cassandra's alliance, Dreamz describes his inner turmoil. "It's like so much information going around that it's clogging my mind and I don't know what to do right now. I'm being tugged in every direction except my own."

Secret Revealed
When Earl catches Dreamz strategizing with Alex while collecting water, the pressure of the playing the two alliances becomes too great. In order to regain Earl and Cassandra's trust, Dreamz offers up the Four Horsemen's biggest secret: Mookie has the second hidden Immunity Idol. "There is a major part of me that wants to let Dreamz go," vents Earl. "His problem is he's trying to do a lot of strategy on his own and yes, it can be effective, but [only] if you don't tell people what you're doing. I'm not going to trust anybody." Also stunned by Dreamz's announcement of Mookie's secret weapon is Yau-Man. "There are two hidden Immunity Idols. The one over here in the Moto camp was dug up by me. Dreamz revealed that Mookie actually has the Immunity Idol from Ravu Island. The fact that Mookie has it makes me very nervous. I have to rethink how this will play out."

Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
Survivors reconvene at the battlefield where they learn they will compete in their first individual Immunity Challenge. They will use their arms to brace themselves between two walls, while their feet are positioned on very narrow footholds. Every 30 minutes Survivors will step down to an even smaller foothold. When they reach the third and final foothold they will stay there as long as they can. When someone falls off, they're out. The main rule: no hips, no back, and no butts. Arms and feet only. Last person standing wins individual Immunity and cannot be voted out.

The endurance challenge begins, and as the sun beats down on the Survivors, Cassandra slips from her perch after just 10 minutes. When the time comes to move to the next smaller foothold, Edgardo accidentally slips off and becomes the second person out. Gingerly shifting to their second foothold, Yau-Man, Stacy, Dreamz, Alex, Mookie and Boo settle into their spots, while Earl slips, unable to save himself. Forty-one long and sweltering minutes later, Mookie jumps out of the challenge. As hour one comes and goes, Yau-Man, Stacy, Dreamz, Alex and Boo step to the last foothold. Alex is unable to hold his concentration and slips, followed by Dreamz and Stacy. Yau-Man and Boo are the only two Survivors left. An hour and a half into the challenge, Boo begins to lose his footing but miraculously recovers. But once again, Boo slips and recovers twice until finally his feet hit the ground. Yau-Man makes the big win, garnering individual Immunity.

Cloak and Dagger Chaos
After being away from camp at Exile Island, Mookie believes Stacy is on his side. When he checks in with the Four Horsemen, he targets Earl. "Knowing that Earl potentially has the idol does change the game a little bit in terms of strategy… You want to get the guy with the Immunity Idol and get him by surprise. Hopefully we can take [Earl] out and take him out with the Immunity Idol and he won't even use it." But after an awkward chat with Stacy, the Four Horsemen begin to fear her loyalty no longer rests with them. They may no longer have a majority.

Without the voting numbers on their side, and believing Alex to be on the chopping block, Dreamz convinces Edgardo that the Mookie must give Alex the idol in order to save him. Forced to put the alliance of the Four Horsemen before his own game, Mookie reluctantly gives his coveted Immunity Idol to Alex under the watchful eye of Dreamz. Later, certain Earl has the hidden Immunity Idol from the old Moto camp, the Four Horsemen redirect their vote from Earl to Cassandra. "Dreamz, Alex, Mookie and I are voting for Cassandra," explains an excited and nervous Edgardo. "I think that's the smartest move and also it will have the hardest punch at Tribal Council," he laughs. "This is an all or nothing move, but if it works out, it'll probably be one of the best moves ever."

Acting as a double agent, Dreamz immediately sneaks off to reveal to the other alliance that Mookie slipped Alex the Immunity Idol. "Turns out that Mookie gave the idol to Alex," whispers Earl. "So we're going to vote Mookie just to catch them off guard."

However, moments before Tribal Council with pandemonium sweeping the camp, Stacy, Earl, Yau-Man, Boo and Cassandra second-guess their strategy. Unbeknownst to Dreamz, they switch their vote again, this time to an unsuspecting Edgardo. "What's going on now is totally chaos," Earl says. "The panic button has been pushed. Mookie had the idol. He actually gave it to Alex. That [information] was from our source, which is Dreamz. But it could be a test. It doesn't matter because we're smarter than that. So we won't vote Alex or Mookie-- we're going to vote Edgardo."

At Tribal Council, believing he is in trouble, Alex plays the hidden Immunity Idol. Unfortunately, Edgardo pays the price, becoming the 11th Survivor voted out of the game.